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Cancun Travel Tips {Good To Know}

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Cancun Travel Tips
Post Last Modified – March 21, 2023 ¦

A Few Handy Cancun Travel Tips

Having returned from a wonderful vacation to the Yucatan Peninsula in 🌵 Mexico a few seasons ago, I thought I would share just a couple of helpful Cancun Travel Tips.

Things we discovered during our stay in this beautiful part of the country.

It’s always helpful to read about what others recommend when visiting a new foreign destination, especially for the first time.

Below, are just a few things we discovered during our stay in – 🏖 Akumal.

 Arrival At Cancun International Airport

Cancun Travel Tips #1

cancun international airport logo

This was our second visit to this region of Mexico, so I was aware of the chaos that can take place upon arrival into the ✈ Cancun Airport (CUN).

The arrivals area can be somewhat overwhelming to say the least. This, especially when more than one 🛬 flight has arrived at the same time.

The area is quite small and can be quite congested and noisy at times.

As soon as you retrieve your 🧳 luggage from the carousel, you then have to make your way to 🛂 Customs and Immigration. An agent will take half of your visitor card from you that you completed on your flight.


Do not lose the other half of your 🧾 visitor slip, as this will be needed to leave the country!

When you check in with your 👩 airline ticket agent when departing, they will take the second half of the visitor slip from you, when viewing your passport.


Airport Customs – Red Light Or Green Light

Cancun Travel Tips #2

customs red light green light clearance

If you happen to be traveling with someone that has a 🐴 lucky horseshoe, then this is where that person comes in handy!

At this point you press a button beside the 👮 Customs agent and if you get a 🚥 green light showing, you simply make your way outside and you are done!

For unlucky people like myself, and you get a 🚥 Red Light, then you have to head to another counter and have your 🧳 bags searched.

Luckily on this trip, there was only one flight and we were able to retrieve our 🧳 bags first from the carousel.

So even though our bags were searched after one of us received a red light, it only took a matter of a couple of minutes, and the attendant checking was very friendly. 🙂

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If it is busy and you get a 🧳 Red Light, just relax and leave home prepared for this to happen. Make it is easy for the agent to open your luggage and do a simple search.

Even though you may be tired from your flight, try to stay calm and be polite. After all, you are here for a vacation and it’s just a formality that we all have to deal with.

The agent that searched our bags was very polite and performed his search quickly and with care.


According to Mexican authorities, there are plans to eliminate this process in order to speed things up for those travelers arriving into Mexico. Our last visit to {Tulum} a few seasons ago, they still had this in operation, but the lights were updated and new.

If you have traveled recently to the airport, please do leave a contact me and I will be sure to update things for our readers, on any changes upon arrival. 🙂

Money Exchange

Cancun Travel Tips #3

Cancun Airport Tower

Today, especially for us 🍁 Canadians traveling to Mexico, you are far better off exchanging your money and using 💵 Mexican Pesos, during your stay.

Since our last visit a few years ago, surprisingly even 🍁 Canadian dollars were accepted by many of the larger businesses.

For example, we chose to use a 🚌 private shuttle van from the airport to our hotel in Tulum, and they gladly accepted 💵 Canadian dollars as payment.

Of course, 💵 American currency has always been widely used and accepted everywhere for years, in most major tourist destinations in Mexico.

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Just be aware of the current exchange rate before leaving home, so you have an idea what you are been charged, if using your home currency.

ATM Bank Machines In Cancun

Cancun Travel Tips #4

Cancun ATM Machines

Once you leave the Customs area of the airport, there are 2 Official Mexican Bank 🏧 ATM machines right outside the doors. One machine is for Mexican Pesos and the other is for USD currency.

Beside the machines, there is an information booth and the attendant will be happy to assist you if needed.

This was the first 🏧 ATM I used during our stay with no trouble at all. Just make sure the ATM’s are – 🏦 Official Bank machines whenever possible, to avoid any excess fees when using them.

Most of the major 🏨 resort hotels will also exchange your home currency for you, and at very reasonable exchange rates as well.

Both these options are far better than exchanging your money for Mexican Pesos at your home bank, or private currency exchange booths at the airports.

Hang On to Your Luggage At The Airport

Cancun Travel Tips #5

Cancun Airport Arrivals

After leaving Customs, you will be hounded by people of all kinds wanting to take your 🧳 bags from you.

There’s lots of time share representatives, taxi drivers and perhaps even a few used car salesmen! 🙄

Just be polite and say “No Gracias” if not required and not taking a 🚕 taxi. Just make your way to your prearranged shuttle service representative (if applicable), who will be holding up a sign for you.

Things are busy, but airport representatives are easy to spot and will direct you accordingly.

Airport – Hotel Transfer Service

Cancun Travel Tips #6

Cancun Airport Transportation

🚕 Taxis are well marked and easy to recognize. Drivers are well dressed, courteous and are strictly regulated. Always make sure you ask what the appropriate fare is to your destination before proceeding.

Fares are pretty much set and standard to and from the airport. It’s only when taking a taxi in other areas or at night, that you need to use caution, as not to be cheated by the driver.

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If you feel that the fare is too high, tell the driver and ask to see his {official tariff sheet}.

For the most part, drivers are honest and don’t be afraid to bargain with them as well. After all, you are in Mexico and that’s part of the adventure!

Bring Your Own Snorkel Equipment

Cancun Travel Tips #7

Snorkeling in Mexico

If you are planning to do a lot of 🤿 snorkeling, especially in the {Akumal and Tulum} areas, then I strongly recommend packing your own set of; mask, snorkel and fins.

You will not be disappointed, this part of Mexico is home to the world’s second largest reef and the 🐠 marine life is amazing!

A water proof 📸 camera is also great to have for those underwater photos!

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Bring a small bottle of 🧴 liquid dish or laundry soap, to rub inside your 🤿 mask to keep it clear when in the water.

Works like magic in preventing your mask from fogging up! 👍

Pack Plenty Of Sunscreen

Cancun Travel Tips #8

sunscreen lotion clipart

Be sure to pack lots of good quality 🧴 sunscreen. The sun is hot and you will burn very quick if unprotected.

If you forget to pack your own or run out during your stay, you can easily expect to pay up to 💰 $20usd for a small bottle of name brand sunscreen, at the local shops in the area.

Basic Travel Necessities

Cancun Travel Tips #8

Travel Necessities

We always leave home prepared with a {small first aid kit} and a few other non-prescription travel health products, just in case of unexpected minor illnesses that may arise.

Items such as …

Pepto Bismol
Bug and after bite lotion
Polysporin for cuts and abrasions


All Inclusive Resorts

Cancun Travel Tips #9

All Inclusive Resort Bartender

We always make sure to have small bills handy either in {U.S. currency or Mexican pesos}, to use as tips for; bartenders, waiters and house cleaning staff. These people work very long hard hours making minimal amounts of money.

A small gratuity gesture ever so often goes a long way in gratitude and they will remember you for this during your stay.

Final Thoughts Banner

These are just a few simple suggestions and Cancun Travel Tips to pass on, that we found useful during our visit and that I thought might help you out on your next vacation to the – Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

It has been a few seasons since our last visit, so if you have any updated information to pass on, please do send me an 📧 email {Contact Me} and I will be sure to add it to this post. 🧐


There has been a strong travel advisory for the Yucatan Peninsula area do to heavy {Mexican Drug Cartel} violence in this area.

It is strongly advised to stay within the tourist hotel zone at all times, and not to wander off on your own in the non tourist areas, especially in the evening hours.

Update 2021:
Quintana Roo’s State Governor, Carlos Joaquín González announced that the hotspots of Cancun and Playa Del Carmen have officially reopened for tourism. It is advised to check with your local professional travel agency, for more complete up to date details on openings.

Update August 2022

I spoke with friends of ours who travel in/out of Cancun Airport quite often. Here’s a few updates to pass on:

➡ No more red or green baggage lights for a few seasons now.

➡ During and after collecting your luggage, there are customs officials standing around and will pick people at random for additional security checks.

➡ Things move very quickly and more efficient than before, with no long line ups.

➡ Cancun Airport Terminal has been upgraded, with more luggage carousels and larger holding areas.

➡ After leaving luggage area, there is now a designated roped off section for sales people. They can no longer approach you as before.

➡ They also purchase – Dukoral at home and have taken this non-prescription drinkable vaccine for many years when traveling abroad. Dukoral helps prevent traveller’s diarrhea caused by {E. coli and cholera}.

Update March 2023

Update Banner

Cancun Airport Self Serv Scan

There is a relatively new {self-service kiosk} area at Customs & Immigration.

This is available for all travels and apparently is a very easy process. You; scan passport, walk forward for a photo and grab the white slip after. You must save this slip for your return home to show Customs & Immigration.

My wife and I will be traveling to Cancun in a few weeks time and will certainly give this a try. I will update our experience when we return home. 🙂

Just a few extra tips and advice from very seasoned travelers!

Below, I’ve have listed 🌴 Visit Cancun Official Tourism website. Their site offers everything you need to know for planning a vacation to this beautiful part of Mexico!

Visit Cancun Logo

🌴   Mexican Caribbean Travel – Cancun

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“The Maya Barrier Reef In Cancun Is The 2nd Largest Reef In The World.”

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