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Tourist Attractions {What They Don’t Tell You}

Taj Mahal Agra India
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Taj Mahal Agra India

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About Traveling To Tourist Attractions

Writer at Desk When traveling to new destinations around the world, many of us will end up visiting the most popular attractions in that region. My guest author has provided an interesting post on …
🏯 Tourist Attractions – What They Don’t Tell You, 🏯
that I thought would be fun to share with you. Robert 🙂

When creating a 📝 travel itinerary to a new destination, most of us usually want to add some of the areas popular tourist attractions to our list. After all, they are popular and iconic for a reason, right? ❓

Well, not always!

Places like these are usually called ⛲ “Tourist Traps” for a reason. Many times unfortunately, your expectations will exceed the reality, when it comes to experiencing these attractions.

They are often heavily crowded and oftentimes, less impressive than you had expected.

Go Early To Beat The Crowds

Tourist Attractions Tip # 1

Great Wall of China Tourist Attraction

These places are popular, which means that there will be hundreds or even thousands of other tourists there. Like you, they are all trying to get the same 📸 pictures and have the same experience as you, at the same time.

These places are going to be crowded and you might spend the majority of your time just waiting in line and/or, pushing your way through the crowds. Probably not the way you want to spend your vacation, right? 🥱

If you want to have the most space available and least crowds, it’s best to get there as soon as you can in the morning. Do a little research to see what time places open, in order to be there the minute they unlock the doors. This will definitely help in skipping the long lines and heavier crowds.

Tourist Attractions

If you do a search on Google, you can sometimes see the {peak times} for locations like; museums or amusement parks. This way you can plan accordingly to be there, during the times when things are a bit slower.

Many Attractions May Not Be Worth Going To

Tourist Attractions Tip # 2

The Colosseum Rome Italy

Just because a spot is popular, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to see it while you’re visiting. There are plenty of popular attractions around the world, that are definitely overrated. Many are simply not as fun or interesting as they may appear to be in; brochures, photos and/or on the internet.

For instance, check out this post from; 🧳 The Travel. A very popular travel website located in the United States and their article on 🌄 20 Of The Most Overrated USA Tourist Attractions.

The Travel Logo

🏰 The Travel – 20 Most Overrated USA Tourist Attractions 🏰

Some of the most overrated tourist destinations they mention in their article, and which you may or may not agree with include;

The Empire State Building and Times Square in New York City;
The Hollywood Sign And Walk of Fame in Los Angeles;
The Space Needle in Seattle;
The Palace of Versailles in France;
The Mona Lisa at The Louvre;
The Taj Mahal in India;
The Colosseum in Rome.

Space Needle Seattle

All of these places tend to be extremely overcrowded and really offer little to do, besides take 📸 pictures, or listen to a history lesson. While you may want to pop in just to say that you’ve been there, many seasoned travelers suggest spending your time; elsewhere.

Colloseum Rome

Instead, take some time to research other areas, by checking out some reputable travel blogs for example. See what recommendations they offer in the area, as a better alternative.

Also, be sure to talk to the locals and ask what they may personally recommend checking out.

Attractions That Fit Into Your Budget

Tourist Attractions Tip #3

Travel Budget

Most major cities and businesses rely heavily on tourism. During peak periods, prices will be inflated to maximize profits.

SelectUSA Logo

According to 🏛 SelectUSA, 🏛 the United States alone, generates over $1.6 trillion in travel and tourism every year!

Typically, everything is going to be far more expensive within the general vicinity of popular tourist spots. Things such as; transportation and 🚕 taxi rates, food & drinks, and parking prices.

This is of course, in addition to the cost of admittance at these popular tourist attractions, so the dollars can add up pretty fast!

If you are traveling on a tight budget, you will want to factor these costs in, before you commit to any plans. While there are many ways to save money, many of these popular places may end up not being worth going, based on the cost of admission alone.

Consider Travel In The Off Season

Tourist Attractions Tip # 4

Winter Travel

Photo by Just Name from Pexels

If you want to save money and get away from the crowds, consider going during the off-season.

Travelling during the less popular times of the year, can also save you a pretty penny on; ✈ airfare, 🏨 accommodations and so on. Many of the popular tourist attractions will certainly be less busy in the off season and entrance fees may be reduced as well.

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The best practices to save yourself money and steer away from the busy crowds is to;

✔ Go to “summer” destinations in the fall or winter (or vice versa);
✔ Go the week or month before major travel events, like spring break or big festivals;
✔ Don’t be afraid of rainy season travel.

Oftentimes, it will just rain for a few hours of the day and be sunny and comfortable for the rest of the time;
✔ Consider visiting cities in the winter time and plan more indoor activities.

Travel In Groups & Save

Tourist Attractions Tip # 5

Group Travel

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Rather than trying to plan and book a travel itinerary on your own, you may want to consider using a professional travel agent. These people of a wealth of experience and knowledge and in many cases, can get you discount deals on; major attractions, accommodations and so forth.

Check Robert’s post here on the …

👩 Benefits Of Booking With A Professional Travel Agent. 👩

Many hotels and other accommodations, also offer tours that can be added on to your booking for a discount.

For example, world renowned …

🛌 Airbnb, 🛌
also offer unique experiences that are hosted by; knowledgeable local guides.

Airbnb Adventures

Traveling with a small group of tourists is a fun way to meet other travelers, and can also save money when booking a local tour. Guides will often take you to multiple attractions on the same trip, which allows you to see the sights with a knowledgeable local.


New York Hop On Hop Off Ferry
Final Thoughts Banner

Traveling is always an incredible experience, but you want to be sure that you make the most of your time and money on your trip. Sometimes heading to a popular destination attraction is definitely worth the time and expense. Sometimes, it just isn’t!

Always do your research to see what other travelers have to say and be open to changing your plans, to create a better experience – no matter where the road takes you!

Guest Author at Gr8 Travel Tips

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