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Old Hotel In Sosua {Photographs}

Old TropiClub Hotel Sosua

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Old Hotel In Sosua Photographs – Dominican Republic

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An Old Abandoned Resort Hotel Resting In Sosua

A presentation of our personal 📸 photographs taken during our family travel adventures around the world! 🌎

My travel memories 📸 photographs this time looks back at an old abandoned resort hotel, located in the 🏝 Dominican Republic. 

This once prosperous resort was named 🏨 The Los Almendros Hotel, and was located in the small town of Sosua. This is where my wife and I stayed while on our vacation way back in 1989.

Before closing its doors, I see the name had changed to the TropiClub, which apparently had become a two star all-inclusive resort hotel.

Below, are a few before and after 📸 pictures of the resort we certainly enjoyed staying at back in the 1980’s, when tourism was just getting underway in the Dominican.

The Los Almendros Hotel – Photographs Taken During Our Stay


The Los Almendros Hotel Beach Resort 1989

Los Almendros Hotel Beach Resort

Pool Area and Restaurant

Old Hotel Sosua

The TropiClub – Abandoned Hotel Photographs


The TropiClub Hotel Sosua

Old Hotel In Sosua Photographs - Travel Memories

Having returned back to the 🏝 Dominican Republic on a family vacation a number of years ago, I was disappointed to see this small resort closed down.

Obviously due to the now very popular tourist region of {🏖 Punta Cana}, having taking over in past years with much larger extravagant all inclusive 🏨 resorts in past years.

This hotel is where my wife and I enjoyed our very first holiday together, on one of the
💰  Cheapest All Inclusive Vacations packages we booked from our home in 🍁 Canada several years ago.

This was a time when these types of vacations were just becoming popular in many parts of the world.

We had a wonderful time at this hotel, the staff were extremely friendly and with limited use of the English language at the time. They were always very grateful for having tourists arrive, to help support them and the local economy at that time.

The Front Entrance to the TropiClub Hotel

Old TropiClub Hotel Sosua

It was a wonderful place to holiday and stay back then, and was sorry to see it had closed down.  Although certainly not as popular as Puerto Plata and Punta Cana have become, but still a nice quiet beach vacation destination at that time.

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Below, I’ve included the official tourism website link below for your convenience, to help you start planning for a wonderful vacation to the beautiful 🏝 Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Banner

🏝  Dominican Republic Tourism

Update Banner

I watched an episode of W5 here in Canada, a similar {investigative reporting} 📺 television program to that of – 60 Minutes in the United States.

It outlined a very disturbing investigation into the child sex industry now located in Sosua. It appears this area in the Dominican Republic has become the number one destination for child sex offenders in the world. 😠

I do hope the local government can do something about this in the very near future. We traveled to this part of the Dominican Republic many years ago, before Punta Cana was established and it was beautiful.

A shame to see it become what it is today.

To learn more, I’ve included a website link to a {CTV News} article, featuring this serious problem that is presently occurring in the region. As a result, I would not recommend a vacation to Sosua, until such time this terrible problem is cleaned up.

There are many other beautiful destinations on the island, where you can enjoy a wonderful vacation!

🚥  CTV News

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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✨   Did You Know …

“The Dominican Republic Is The Country In The Caribbean Most Visited From The United States.”

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