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Hotel Recommendations In Phuket {Thailand}

Best Hotels Of Phuket

5 Hotel Recommendations In Phuket Thailand
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A Look At 6 Hotel Recommendations In Phuket Thailand

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Phuket’s picture perfect beaches have been shown on the big screen over the years, proving that they are among the {Best in the World}. With its popularity worldwide, comes a wide variety of …

🌺 Hotel Recommendations In Phuket 🌺

to choose from. One of the favorites for international visitors is the ever popular; 🏖 Patong Beach.

Together with my collaborating guest author, we look at just a couple of more 🏨 Affordable Hotel Recommendations In Phuket Thailand, giving you an example of the many to choose from.

First, check out this excellent 2 minute 📹 video, offering an introduction to beautiful Phuket, from – The Luxury Signature.

Phuket, Thailand Travel YouTube Video

As you are probably aware, in 2004 Phuket was struck by the terrible 🌊 tsunami, that killed thousands. Since then, it has bounced back two fold, and today remains one of the most popular tourist destinations for 🏖 beach lovers visiting Thailand.

Sophisticated ⛈ tsunami detection stations have been deployed as a part of the {Indian Ocean} project.
These stations can now detect and give people a one hour ⚠ warning of upcoming dangers such as; a tsunami, allowing them to reach higher ground before the danger strikes.

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A Closer Look At Phuket Thailand

Affordable Hotels In Phuket Thailand

One of the best destinations favored by international tourists is; Phuket Province, Thailand. Phuket is a 🏞 mountainous and 🌳 rainforest covered island, located in the Andaman Sea.

It is also well known for having some of Thailand’s most popular and busiest beaches. Phuket has numerous beautiful seaside; resort 🏨 hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and more.

Phuket City is the Capital of the Province, with a mixture of new and older shop houses and busy markets.

Tourists flock to this part of Thailand to experience its beautiful 🌅 tropical climate and pristine beaches. Over the years, Phuket has developed and has rapidly transformed itself, to accommodate travelers from all over the world.

Driven by tourism, the Province receives hundreds of thousands of international visitors annually.

Phuket Google Map

🏨 Hotels and other accommodations vary greatly from notable quaint 🏠 inns and hostels, to luxury ⭐ five-star luxury resorts.

There really is something for most everyone’s 💵 budget, when planning a visit to Phuket. Here’s a brief look at just a few recommended hotels.

The Phuket Airport Overnight Hotel

Hotel Recommendations In Phuket Thailand #1

Phuket Airport Overnight Hotel

Phuket Airport Overnight Hotel

One of the hotels within walking distance from the ✈ Phuket International Airport, is the Phuket Airport Overnight Hotel. It’s just a short walk from the terminal itself, making it perfect for late night arrivals, or in between 🛫 flights.

A 24/7 family-owned & operated hotel, offering newer guest bedrooms complete with AC. Their furnished guest rooms also offer 🛌 king-sized beds and private bathrooms. Guests can always rely on a quiet uninterrupted stay at this family run hotel.

Those wishing to visit the area, can book a shuttle service for a minimal cost, taking you directly to 🏖 Nai Yang Beach. This shuttle service can pick up guests from the hotel at any time of day or night.

Phuket Siray Hut Resort

Hotel Recommendations In Phuket Thailand #2

Phuket Siray Hut Resort

Phuket Siray Hut Resort

The Phuket Siray Hut Resort is 40 minutes from the airport, and 20 minutes from; Karon Beach or Kata Beach.

The hotels tagline, “A Real Taste of Tropical Island Life” allows guests to relax in beach-side bungalows. This property is managed by the reputable 🌴 Patong Bay Garden Resort.

Guest room beds are fitted with beautiful Thai-styled linen and feature an en-suite bathroom with toiletries, replenished daily. All rooms are equipped with; AC, mini-fridge, cable TV, hot showers and Thai-cuisine room service.

This resort is stunning!

Most of the structures are bungalows, that sit out in the open in the 💐 flora. Among the 🌺 flora, is a lovely outdoor swimming pool and beautiful grounds to enjoy.

Close to this hotel is; Paddle Asia. This is an on-site kayaking office which arranges tours to – Ko Sok Jungle Park.

Mercure Phuket Patong

Hotel Recommendations In Phuket Thailand #3

Grand Mercure Phuket Patong

Grand Mercure Phuket Patong

For guests planning on more upscale accommodations, the 🏨 Grand Mercure Phuket Patong, is a favorable option in Patong. This is a ⭐ four-star resort situated close to the shores of the – Andaman Sea. The hotel is favored by many international tourists for its; stunning location, service and its amenities.

Such amenities include the hotel’s famous 🪔 Ryn Spa. This 🪔 Spa is internationally recognized for its high quality of service. The Spa offers up to 20 different types of rejuvenation programs for its guests to choose from.

There are a variety of guest rooms to select from including; fine restaurants and bars.

A perfect choice for those looking for a more affordable luxurious stay in Phuket!

Happy Elephant Resort in Rawaii

Hotel Recommendations In Phuket Thailand #4

Happy Elephant Phuket

Happy Elephant Phuket

Situated on the Southern end of Phuket is the 🐘 Happy Elephant Resort in Rawaii.

This resort is best known for its lovely combination of red tile roof and natural green surroundings. Lovely blossoming 💐 flora, with beautiful 🌴 palm and papaya trees decorating its walkways, all to immerse guests with nature’s touch.

The resort offers its guests; 📶 wi-fi, cable tv, air conditioning, ceiling fans, café, massage parlor and much more.

Popular Rawaii Beach is near for shopping, bars and restaurants. Another excellent choice for visitors!

Phuket Deluxe By the Lake

Hotel Recommendations In Phuket Thailand #5

Phuket Deluxe By The Lake

Phuket Deluxe By The Lake

Traveling up north, guests can find this hidden 💎 jewel close to 🏖 Naiharn Beach. This outstanding resort is best known for its stylish villas, featuring traditional – Asian accents.

What to expect at the Phuket Deluxe By the Lake.

Resort guests are provided with; private swimming pools, outdoor dining, wi-fi access, outstanding restaurant, wonderful interior decorating, a rooftop patio, cable television.

Shuttle service to and from 🏖 Naiharn Beach is also provided.

🏖 Naiharn Beach is considered one the best beaches in Phuket. It’s also one of the best places for 🏄 surfing as well. There are bike, motorcycle and car rental businesses nearby for those wanting to venture off on their own.

This hotel in Phuket offers both traditional Thai decorating, along with modern comforts and conveniences.

Final Thoughts Banner

As you can see, Phuket offers accommodations for all types of budgets. From hostels to luxury resorts, it’s all here for you to enjoy on your vacation.

Traveling to Phuket is very affordable, which makes it so popular for visitors around the 🌎 world.
Even selecting more luxury accommodations, you will find they are priced far lower than one would expect of that in other parts of the world.

My wife and I have traveled to Thailand on two occasions now and have absolutely loved it!

Koh Samui Poster

On our first trip, we visited City of Bangkok, and then made our way to the Island of …

🏝 Koh Samui, 🏝

located in the Gulf of Thailand.

From Samui, we enjoyed visiting a few of the other beautiful surrounding islands.

Below, I’ve included the link to the 🏵 Official Thailand Tourism website for your convenience. The link will direct you to their page on Phuket.

amazing thailand logo

🌅 Amazing Thailand – Destination Phuket 🌅
Guest Author at Gr8 Travel Tips

I am happy to present this collaborative post in the hopes of offering some helpful travel inspiration and information on to you.


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Holiday Inn Phuket Express Patong Beach Central

Hotel Recommendations In Phuket Thailand #6


Update Banner

In January of 2020, my wife and I returned for another wonderful vacation to Thailand. This time visiting; Krabi, Koh Lanta and Phuket.

We had a superb holiday once again and stayed 5 nights at the 🏨 Holiday Inn Express Phuket Patong Beach Central. This is an excellent upper scale resort hotel, in a perfect location. The hotel is just one block from the beach and easy walking to surrounding restaurants and shopping.

You can read my detailed review and 📸 photos in the link listed below. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for Phuket’s exact location. 🗺

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“The National Flower Of Thailand Is The Orchid.”

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