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NASCAR Driving Experience {Richard Petty}

Nascar Racing Experience
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Richard Petty Nascar Driving Experience

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A NASCAR Driving Experience In Las Vegas – Nevada

You certainly don’t have to go to the 🏁 NASCAR races or even be a race fan for that matter, to truly enjoy the …

🚘 Richard Petty NASCAR Driving Experience 🚘

in 🎱 Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is without a doubt, an absolute … Thrill of a Lifetime! 😎

If members of your family are 14 years and up, taking a ride or actually driving a 🚗 Real Stock Car, 🚗 is what this is all about.
My family and I did just that, on one of our visits to Vegas seasons ago and it’s something we will never forget!

Check out this cool, but short promotion 📹 video, giving you a sneak peak of what this incredible experience is all about.

Richard Petty Driving Experience – YouTube Video

This ride really is an; adrenalin pumping, exciting, life long, memorable experience and by the way, did I mention …

Our Family Enjoy The Driving Experience In Las Vegas

Nascar Driving Experience

The 📸 photo above, is of our two kids getting final instructions and preparations before strapping in at …

After hearing from others and reading about this exciting adventure,
our family planned this event, around our wonderful 🏕 camping vacation a number of years ago. Our adventure took us into the 🏞 Grand Canyon National Park 🏞 and then later,
stopping in Las Vegas for a; Premier 🏁 NASCAR race event.

Sure, theme parks with wild rides are a 🚀 blast,
but can you imagine being strapped into a 358 cubic inch 670 horsepower stock car, and doing a few laps with a real race car driver of speeds up to 165 mph? ❓

🏁  Las Vegas Motor Speedway 🏁

Below, are some 📸 pictures of my family and I enjoying this incredible experience.
Las Vegas is just one of the many race tracks the 🚘 Petty Driving Experience stop at,
in the United States.

The 📸 photo below, shows me just finishing my ride-a-long with a professional driver, completing 3 laps on the super speedway at 165 mph!

It doesn’t get much better than this!

Just finished a Ride a Long at 165 mph!

Nascar Racing Experience

Pumped with excitement, I’ve just completed a very fast 3 laps around the track, as a passenger with a very experienced professional race car driver.

Check out my post on my …

📹 Driving Experience Video, 📹

where you can actually see me driving one of these cars.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are visiting from, I highly recommend this thrilling attraction to anyone,
as a part of your exciting vacation plans when visiting Las Vegas.

The companies many years of experience, professionalism and complete devotion to safety, leave you feeling comfortable and secure at all times.
Safety is their number one priority, and it definitely shows in the way the program is run.

The Driving Experience Ride A Long

nascar ride experience

Above, is a 📸 photo of my wife getting ready to do some laps, with a professional race car driver.
What also makes this whole experience complete, is that it is made affordable for the whole family.

There are a number of different packages to choose from to suit you best and your travel budget.


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This really is a great family attraction and just one of the many outstanding Attractions In Las Vegas for the family to enjoy!

 I have been a huge 🏁 NASCAR racing fan for many years,
so I just had to drive one of these beasts! 

I took the Rookie Driving Experience and actually drove alone for 8 laps, reaching top speeds of over 135 mph.
Again, I felt very safe and secure, after an extensive orientation period and following behind a professional driver at all times. 

The 🚗 Petty Driving Experience 🚗 runs all year long at over 20 premier race tracks throughout the United States.

It’s not hard to find a track and book this experience as part of your vacation plans with your family, just as we did.

A Tour Package Makes Your Outing Effortless

Petty nascar driving experience bus

We were picked up at a designated location at a major hotel, located on the Las Vegas Strip in the city and 🚍 bused out to the Speedway. 
After finishing our amazing rides, we then stopped and visited an; actual race shop,
for 📸 photos while inside.

We were able to chat with and watch mechanics work on the actual race cars.

Petty Racing Experience Show Garage

Final Thoughts Banner

This is a terrific way to spend an afternoon with your family as part of your travel plans, and something you can share and talk about for years to come.
Better yet, why not plan to attend one of the many premier 🏁 NASCAR Races, with this experience thrown in.

I’ve taken many of my family members and friends to these races over the years who aren’t race fans, and they absolutely loved it! 🙂


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So check it out, you will certainly be glad you did!

Be sure to have a look at my review and many more of the Petty Driving Experience at;

tripadvisor reviews

🌎  Trip Advisor


Petty Driving Experience Is Open

“Yes, we are OPEN! Safety has always been our #1 priority, which includes best practices that maintain a clean and healthy experience for our customers and employees.
In addition to our normal safety protocols, we have added several precautionary measures to help keep you safe.”

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✨   Did You Know …

“Richard Petty’s Stock Car Racing Career Began Back In 1958. He Went On To Win 7 Premier Race Division Championships.”

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