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Looking For Normal {Book Review}

Looking For Normal
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Looking For Normal by Author Karen Harmon

As a Baby Boomer Travel, Health & Wellness Blogger, I was recently invited by {Author Karen Harmon}, to read and review her latest 📖 book publication called …

🌺Looking For Normal.🌺

I was delighted to have the opportunity to read Karen’s latest book, as this true story of her early family years takes place where our family also lived in British Columbia, 🍁 Canada.

The author is also a {Baby Boomer} like my wife and I. 🙂

If you’re wondering exactly who Baby Boomers are, then be sure to check out my blog homepage introduction at …

🕵 Gr8 Travel Tips Homepage. 🕵

I give a fun detailed description on just who are we {Millions of Boomers} around the world.
Hint: Born From 1946-1964. 🙂

About The Author Of Looking For Normal

Author Karen Harmon

Karen Harmon is a baby boomer, mother, wife and a local community fitness expert. She resides on the west coast of 🍁 Canada with her family.

She is an accomplished author, having received finalist designate for 🏅 Book Excellence.

Her publications are non-fiction in nature, focusing on family and her own personal experiences growing up in the Province of British Columbia. She has a passion for writing and considers it her own form of personal therapy.

Looking For Normal Author

Karen also finds time to work with – Special Needs children for a local school district in BC.

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Looking For Normal – Brief Introduction

Looking For Normal

This personal journey will introduce you to the author’s mother & father, taking you back in time to when they were youngsters living in the Province of Saskatchewan, eventually making their way west to British Columbia.

It’s an interesting journey beginning in the 1930’s and the Great Depression, continuing on into the 1940’s and 1950’s. Tracing memories of her parents lives together and raising their children during that time.

The author recalls her childhood memories together with family, both good and difficult at times. It concludes with Karen reaching her early teens and personal experiences growing up in this part of Canada.

It’s a wonderful and at times a very real look at mental illness, that inflicted members of her family in the past and how it was looked upon and treated years ago.

Looking For Normal – Recommendations

Looking For Normal Author

I absolutely loved reading this book, as it brought back many similar memories of my upbringing during those years. Reflecting on similar surroundings, activities, nostalgic memories of old television programs, popular food items and treats we also enjoyed during our childhood years during this period.

In fact, my grandparents and parents also worked their way west many years ago from the Province of Saskatchewan. Many people did this, to escape the extremely hard times of living in the Prairies in the dirty 30’s and a few decades following.

Karen will take you on a very personal journey, recalling the good times and the bad times experienced over the years. If you are a Baby Boomer and/or enjoy reading a heartfelt non-fiction story of life, this book is for you!

I also really liked how the author included brief historical anecdotes on events, sites and attractions she mentions throughout the book.

An excellent addition to her book, offering a light history lesson for readers at the same time!

Final Thoughts Banner

Below, I have listed the link to Karen’s Official website page for your convenience. Here you will find access and more detailed information about the author, her publications and links for purchasing these wonderful books.

📖 Karen Harmon – Author 📖

Other Books By Karen Harmon include; “Where Is My Happy Ending.”  Follow the author as she continues her memoirs from 1978 thru 1997, moving to the big city of Vancouver, BC.

A big change from the much smaller community of …
🍁 Mission, BC.🍁.

The book recounts her personal life experiences along the way. You won’t want to miss this continuation after reading “Looking For Normal.”

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although my copy of Looking For Normal was provided and in collaboration with the author Karen Harmon, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal views only.
All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected.
Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 🚫
✨   Did You Know …

“Stanley Park In Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada Is 10% Larger In Size Than Central Park In New York City.”

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