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Gr8 Travel Tips

Travel Jokes and Humour Ed.5 {Collection}

Gr8 Travel Tips Humour

Travel Jokes and Humour Ed.5
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Travel Jokes and Humour Ed.5 to Help Make Your Day a Little Bit Brighter

Enjoy your ☕ coffee with some …

🌺 Travel Jokes and Humour 🌺

to 🌞 Brighten Your Day!

For most of us, we work hard and take life just a little too seriously. So after 30 years of a regimented career, it’s now time to kick back and relax a little. One of things I have always enjoyed and never fails to put a smile on my face, is a good joke! 🤡

So, now being the proud owner of my own 📝 Travel, Health & Wellness Blog, I’m free to add whatever I like. So why not add a little 🌞 sunshine to your day or ☕  coffee break, by posting the odd good clean fun joke! 

I receive all kinds of interesting 📧 emails on a regular basis from family and friends. On occasion, a lot of them just happen to be funny jokes. So it’s time to pass on a few of them ever so often, for you to enjoy!

My Collection of Gr8 Travel Tips Humour #5

disney cruise ship

Cruise Ship Humour

I never get tired of reading some of the questions asked of staff on 🛳 Cruise Ships. 

As a matter of fact, I have a niece who had worked on a major 🛳 cruise ship for over 10 years. During her time on board, she says that she has heard just about everything from passengers.

Here’s a little sample of 🛳 {Cruise Ship Travel Jokes}, to brighten your day! 🌞

Top 10 Dumbest Questions Ever Asked of Cruise Staff …

Cruise Ship Staff

  • ⚓   Excuse Me But Do These Steps Go Up Or Down?
  • ⚓   What Do You Do With Those Beautiful Ice Carvings After They Melt?
  • ⚓   Can You Tell Me What Elevator I Have To Take To Get To The Front Of The Ship?
  • ⚓   Does The Crew Sleep On This Cruise Ship?
  • ⚓   Can You Tell Me If This Island Is Completely Surrounded With Water?

👣 Footnote 👣

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Mystery Island Vanuatu

  • ⚓   Can You Tell Me If This Ship Makes Its Own Electricity?
  • ⚓   Do You Use Salt Water In The Toilets?
  • ⚓   What Elevation Are We At On This Ship?

To the Ships Photographer

  • 📸   If You Don’t Mark The Pictures, How Will I Know Which Ones Are Mine?

Cruise Ship Photographer

The Number 1 All Time Favorite Question Asked of 🤦 Cruise Ship Staff …

  • ✨   What Time Is The Midnight Buffet Being Served?

Cruise Holiday Buffet

Have a Nice Day!😜

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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✨   Did You Know …

“A Joke Is Something That Is Said Or Done To Make You Laugh – Collins English Dictionary.”

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