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Ruins Of Pompeii Italy {Travel Photos}

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The Ruins Of Pompeii – Travel Photos

travel photography
A presentation of our 📸 personal photographs taken during our travel adventures over the years. This post on our Travel Photo Memories, is of the Historic …

🌺 Ruins of Pompeii 🌺

I captured this 📸 photo while touring these amazing ruins of the; Lost City of Pompeii. We were able to visit Pompeii on a shore excursion while on our outstanding Western Mediterranean 🛳 Cruise Vacation.

This was one of the many highlights of the trip included a visit to these remarkable ruins. The City of Pompeii was located in the region of Campania, approximately 14 miles from Naples in Italy.

Pompeii was a very important and large ancient Roman city during its time. The massive 🌋 volcanic eruption on August 24 AD 79 destroyed the entire city and the adjacent area as well. The eruption killed and wiped out everyone and everything in its path.

The city was literally buried under feet and tons of 🌋 volcanic ash!

The Historic Ruins Of Pompeii Italy

Ruins of Pompeii

The City Of Pompeii – A Brief History

Visiting the Ruins was certainly one of the highlights during our outstanding …

🛳 Mediterranean Cruise 🛳

a few years back.

I would definitely recommend a visit to the site of Pompeii, especially if you are taking a cruise like we did and looking for a worth while Shore Excursion. For History buffs, it certainly is a site not to be missed!

For more detailed information, including an excellent 📹 video and many more 📸 photos, be sure to check out my post here on …

⚒ Pompeii a Brief History ⚒


As well, I’ve included 🏟 The History Channels Official website link below, where they have an excellent video and detailed history on their Pompeii Page. Definitely worth checking out, especially for history buffs.
The History Channel Logo
🪔 The History Channel 🪔

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for Pompeii’s exact location. 🗺

👣 Footnote 👣

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✨   Did You Know …

“In 1997, Pompeii Was Given The Status Of A UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

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