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Hotel Stays {A Few Good Things To Know}

Royal Hawaiian Hotel Waikiki Beach

Hotel Stays Good Things To Know
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Expert Travelers Tips On Hotel Stays

It’s always great to get some helpful travel tips from experienced and seasoned travelers.
I’ve picked up a few excellent pointers along the way over the years.
Here’s one I thought I would share them with you when booking your …

🏨 Hotel Stays 🏨

Some of the things listed below, we always try to do when making bookings for accommodations.
Others, I’ve learned from seasoned travel experts and bloggers.

Book Directly With The Hotel Whenever Possible

Hotel Stays Good Things To Know

When booking a hotel or motel, I always try to make my reservation directly with the property itself, or online with a very reputable and respected digital travel company.

Booking directly will improve your chances of getting a nicer room and reduce your chances of getting bumped, or your reservation lost in the wind.

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I’ve booked accommodations online for many years now with great success, but I always try to contact the property in advance of our arrival, to confirm my reservation.

Professional Travel Agent

Also another option to consider and again depending on your travel plans, you may want to have a …

👩 Professional Travel Agent 👩

book for you, if convenient.

Your chances of getting a {complimentary room upgrade} increase as well, using an agent. Particularly so, if they book that property frequently for their clients.

This was a nice pleasant surprise for us staying at a hotel in Australia a few seasons ago. We had a local travel agent specializing in Australia travels, who made our hotel bookings and other arrangements for us.

The front desk staff advised us of the room upgrade, because we used this agent and business for our booking.

Requesting A Desired Room

Hotel Guestroom 2 Queens

It’s always a good idea to request a desired 🛌 room when making your reservation. There’s usually an area for {special requests} when booking 🏝 online, or you can request at the time when ☎ calling directly.

I prefer a higher room and in the quiet section of the hotel, whenever possible. I want to ensure the best possible chance of having a; quiet, restful 😴 sleep and stay.

Ask For A Room Upgrade

Deluxe King Hotel Room

It’s the old saying …

“If you don’t ask, you won’t get it.”

It never hurts when checking in, to ask the clerk politely if there’s any chance of getting a room upgrade.
If you are a return customer, a loyalty member, or have stayed in that particular brand hotel elsewhere and let them know, your chances definitely increase.

I always ask when checking in. 🙂

Sometimes it works great, other times not so great, but its definitely been worth it, by just asking over the years.
If you’re willing to 💵 pay for the upgrade, experts suggest no more than {10%} extra, of what you originally paid.

Early Check-In Or Late Checkout

Hotel Stays

How many times have you travelled over the years and either have arrived at your destination before the listed {Check-In Time}, or have had a later 🛫 flight departing on check-out day?❓

I know we have and many more times than I care to remember!

If we arrive a few hours earlier than the normal check-in time and within reason if your room is ready, normally there should be no problem checking in early.
This of course, unless the property has 🛑 strictly enforced rules in place.

Airplane Arriving At Airport

I will always try contacting the hotel directly, and request either an early check in or later check out time.
I try to do this especially if we happen to be ✈ flying to our destination.

So many 🛫 flights leave late at night, particularly those charter flights going to and from popular holiday destinations.

Even if I have to pay a surcharge to stay later, I will definitely do so for the convenience and comfort.
Always ask ahead of time, so the hotel won’t book your room for that day.

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Seasoned Travelers Tip

If you have to check-out at the scheduled time and don’t want to pay the day fee for a room, did you know it is possible to spend the day at your hotel’s pool? ❓

Well, it seems so!

Park Royal Ixtapa Swimming Pool

Apparently and according to others, you can use these facilities after checking out.
For me and unless it’s an all inclusive type resort, then I would like to see that in 📝 writing somewhere official. 🤨

Hotel Stays And Resort Fees

Hotel Stays And Resort Fees

This has definitely become a 🥵 hot topic as of late, especially in popular cities with 🎰 casino resort hotels such as -🎲 Las Vegas.

💰 Resort fees can be extremely high and are tacked on many times, after you’ve booked your reservation.
They are a complete rip off and something you should take extra care to watch out for, when booking your reservation.

Some 🏨 hotels will show a resort fee prior to booking and others will not, until making your reservation and giving a 💳 credit card deposit.

Be sure to watch for this {💰 Added Fee 💰} when booking, especially in the fine 📰 print. If you don’t mind the extra fee, then don’t worry about this.

If you do, then be sure you know exactly how much you’re paying each night, and what for. It can be very high, depending on the property and where you choose to stay.

Tipping Housekeeping Staff

Hotel Room Staff Tipping

This is definitely a personal choice, depending on the service rendered.
At all 🏝 inclusive resorts and 🛳 cruise vacations, tipping is always included in our 💵 travel budget.

These people work very hard and earn very little.
A small gratuity for their service is greatly appreciated and will certainly help support themselves and/or their families.

Check out my post here on …

🌺Tipping On Inclusive Holidays {A Closer Look}, 🌺

and why it’s a great idea to include gratuities in you holiday budget.

Checking Your Guest Room Before Departing

Hotel Stays

Be sure to double and triple check your guest room before checking out.
Hotel staff report that they are amazed by the amount of items that are left, or discarded in rooms.

📱 Cellphone and 💻 laptop chargers are now common items left behind, along with clothing.

Guest room {safes} are also at times, completely forgotten by some guests. ❓ This is why you are starting to see many properties that have removed, or have not placed them in their guest rooms any longer.

Many times, your 👑 valuables can be kept safe, at the hotel’s reception.

How To By-Pass Check Out Lines

Hotel Check Out Counter

Many business travelers prefer and quite often, don’t have the time to wait in line when checking out.

You can easily bypass this, by leaving your 📧 email address when checking in and asking for your 📝 receipt with charges to be emailed to you.
Just leave your door keycards in the room, to be picked up and reused for future guests.

Final Thoughts Banner

These are just a few helpful tips to consider when making hotel bookings and a few extra tips on things good to know during your stay.

👣 Footnote 👣

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🛡 I Only Endorse Products/Services That Can Be Trusted & Verified &/Or That I’ve Personally Used! 🛡

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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