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Rosetta Stone Online Spanish Course {Review}

Want To Learn Spanish

Want To Learn Spanish
Post Last Modified – April 13, 2024 ¦

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Great Reasons To Choose The Rosetta Stone Online Spanish Course

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do over the years is to learn to speak Spanish. A few years back, I tried a University level Spanish language course, but found it very frustrating. The majority of the 🏫 University level course was learning to write Spanish.
Later, I checked out and enrolled in the renowned …

🌺 Rosetta Stone Online Spanish Course. 🌺

Internationally recognized for their proven method teaching millions of people to learn multiple languages since 1992. Their company; “Rosetta Stone,” was named after the artifact that had unlocked the secrets of Egyptian hieroglyphics for those who had knowledge of a number of languages.

“Rosetta Stone began with one man’s dream to find a better way to learn a language. That dream has since evolved into one of the most recognized technology-based learning companies in the world.”

Check out this very short 📹 video Rosetta Stone had put together for their 25th Anniversary a few seasons ago.

Rosetta Stone – 25th Anniversary YouTube Video


Learn Spanish At Your Speed

Woman On Laptop

Besides their solid reputation over the years, what really drew me to their Spanish language course was their advanced online version, and one that’s completely mobile friendly. I can complete the course when, where and how I want to, at my own time and pace.

Rosetta Stone Online Spanish Course Review

Rosetta Stone has developed a very friendly companion mobile app. The app has the same lessons and functionality as their desktop application. As well, updates are made to the mobile version, adding new content and features more frequently.

It is estimated, that one can complete the individual level of language training in approximately 40 to 50 hours, working at your own speed and pace.

Rosetta Stone Uses Speech Recognition Software

Woman Using Laptop And Cellphone

The use of images along with their speech recognition software, allows you to become more interactive during the learning process. This even adds some fun as well to the online course.

Critics have pointed out that Rosetta Stone has done a nice job of introducing speech recognition, along with using identifiable images in their method for learning a new language.

rosetta stone online language course

We’re all looking for the easiest and most advanced way of learning in this new digital age. It looks like Rosetta Stone is definitely keeping up with the times in online applications.

I’m looking forward to tracking my progress during the course and for the 24 months during the selected method of learning chosen.

Rosetta Stone Online Spanish Lessons – Great For Travel

Huatulco Mexico Beach

Over the years, our family have enjoyed traveling to many different parts of Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. I can’t tell you the number of times I wished that I could have had a light conversation with the locals in Spanish during these travels.

Taxi Driver Mexico

Even after taking that difficult University level course and because that course was mostly on the 📝 written grammar aspect, I failed to retain most of what I had learned many years ago.

Things have definitely changed with the internet and advanced technology. I’m excited to begin this new online version of learning Spanish once again. I can work at my own pace, on my own time and schedule. 🙂

Man On Laptop

One other very unique feature is in their ‘Stories Section’ of the program. Here, you can download and to listen to added {Stories}, to assist in the learning process. As well, you can conveniently download your lessons to use at any time.

This is perfect for times when you’re not connected to the internet.

How awesome for us travelers, especially when taking those ✈ long-haul flights or 🚍 road trips. What an excellent way to burn those long idle hours and learn at the same time. 🙂

Online Spanish Learning – Good For Brain Health

Laptop and Stethoscope

Yes, research has shown there are some incredible health benefits associated with learning a second language.

I’ve known this for a long time and as a baby boomer (born between 1946 and 1955), it’s important to keep the mind active for overall health and wellness. Some of most important factors research has shown, is that learning a new language increases the volume of the brain, or increased brain health.

As well and what’s so important these days and what seems to be dramatically increasing, is that it may help delay the symptoms of; Dementia.

“Learning may actually delay the development of certain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s for up to 5 years in some individuals.”

These are just a few reasons why learning a new language can definitely be good for your health. So you baby boomers or retirees out there, especially those like me who love to travel, stop watching 📺 television and start learning a new language!

Try something new for fun and a healthy brain!

Spanish Adventure

I’m excited to see how far I can excel with this advanced online version on learning Spanish.

Not into Spanish?

No problem, Rosetta Stone offers a number of courses in various different languages, so there’s sure to be one just right for you!

Final Thoughts Banner

If you are interested in what they have to offer, I’ve listed a link below to the Rosetta Stone official website where you access much more detailed information on what they have to offer.

Update Banner

My wife and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation to Huatulco, Mexico a couple of seasons ago. After taking the course for just a short while, I was able to use a few Spanish phrases and words when speaking with hotel staff and others while on our vacation.

It was great and they were pleasantly surprised as well! 🙂

It’s amazing how just a few words and sentences in the language for the country in which you are visiting, can make a huge difference. It shows a sign of respect and courtesy, that locals surely do appreciate from visitors.

Check out their official website for all the language learning programs they have to offer. I’ve included a link below for your convenience.

Rosetta Stone Brand Logo

 ☕ Rosetta Stone☕

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✨   Did You Know …

“Spanish Is The Official Language In 34 Countries Around The World.”

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