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New Delhi In 3 Days {Amazing Things To See}

Attractions in New Delhi India
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Attractions in New Delhi India
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Our 3 Day New Delhi Itinerary

Having returned home after an amazing 7 weeks experience in India a few seasons ago, I put together some suggestions on what to see and do in …

🌺 New Delhi in 3 Days. 🌺

This was the starting point of our journey, arriving at the ✈ Indira Gandhi International Airport, after a long 13 ½ hour non-stop flight from; 🍁 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Below, are just a few things we were able to take in, during our short stay in New Delhi. I’ve put together some suggestions, personal 📸 photographs and a few helpful tips along the way.

Be sure to check my other posts and photos here, for suggestions on what to see, things to do and where to go in this vast country called … 🐘 India.

Delhi Day Trips – Delhi Day Tour Itinerary


Traveling with my son on this trip, we arrived in {New Delhi} at about 2 am their time, after a non-stop 13 ½ hour flight with ✈ Air Canada. With the huge time change (+ 12 1/2 hrs) and the long flight, by the time we arrived, we were exhausted!

We had made a prior …

🛌 Booking For A Room With Airbnb, 🛌

for our accommodations and also made arrangements with our host to; 🚗 pick us up at the airport. Believe me, he was a welcome site meeting us at arrivals at 3 am. I was so happy to have made this booking before leaving home! 🙂

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I highly recommend for first time visitors, to have at least your first night stay pre-arranged, before leaving home. You definitely will be glad you did as we were, arriving exhausted after a long flight especially in

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How To See New Delhi In 3 Days

India Tuk Tuk Driver

After a few hours rest and ready to adjust to the time change, it was off to see the sites of New Delhi. 

Having 🗺 maps in hand, prior arrangements made with sponsored hosts and some suggestions offered by others, it was time to hit the streets and hop aboard our first 🛺 tuk-tuk (auto rickshaw) taxi ride.

We had 3 days before leaving by 🚂 Train to Varanasi, and we wanted to see as much as we could.


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🛺 Tuk-tuk (3 wheel auto rickshaw) and air conditioned car 🚕 taxis are absolutely everywhere, and very affordable as well. 

Be sure to negotiate a fare before climbing into your ride, with the exception of airports, where they have pre-paid taxi booths.

Attractions In New Delhi

New Delhi in 3 Days

Below are some noteworthy and major attractions within the city, that we discovered. I have not listed them in any particular order, but we did find that our 3 days went by very quickly, taking in these sites and attractions.

First and foremost is to give yourself some time to adjust to this amazing and often, very overwhelming city. The; population density, the traffic, the smog and the heat can certainly be a rude awakening when visiting {New Delhi} for the first time, as was the case for us.

The Red Fort World Heritage Site

New Delhi In 3 Days #1

Red Fort New Delhi India

After getting settled in, grabbing a few hours sleep and adjusting to the new time schedule, it was time to get going. It was the middle of the night for us at home, but late morning in India.

We decided to make our way on our first 🛺 tuk-tuk ride, to the most visited attraction in New Delhi; the Historic Red Fort.

Historic Red Fort New Delhi

This magnificent Fort was built back in 1639 by the fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, as the residence and palace. The Fort remained this way for following Emperors for 200 years.

The massive red sandstone walls and buildings are impressive to say the least.

Indian Woman New Delhi

Strolling inside the walls of this historic complex was a great way to begin our travels throughout India and learn about some of this country’s history as well.

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Experience An Old Delhi Eco-Friendly Bicycle Tour

New Delhi In 3 Days #2

Delhi Bicycle Tour

Make a point of rising early in the morning to experience an eco-friendly 🚲 bicycle tour of Old Delhi.  What an amazing and very enjoyable unique experience! 

We had the pleasure of taking this very informative and scenic tour with; Delhi by Cycle. Our guide was excellent, very fluent in English and very informative on the history of the area as well.

Streets of Old Delhi

This 🚲 bike tour will take you for a ride down the many very tight alley ways and corridors that you never knew existed, and even tuk-tuks are too big to drive through.

This tour is for riders of all levels of experience and is definitely a great way to see out of the way sites!

You will also ride to and visit the famous; spice market, as well as a number of other historic places only found in Old Delhi.

Old Delhi Spice Market

As well on this morning tour, you get to enjoy a traditional {Indian Breakfast}, inside a very old historic Haveli in the Old City.

“A traditional townhouse and mansion in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh usually one with historical and architectural significance. “

Source: Wikipedia

Old Delhi Skyline

This was an excellent way to start the morning, see the historic sites of Old Delhi, and enjoy a traditional breakfast. All before the heavy crowds and heat of the day! ️ 

Be sure to check out my post and 📸 photos here of our excellent …

🚲 Delhi by Cycle Tour. 🚲


Visit The Bahai Lotus Temple

New Delhi In 3 Days #3

Bahai Lotus Temple New Delhi

In the afternoon after lunch, we hopped on another 🛺 tuk-tuk for a ride to the stunning
🌼 Bahai Lotus Temple.  This structure is the …

“Mother Temple of the Indian subcontinent for the Baha’i Faith.”

Bahai Lotus Temple Gardens New Delhi

The grounds surrounding the Temple are beautiful, and a wonderful escape from the noise and crowds of Delhi. Do make a point of marking this down as a destination when visiting the city.

Trust me, you will be very happy to find such a peaceful place and setting in this massive bustling city!

Book An Old Delhi Walking Food Tour

New Delhi In 3 Days #4

Old Delhi Walking Food Tour

This was without a doubt one of the highlights of our 3 day stay in New Delhi. You simply must make a point to experience a 🚶 walking food tour.

Your guide will lead you through the many alleyways of {Old Delhi}, taking you to some fabulous eateries. Some of these special places have been in existence for decades!

Food Tour in Delhi

You have to make sure you don’t eat anything before taking this multiple stop food tour!

Your going to sample many dishes on this cultural food tour experience. Your guide leads you down many hidden corridors, stopping to sample some mouth-watering dishes, at places you would never find yourself or even knew existed.

Delhi Food Tour Chef

Do include this in your India travel budget, you will definitely not be disappointed. Everyone in our group absolutely loved it! ❤

Check out our tour highlights and full review of this incredible …  

🥘 Delhi Food Tour, 🥘
with our excellent guide and renowned; Chef in Delhi.

Ride The Modern Delhi Metro Rail System

New Delhi In 3 Days #5

New Delhi Metro Station

Besides the taxis and 🛺 tuk-tuk’s in New Delhi, be sure to take a ride on their modern 🚈 metro system. You can get most anywhere in Delhi quickly and comfortably, on this modern transit service. We easily rode the 🚉 metro to various points in this vast city, quickly and very affordably as well.

Give it a try! 🙂

Humayan’s Tomb UNESCO World Heritage Site

New Delhi In 3 Days #6

Humayan's Tomb New Delhi

This beautiful structure and gardens in the city were built back in 1565 A.D. It is also the first true example of; Mughal architecture in India. The tomb holds the remains of the {Mughal Emperor Humayun} and other notables from that period.

Humayan's Tomb Historic Site India

This beautiful building and grounds are a 🏛 UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is definitely worth the visit during your stay, to experience this peaceful setting and historical site.

🛺 Discover More Outstanding Attractions In New Delhi! 🛺

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib – Sikh Temple

New Delhi In 3 Days #7

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib – Sikh Temple

This glorious white-marble gurdwara {a place of worship for Sikhs}, was constructed at the site where the eighth Sikh guru {Harkrishan Dev} resided, before his death in 1664.

The structure is absolutely beautiful, with a large pool courtyard inside, that Sikh’s consider as … Holy. Thousands come to; worship, bath and enjoy a meal at this incredible Temple each day.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Temple Guards

Everyone is welcome to the Temple and they offer free tours with English speaking guides. There’s a large kitchen that feeds in excess of 25,000 meals per day, all prepared by volunteers to feed anyone who desires a meal.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Temple Kitchen

You even get a chance to stir the enormous 🔥 fired cooking pots! This is definitely a must see attraction where visitors are warmly welcomed. 🙏

Connaught Place Shopping District

New Delhi In 3 Days #8

Connaught Place New Delhi India

This large circular area in the heart of the city, is a bustling more fashionable business and shopping area for locals and visitors. This is a very popular area that’s perfect for those who like to shop and dine in more – upscale touristy establishments.

Definitely worth a look and where we enjoyed a very nice Indian lunch in a welcomed air conditioned restaurant. It was perfect on this very hot and muggy sunny day!

New Delhi Train Station

Final Thoughts Banner

So as you can see, finding things to do in New Delhi, is not difficult. It’s deciding what to see that may be of most interest to you, especially if you have limited time like us.

We tried our best to fit as much in as we could in our 3 days in the city, before departing by train from the {Delhi Train Station} to our next destination, the ancient and holy city of; Varanasi. Also, check out my post and photos on …

🚂 India Train Travel Tips 🚂 

Taking the train in India is an adventure in itself and something that should be done at least once, to fully experience daily life in India.


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You can learn more about this vast country by visiting 🌎 Lonely Planets official website, that I have listed below for your convenience. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for New Delhi’s exact location. 🗺

🐫 Lonely Planets India 🐫

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“The Game of Chess Was Invented In India.”

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