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Offbeat Destinations For Holidays {5 Unique}

Old Passenger Airplane

5 Offbeat Destinations For Your Next Holiday

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Five Unusual Offbeat Destinations For Holidays

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My collaborating guest author is giving us a look at 🧭 5 …

🌺 Offbeat Destinations For Holidays 🌺

Just a few suggestions for those you want to discover destinations 📦 outside the box, 📦 for places to travel.

Looking forward to taking that long awaited vacation, but dread the thought of facing; 🏖 crowded beaches, overpriced restaurants and never ending long lines? ❓

Well, you need to look outside those familiar 📰 travel magazine recommendations. Many times, just going a town or two over from a popular vacation spots, will give you the same access to area attractions, but without inflated costs or overpopulation.

Here’s a brief look at just {5 offbeat destinations} around the 🌎 world, you may want to consider for your next vacation.

Offbeat Best Places To Travel Destinations


Offbeat Destinations For Holidays #1

Reykjavík Iceland

Reykjavík Iceland

While the name inspires images of a land made of 🧊 ice, the reality is that Iceland is a vibrant country with a beautiful, dramatic landscape. From geothermal pools to lava fields, the natural wonders will take your breath away!

Iceland is a very safe country and the biggest problem you’re likely to have, is with the 🌧 weather. The days tend to be generally wet and never get very warm, so it’s always best to visit in the summer months.

Visit Reykjav, the worlds most northern capital, for the nightlife and colorful buildings. From here you can take a day trip to; Landmannalaugar, where you can enjoy its ♨ hot springs and lakes, surrounded by mountain peaks created by slowly cooling lava.

Know before you go:

The main language spoken here is Icelandic, but both English and Danish are taught in school.

Update February 2024
With recent volcanic eruption that has occurred, be sure to check with travel advisors and disruptions before booking travel.

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Offbeat Best Places To Visit #2

Antarctica Travel

Antarctica Travel

Getting to Antarctica is not easy, but once there, you will be treated to sights unseen by most of the worlds population.

The easiest way to visit this continent is by boat. There are 🛳 cruise ships that sail in and around the islands. Stops along the way, allow you to get off the ship and explore the land.

Choose a smaller ship, as they can get to places that larger ships are not able to. As the number of people permitted on land is usually restricted, fewer passengers means that you will have more chance to explore.

Cruises leave from Chile, New Zealand, Argentina, and Australia. ✈ Air travel is also possible, but the logistics are more complicated, as there are no accommodations in Antarctica.

Bring lots of warm clothing and boots, as well as sunscreen and 👓 sunglasses, to protect you from the glare of the ☀ sun off the snow.

Old Passenger Airplane

Old Passenger Airplane

Know before you go:

The environment of Antarctica is delicate and should be treated as such. Do not leave anything behind when you leave, and be especially aware not to transport foreign plants or seeds.

Italy’s Heel – Puglia

Best Places To Vacation – Offbeat #3

Puglia Italy

Puglia Italy

The ultimate in Mediterranean experiences, Puglia (also named Italys heel due to its position on the  boot shaped country) combines lush forests, pristine beaches and most importantly, delicious Italian food!

It is this southern Italian cuisine that dominates the region, with a focus on locally found ingredients such as; tomatoes, artichokes, lamb, and beef. 

Of course, with great Italian food, comes great; 🍷 Italian wine!

Puglia produces approximately 17% of Italy’ss wine, mostly reds. This is an ideal location for; honeymoons or romantic getaways.

Know before you go:

Southern Italy is warm all year round, but if you are hoping to swim in the sea, go between April and October.

Koh Kood – Thailand

Offbeat Destinations For Holidays #4

One of the Many Beautiful Beaches of Thailand

Thailand Beach

This 🏝 remote island, will let you get away from it all!

There are no real towns here, just; beaches, resorts and restaurants. This is a 🏖 beach lovers paradise for places to go, with crystal clear water and white sand beaches spread out under towering 🌴 palm trees.

To get here you must take a 🚤 boat and then either, walk or take a taxi to your final destination.

There isnt much in the way of sightseeing, although there is plenty of; swimming, 🤿 snorkeling, and hiking to do.


You can also find guided visits to some beautiful waterfalls, as well as 🐟 fishing tours on traditional Thai fishing boats.

These beautiful small islands in Thailand, are ideal for laid-back vacationers who are ready to enjoy the slow pace of island life.

Know before you go:

Make sure you have enough cash before arriving on this island, as 🏧 ATM’s are scarce.

Sitka Alaska In The USA

Offbeat Destinations For Holidays #5

Sitka Alaska Skyline

Sitka Alaska Skyline

This ⚓ Port town has been the subject of battles over the years, and was at one point controlled by the Russians.

Today, Sitka is a perfect haven for outdoor enthusiasts. From; 🚲 biking, kayaking, 🎣 fishing and hunting, this is a perfect destination to enjoy the great outdoors.

The spectacular mountainous surroundings of this city, will definitely having you want to stay longer.

Know before you go:

This port town is a common stop for 🛳 cruise ships. Check schedules in order to avoid the influx of tourists on their arrival.

I’ve also listed an 🦅 Official Travel Alaska Tourism link below to their website for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this amazing State has to offer.
Travel Alaska Logo

🐻 Travel Alaska Tourism 🐻

Final Thoughts Banner

Just a few suggestions for those who may want to travel to some unique destinations around the world.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guest post on 🧭 5 Offbeat Destinations For Your Next Holiday. I am happy to present this collaborative guest post in the hopes of offering travel inspiration and helpful information to you as well.

Guest Author at Gr8 Travel Tips

About the author:

Abby Clark has loved travel since she was a teenager. Today she proudly calls herself an – experienced traveler and a passionate travel writer.

She has explored several famous, as well as little known cities and towns around the world. Abby currently writes for – Best Quote Travel Insurance, offering visitors to Canada insurance for travel.

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