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How To Book A Room With Airbnb {Easily}

Book A Room With Airbnb
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Book A Room With Airbnb

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Book A Room With Airbnb Quick & Easy

Have you discovered this very successful global accommodation booking site called; Airbnb? ❓ If you haven’t, then I’ll shed a little light on what it can do for you, when looking to book accommodation most anywhere around the world. 🌎 I’ll explain how easy it is to …

🛌 Book A Room With Airbnb, 🛌

and earn reward credits at the same time.

First, check out this short but very cool 📹 video from Ryan Doyle. He is the owner of; 🎥 Video Vision 360 and films his adventures hopping around Airbnb’s, sharing them on YouTube.

Man Explores The Coolest Airbnbs Around The World – YouTube Video

About Airbnb

Book A Room With Airbnb

Photo by John Tekeridis from Pexels

Airbnb was established back in 2008, by three young entrepreneurs in San Francisco, California. You can learn more about these incredibly resourceful co-founders, by visiting their …

😎 Founders Page. 😎

Since its launch, Airbnb has literally gone viral!

It has become one of the fastest growing and trusted {Online Room Rentals} booking websites, in the world.

Before Airbnb’s inception, two of the co-founders were having a difficult time paying their rent. So they decided to turn their living room into a; 🛏 bed and 🥞 breakfast. They could handle three guests at a time in their small apartment. People could sleep on air mattresses in the room and receive a 🧇 homemade breakfast, prepared by them in the morning.

Surprisingly to them, this concept worked!

What’s In the Name Airbnb?

The name Airbnb came from; Air for air mattress and BNB for bed and breakfast! Their original name was, which was changed to a shortened version later on.

People can still rent air beds and shared spaces, but now rental properties may include;

“Entire homes and apartments, private rooms, castles, boats, manors, tree houses, tipis, igloos, private islands and other properties.”

When I last checked there are now over 350,000 Airbnb hosts and over fifteen million people using the service, spread out in over 190 countries around the 🌎 world!

A Beginners Guide On How To Book A Room With Airbnb

Discover – Book – Stay
Book A Room With Airbnb

This business is a community based enterprise, where you can book accommodation. Hosts are invited to list their form of accommodation for rent either; 💻 online, or from a 📱 mobile phone.

It’s a win win situation for both sides!

So, if you’re looking for a place to stay when traveling, or whether you have a place available to rent out, this is a great platform for either side to use.

I can’t stop thinking of what an ingenious idea, these 3 individuals had at that time.

Book A Room With Airbnb – The Booking Process

For Budget Minded Travelers

Over One Million Listings Worldwide
airbnb listings

This is just one of the great ways to save on rooms world-wide and one platform I’ve used for many years.

Vacation Pet Sitting With TrustedHousesitters

One other terrific website, especially for those who love animals and looking for free accommodation worldwide is …

This is one of the fastest growing online enterprises on the web, and for very good reason. If you’re interested in becoming a pet sitter and/or looking for responsible sitters while you’re away, then do check out the TrustedHousesitters website I’ve listed below, to learn much more.

Our daughter and her boyfriend love to travel and are 🐶 pet sitters in this great win win program.

🏡 Explore House Sits Around the World! 🏡

Great Travel Deals

Your Safety And Security Is Guaranteed

airbnb host guarantee

When renting accommodation, you only pay through {Airbnb}, when making your reservation. Hosts then receive payment directly from Airbnb, 24 hours after their guests arrive.

There is {No Middle Man} and you can be completely satisfied, that your payment is received at all times. Room Hosts are even protected for up to 💰 $900,000 with the …

✔ Airbnb Host Guarantee. ✔

💰 Roundtrip Flight Deals! 💰

Airbnb Contact Support Assistance Is Always Available

“Connect with our world-class customer support team whenever you’re traveling or hosting. They are real humans, and they are available around the clock, anywhere in the world.”

My Personal Recommendation On Using Airbnb

Robert - Owner of Gr8 Travel Tips

Members of our family regularly 🛌 Book A Room With Airbnb, and have done so for many years. They have always found their level of service to be excellent.

From bed and breakfast rooms, to renting a complete 🏡 house together while on a group sports event vacation while attending; 🏈 National Football League games in the United States. They saved a ton of 💵 money renting a house for a few days, then that of paying for individual costly hotel rooms.

Our kids and my wife and I have used Airbnb accommodations numerous times over the years. From 🏝 Hawaii to 🗽 New York City, we’ve never experienced a problem and have always had a wonderful stay with our chosen hosts.

A few seasons ago, our daughter and friends traveled to Europe for a couple of months, using numerous Airbnb bookings on their travels. They stayed in a number of Airbnb residences throughout Europe, and said that they enjoyed all of them, without one complaint.

Update Banner

My older brother and I have traveled to Phoenix, Arizona on two occasions now in the last couple seasons, to attend the 🏁 NASCAR Race 🏁 weekend event held at …

🏜 Phoenix International Raceway. 🏁

For the last two seasons, we’ve rented a lovely 2 bedroom suite from Airbnb. We have the entire top floor in the hosts home, in an ideal location and in a very nice, quiet residential area.

We couldn’t have asked for anything better and at a very affordable price, compared to a typical expensive hotel stay for this very popular annual premier sporting event.

Final Thoughts Banner

So in wrapping things up here, I recommend having a look at this world renowned accommodation booking site. These guys have done a remarkable job, that works for all of us.

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Need more convincing? ❓

I received this article a while back from one of the premier travel experts in the United States; Peter Greenberg, who I have been following for years. The article outlines pretty much everything on how to use 🛌 Airbnb, as a guest.

His article also offers {tips and tricks}, for first time users. I’ve included the link to the article below for your convenience to check out.

🛌 Airbnb Tips and Tricks 🛌

👣 Footnote 👣

❓ Looking For Gr8 Deals On Accommodations & More ❓

One other very reputable world leading digital travel company I have used for many years now in finding the best possible deals, is …

No matter where you want to go or what you want to do, makes it easy and backs it all up with 24/7 customer support.

Stays … Flights … Car Rentals … Attractions … Airport Taxis Banner

🧳 Guarantees The Best Prices for Any Type of Property and No Booking Fees! 🧳

In fact, I just booked my 🚗 Rental Car from this site, getting the best possible price, after doing extensive searches. I reserved my car for our annual trek to the NASCAR Races in Phoenix, Arizona!

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!
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“Traveling Senior Citizens Are The Fastest Growing Client Base For Airbnb, And The Most Well Behaved As Well.”

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