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Malta {Great Reasons To Visit The Island}

The Island of Malta


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A Few Great Reasons To Visit & Perhaps Move To Malta

Writer at Desk

I am always interested to learn about new and exciting places around the 🌎 globe to travel to. When I was contacted by my collaborating guest author, wanting to write about …

🌺 Malta 🌺

and the many great reasons to move to the this beautiful island. I jumped at the opportunity to learn more.

I had no idea of the history and the beauty Malta has to offer!

Malta Flag

I have lived the expatriate life since I was 9 years old, when my family moved from a tiny village in northern Italy to the United States. For 8 years we moved around, searching for a place to settle down. 

We spent a few years in 🗽 New York, a few more years in; 🌴 Florida, Missouri and Illinois, until my parents found 🌉 San Francisco. My family is still there today, lovingly running their own tiny bakery.

At 18, I started my studies in Berkeley, but left for the UK a year later, to study abroad. Instead of returning home after graduation, I chose to explore Europe.

Village in Malta

Village in Malta

Eventually I found my way back to London, where I met my wife. It was about 5 years ago when I heard about – 🏝 Malta.  My wife’s parents spent 3 weeks there that summer. As they recounted their tales – I fell in love! 💕

I remember spending my summers on the Mediterranean with my family, as a child.

Beautiful Valletta Malta

Malta Colorful Map

The clear blue water, the history, the weather and the food. Nostalgia started creeping in, as did the blustery United Kingdom 🥶 winter. I had been craving change and was sure that {Malta}, could provide me with exactly what I needed. Less than 6 months later, we made the move to Valletta, Malta’s capital city.

We were not disappointed!

Adjusting to life here was quick and painless. The culture amazed me and the people here are some of the friendliest I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Most Maltese citizens speak English fairly well and running into fellow expats, is quite common.

We decided to rent a property instead of buying, partially because of my notoriously itchy feet. As well, because the process of buying home is much more difficult for foreigners.

Lately, we have been entertaining the idea of finding a hundred-year-old fixer upper on Gozo and making it our permanent home. But I have a feeling, we may be just too restless for that.

The Island of Malta

The Island of Malta

The country is often voted among the best places to live.  The quality of life, cost of living, climate, health care, low crime rate and low tax rate, are huge draws for retirees and expats.

Though small and charming, the country feels like a big city. With their lively shopping district, bustling cafes and eateries, energetic night life, and solid industry.

Malta Google Map

Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean, between Sicily and the North African coast.

For a couple with a mid-ranged budget, expect to spend roughly 400 EUR to rent a furnished 1 bedroom apartment. For utilities and internet, expect to pay another 95 EUR or so. Groceries for a month should come in at around 200 EUR.

Budget another 50 to 75 EUR for eating out, as it is difficult to pass by all the cafes without stopping in.


It has been a few seasons since this post was first written, so I’m sure as in most places, most things have increased!

Move To Malta For Affordable And Excellent Health Care

The Island of Malta Shoreline

The Island of Malta

One of the greatest aspects of living in Malta is the affordability and quality of healthcare (they are rated 5th in the world). 

⚕ Healthcare is free for Maltese citizens and for expats from the EU.

Many people pay for additional private insurance or “pay as you go” care for quicker service, as the wait can be quite long at a government hospital. Most consultations and services won’t exceed 45 EUR with a visit to a 🩺 general practitioner coming in at less than 10 EUR.

Malta – For Its History & Cultural Heritage


Photo by Michaela from Pexels

Malta is also steeped in history and rich cultural heritage  is another reason we love it so much. 

It is a paradise for history buffs.  Over the centuries, Malta has become a melting pot of various influences. Ruled by dozens since antiquity, evidence of each ruling nation is often still intact. 

The Sicilians, Spaniards, and British (to name a few) have all played a part in creating this diverse and colorful archipelago.

Local cuisine is greatly influenced by Italian techniques and flavors.  Music and entertainment are reminiscent of Spain, with their street fiestas and love of folk music. 

They have also adopted a parliamentary style similar to that in Britain, as well as other traditions such as 🚘 driving on the left side of the road.

Malta Retirement

Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels

Recently there has been another kind of Maltese invasion, albeit one much gentler and more appealing than its many military conquests. Retirees and expats, like myself, have been flocking here for the past few decades.

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Malta is a hugely popular retreat for UK citizens seeking; sun, a slower pace of life, and a tax break.

Guest Author at Gr8 Travel Tips

Contributing Author:

Mario Vitanelli strives to be a global-financial expert. When he succeeds, he’ll be sure to let everyone know. In the meantime, works with The QROPS Group and writes on everything from international finance to expat life. His other interests include traveling and cooking traditional Italian feasts for his family.
I am happy to present this collaborative guest post in the hopes of offering travel inspiration and helpful information to you as well.

Below, I’ve included an excellent 🏝 Malta Tourism website link, where you can access much more detailed information for planning your visit! logo

✈ Visit Malta ✈

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✨   Did You Know …

“The Name Of The Island Nation Of Malta Is Said To Come From A Greek Word Meaning – Honey.” 

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