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Adelaide V8 Supercar Events {Updated}

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Adelaide V8 Supercar Events

Post Last Modified – December 05, 2023 ¦

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Adelaide V8 Supercar Events Race

As luck had it and being a huge race fan and while on our vacation to Australia a few years ago, we just happened to be visiting the 🏙 City of Adelaide in Australia, when one of the

🌺 Adelaide V8 Supercar Events 🌺

was taking place. It was the 🚗 Clipsal 500 weekend race spectacle!

This was one of the biggest events of the year for this city, that attracted nearly 300,000 visitors for the weekend races!

A huge boost to the economy in this region and what a great event the race was seasons ago during our visit. It was outstanding, especially for someone like me, a lover of auto racing and who has never experienced this type of 🚗 auto racing.

As well, were we ever glad we had arranged for 🏨 hotel accommodation well in advance, while still back home in 🍁 Canada, with our travel agent!

I love 🚗 NASCAR Racing and attending live events each and every year in the United States, but this type and style of racing is completely different!

Check out my short amateur 📹 video I put together, showing some of weekend race action. Don’t forget to turn your 🔊 speakers on!

My 2014 Clipsal 500 YouTube Video

Clipsal 500 Adelaide V8 Supercar Championship Series

The main attraction during this amazing four day event is the – V8 Supercar series.

This is Australia’s premier series, much like 🏁 NASCAR’s top dogs racing in the NASCAR Cup Series in the United States.

This race weekend in Adelaide was also the biggest domestic motor sport event held in the country. So what a treat it was for me to luck out visiting the city during this time.

Adelaide V8 Supercar Events

As you can see by my 📹 video, these cars are sleek and very fast!

As a matter of fact, one of NASCAR’s top race car drivers in the {NASCAR Cup Series}, was a very popular import from Australia. He was also a two time champion of the {Supercar Series} in Australia!

His name is {Marcos Ambrose} and he did a remarkable job in his transition to American Stock Car Racing a few years ago.

Marcos Ambrose


Marcos Ambrose is now back in his homeland and officially retired from race car driving back in 2015, after a remarkable career!

Adelaide is a lovely city and one of my favorites, during our short visit to Australia on this trip. Be sure to check out the links below, to my posts and 📸 photos on some very popular; Must See Attractions in the city.

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Adelaide Comes Alive During Clipsal 500 Weekend

Adelaide Australia
As a race fan, it’s always exciting to see and meet fans who enjoy the same sport as you and as our 🚕 taxi driver pointed out …

“The City Comes Alive Each Year”

during this 4 day weekend.

In fact, he told us it was their busiest time of the year. The street and sidewalks were packed with race fans and all kinds of entertainment to keep visitors busy at this time.

Bars, restaurants, outside entertainment were bustling all throughout the city to keep everyone entertained during this 4 day event!

Keith Urban Clipsal Concert

Like NASCAR, it was easy to spot the race fans, as they were all sporting; hats and t-shirts, of their favorite drivers in the series. It was really cool to see, especially for a visitor from another country as myself.

So if you love auto racing and you love travel, then why not plan a holiday as we do each and every year, that includes a major auto racing event of any kind, anywhere in the world. 🌎


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From Australia’s Supercar Series, NASCAR racing, NHRA drag racing, Formula 1 and Indy car racing, there is sure to be an auto racing event taking place in a travel destination of interest, both to you and your family.

These events are always considered a {Major Attraction}, in any city they are being held.

As an example, a few years back our family visited Las Vegas, Nevada for a vacation. We planned the trip when a major stock car race was being held at 🎰 Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

What a great additional attraction to our fantastic weekend in – Sin City!

As my previous articles I’ve written here on auto racing point out, you certainly do not have to be a race fan to enjoy the; sites, sounds, smells and thrills of a real live race event.

Adelaide V8 Supercar Events

Below, I’ve listed the link to the Australian Supercars Official website for your convenience.


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Check out their website for the {2023/2024 Australia Supercars Championship Calendar}, now underway. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for the cities exact location. 🗺

Supercars Championship Logo
🏁  Supercars

As with any sporting event, 📺 television is just not the same as seeing a real live event! 🙂

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“There Are Over 1 million Camels That Roam Wild In Australia’s Deserts – The Largest Number Of Purebred Camels In the World.”

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