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The Adelaide Zoo In South Australia {Review}

Adelaide Australia
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Our Visit To The Adelaide Zoo In South Australia

Situated in the North District of downtown Adelaide and surrounded by beautiful city parkland, you will discover the wonderful …

🦓 Adelaide Zoo In South Australia 🦓

This attraction is a definite {Must See} of the many things to see and do when visiting this great city. Adelaide is located just 700 miles to the east of Sydney, on the South Coast.

This spectacular zoo houses over 1800 animals and hundreds of other exotic birds,
fish and mammals of all sorts.

Tiger in Zoo

Adelaide’s zoo is run on a non-profit basis and focuses its efforts solely on
conservation research, education and the environment.
Their moto is, that for each person visiting the zoo, they are having a positive impact on the environment.

After our brief visit, it was clear that this is their main focus, and not that of a strictly commercial money making enterprise. 
Locals can become involved in all sorts of educational programs, that are held on a continuous basis.

Adelaide Zoo Poster

Some Of The Main Attractions At The Adelaide Zoo

It’s hard to begin, as there are so many wonderful and exotic animals, birds and various other species inside the zoo.

One of the center attractions on our visit a few seasons ago, was definitely the 🐼 Panda Bears. 🐼

A beautiful exhibit that is home to Wang Wang and Funi, who are the only 🐼 {Giant Pandas}, making their home in the Southern Hemisphere.

One of the bears was nice enough to wake up from its mid-day nap, to come out for a walk and say hello! 🙂

Panda Bear Adelaide Zoo

Be sure to check out my short 📹 amateur video below. Our timing was perfect and we were fortunate enough to film the 📹 Panda and the 🦁 Lions,
who were both out for a short stroll, during our visit.

The Adelaide Zoo – YouTube Video

An Afternoon Well Spent At The Zoo

Giraffe & Meerkat

The whole family will enjoy these amazing displays of wildlife from …

🐅 Amazing Tigers;
🦒 Intriguing Giraffes;
🦛 Gigantic Hippos;
🐨 Lovable Koala Bears;
🦘 Bouncing kangaroos;
🦜 Beautiful Exotic Birds.

This is just to name of few of the zoo’s incredible display of protected wildlife, now making their home here.

A few other foremost displays include the …

✔ Immersion South East Asian Rainforest;
✔ Seal Bay;
✔ Australian Rainforest Wetlands Walk-Through Aviary;
✔ Nocturnal House;
✔ Reptile House;
✔ Bug Barn;
✔ Children’s Zoo;
✔ Westpac Envirodome and Environmental Education Center.

Big Bird Adelaide Zoo

Next to the zoo is the 💐 Adelaide Botanic Gardens, located within the
boundaries of this lovely park. A perfect place to spend the afternoon!

The River Torrens runs alongside, offering visitors a lovely walk on the riverbank promenade.
Or take a twenty minute ride on {Popeye River Boats}, for a guided tour and/or transport you
from the entrance of Elder Park, to the Zoo itself.

Elder Park Adelaide Australia

We enjoyed a fantastic 🚶 walk along the river, all the way to the 🏫 Adelaide University grounds.
It’s a great way to spend the afternoon out in the warm 🌞 sunshine,
enjoying the sites and attractions of the city!

There you have it, just one of the many things we enjoyed during our brief visit to Adelaide,
while on our wonderful vacation in Australia a few seasons back.



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Helpful Tips Banner

We visited the zoo just after lunch, in the early afternoon.
A glorious hot summer day, but we did find that most of the animals were having their afternoon 💤 siesta, hiding in the shade.

I would recommend going as early in the morning as possible.

The gates open at 09:30 in the morning, which would be a great time to arrive.
There are cafés and other places to enjoy a lunch, or pack your own as we did.
We enjoyed our picnic lunch while visiting, finding a nice spot inside the gates to sit and relax.



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Final Thoughts Banner

Below, I have included the official website link to the 🐨 Adelaide Zoo,
where you can access much more detailed information for planning your visit.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for the zoo’s exact location. 🗺

Adelaide Zoo Logo

🐫 Adelaide Zoo Website 🐫

I’ve also listed the 🌺 Official Australia Tourism link below to their website for your convenience. The link will take you to their page on 🏙 The City of Adelaide.
It’s filled with excellent information on everything this city and surrounding area has to offer.

Tourism Australia logo
🦘 Tourism Australia – Adelaide 🦘

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✨   Did You Know …

“Australia Is The World’s Sixth Largest Country In Total Area.”

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