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Holiday In The Philippines {Travel Planner}

Boracay Island Philippines

Holiday In The Philippines

Post Last Modified – February 16, 2023 ¦

Start Planning A Holiday In The Philippines This Season

Are you looking to escape to a far and exotic international destination for your vacation? If so, then consider a – 🏝 Holiday in the Philippines this season.

Consisting of over 7,000 islands, there’s sure to be that perfect holiday destination just right for you!

Here In The Philippines, You Will Discover A – True Tropical Paradise!

My guest post author offers just a few great reasons, why you should consider a – Holiday in the Philippines.

First, check out this short promotional 📹 video from 🌺 Tourism Philippines, and see why this amazing country is certainly worth a second look.

Tourism Philippines – YouTube Video


A Holiday In The Philippines Guide – Your Gateway To A Tropical Retreat

Holiday In The Philippines

The Philippines can offer you a very unique Asian escape. It is a country where English is one of the primary languages spoken.

So you can enjoy a new foreign country and easily communicate with the locals at the same time!

I highly recommend having a closer look at this beautiful and majestic far away country.

Daily Flights To The Philippines

Philippines Google Map

Getting to the Philippines is very easy, with a wide variety of airlines offering numerous flights to – Manila and Cebu.

  Philippine Airlines

✈ Mactan-Cebu International Airport is where we flew into, on our most recent holiday to the Philippines.

Cebu is the – Countries Most Southern International Airport.

Below, is a list of just a few of the major ✈ airlines that do fly in and out of the Philippines.

Air China … Asiana Airlines … Cathay Pacific … Continental Airlines … Delta Air Lines … EVA Air … Philippine Airlines … Hawaiian Airlines

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The ✈ flight from North America to the Philippines, can be extremely long.

You should consider spending a night or two in either Manila or Cebu, before continuing on to your final travel destination in the Philippines.

We spent a couple of nights in Cebu City, before heading on to our chosen outer islands. As well, we booked a 🏨 hotel room close to the airport, the night before heading home.

Include Manila In Your Your Philippine Holiday Travel Plans

Manila Philippines Skyline

Manila Philippines Skyline

This city makes for a great stop over, both before and on your return trip home from your vacation. Just a little something to consider when planning your holidays. 

Manila is filled with great venues for music, dancing, and ocean front dining!

I have listed a few of the best selections when searching for hotels in Manila, recommended by travel experts;

➡   Diamond Hotel Philippines
➡   Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila (A great choice for a combination hotel and entertainment venue.)
➡   Hotel H2O – An amazing five-star hotel overlooking Manila Bay.
➡   Manila Hotel

Explore Tropical Boracay Island

Boracay Island Philippines

Boracay Island Sand Sculpture

One destination worth considering for your vacation, is the very popular -🏝 Boracay Island. 

This is a beautiful small island located just off of Iloilo. The island is located to the south of Manila and the other large island of Luzon.

The easiest and most convenient way to reach Boracay is taking a short airplane flight. You can fly from Manila to Kalibo. Flights take about 45 minutes to reach Boracay.

Then it’s a 90 minute car ride, followed by a short 10 minute boat ride. 

The other option is to fly in to Caticlan.  The flight time is the same, but you will only be 20 minutes away from Boracay Island.  You will then have a 10 minute car ride plus a 10 minute boat ride.

Flying To Boracay Is Easy

Asian Spirit Airlines

There are presently two airlines to choose from that service the island;

SeAir … Asian Spirit Air Lines

Boracay Accommodation

Boracay Beach Resorts

Boracay offers a wide variety of accommodations to choose from. You have your choice of;

Hotels … Bungalows … Cottages  … Full-sized vacation homes 


No trouble at all finding something to satisfy your wants, needs and budget!

Fantastic Resorts On Boracay Island

Boracay Island Philippines

It is highly recommended you make a reservation before arriving, particularly at the more popular exclusive resorts. 

A few of the 🏨 premier resorts on 🏝 Boracay Island include:

Boracay Beach Resort, Philippines  … Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa … Boracay Regency Beach Resort … Boracay Beach Club … Best Western Boracay Tropic Resort … Monaco Suites de Boracay

There are many excellent beachfront resorts, as well as more modest accommodation available on the island to suit most everyone’s travel budget.

All Inclusive Resorts In Boracay

Henann Regency Resort & Spa Boracay

Henann Regency Resort & Spa Boracay

If you are like me and always searching for the best deals on found on – 🏝 All Inclusive Vacations , then Borocay Island will surprise you!

These resorts typically provide; accommodations, meals, airport transfers and much more!

Great Travel Deals

Here are three wonderful resorts on the island to choose from;

Regency Lagoon Resort … Borocay Regency … Bamboo Boracay Beach Resort


Great Resort Destinations For Your Holiday In The Philippines

Boracay Island Resorts

There are many wonderful resorts throughout the Philippines, depending on where you choose to travel to. A few of the more notable resorts to consider and worth having a closer look include;

🏨  Bohol Tropics Resort – Philippines Natural Wonderland

🏨  Thunderbird Resort Philippines – An international resort group with multiple Philippine destinations.

🏨  Laguna Beach Resort Philippines – A favorite destination area for Filipinos and international travelers.

🏨  Amanpulo Resort Philippines – An isolated island paradise.

🏨  Hidden Valley Resort Philippines – Step away from the beach for a new kind of adventure.

🏨  Loreland Farm Resort Philippines – An amazing resort just outside of Manila.

🏨  Dakak Beach Resort Philippines – An escape to a quieter beach resort.

The Bohol Tropics Resort

Bohol Tropics Resort

All of these resorts offer; high quality accommodations, excellent dining and the world renowned – Filipino hospitality.

I have also added a couple of more resorts which deserve a special mention;

Bohol Tropics Resort – This resort receives a special mention because of the location.  Bohol offers a great beach experience, excellent diving opportunities and a few hidden surprises! 😉

Chocolate Hills – Bohol Philippines

Chocolate Hills Bohol

Sneak away for a day tour of the island to experience the Chocolate Hills. 

Stop along the Loboc River to meet the smallest monkeys in the world, the Tarsier. As you travel along the Loboc River, you can stop off for an amazing meal on one of the floating restaurants.

🏨   Amanpulo Resort  – Aman Resorts has built a very secluded and special venue to delight travelers. 

Most of the resorts I have listed, are in areas which have a large number of resorts all together, like that of many resort destinations around the world.

🏨  The Amanpulo Resort is on a small island all by itself.

Aman Resorts has taken over the entire island and has turned it into a relaxing paradise!

Travel Requirements For Your Holiday In The Philippines

Boracay Island Beaches

There are a few great advantages to enjoying your holidays in the Philippines.  One of these advantages is – language.

Many tropical destinations and especially in Asia, are not in countries where English is considered a requirement in the schools.

Most Filipinos understand English very well, with a high percentage of the population being – very fluent in English.

For an American or Canadian, traveling to the Philippines is very easy.  You receive an automatic – 30 day tourist visa, by simply presenting your passport.

If you intend to stay longer you can pay a small fee for a visa extension. There are no extra travel documents required for your holiday stay in the Philippines.

A Wide Variety Of Delicious Food In The Philippines

Food in the Philippines

If you are timid about trying local foods you will be pleasantly surprised in the Philippines.  You will also find a wide variety of international restaurants including;

Hut … KFC … TGIF … McDonald’s

and many others to keep all members of your family happy.  The bigger surprise is the local food.  You will find a wide variety of dishes you will enjoy created from:

Chicken … Pork … Beef … Fish

Do Not leave the Philippines without sampling Lechon Baboy, a fire roasted pork!

The final advantage is cost. You will discover the cost of services and many items to be very low compared to other tropical destinations. 

Prices at some luxury resorts will be comparable to other international destinations.

But, as you head out to enjoy the Philippine culture you will uncover amazing bargains!

Singing, Dancing And Fireworks To Enjoy On Your Vacation In The Philippines

Philippine Dance

Spending the holidays in the Philippines will give you an entirely new perspective on celebration. You will experience the Filipinos joy of music, as you hear the voices of some of the world’s finest singers.

If you enjoy dancing you can kick up your heels at one of the many great discos and clubs.

A final surprise is fireworks for; Christmas and the Holidays.  Expect to see the night sky explode in beauty as the Holidays unfold. 

This is one holiday adventure you and your family will talk about for years!

Final Thoughts Banner

From selecting an all inclusive resort to a hidden island hide a way, the Philippines are sure to have something special to offer you, for that perfect vacation.

Excellent Websites For Planning Your Vacation

SI Photo Shoot Boracay Island

🏝 Boracay Island is so popular in fact, {Sports Illustrated Magazine} held their annual 📸 bikini photo shoot on the island!

Below, I’ve included a few great websites on the Philippines, to get you started on your way!

Philippines Tourism Logo

🌴   Tourism Philippines

🌴   Dept. of Tourism

🌴   Tourism in the Philippines

🌴   Philippines

Recently, I also came across a wonderful travel blog a young couple has put together. If is filled with their adventures in Cebu and the Philippines, beautiful photos, recipes and so much more. Check it out at;

🌴   Adrenaline Romance

Prepare A Travel List For Your Philippine Holidays

boracay philippines island

Below, be sure to check out a few of my other articles here, on hotel, tours and travel tips I’ve put together.  Start planning your next vacation to the Philippines.

It’s an extremely safe, fun and very affordable travel destination!

It’s also good to ensure any necessary 💉 Travel Immunizations  that you may require, are in order. This especially so, with every changing entry and exit requirements necessary due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This, to ensure a wonderful and memorable vacation!

Philippines Tourism Logo

Below, I’ve inserted the 🌺 Official Experience Tourism Website link for your convenience, where you can access much more detailed information on planning your travels to the Philippines.

🌴   Tourism Philippines
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In late January/February of 2019, my wife and I traveled to the Philippines for the first time from Canada. We first arrived in Cebu, and spent some time seeing the sites in the surrounding area.

We then continued on to visit the Islands of Bohol, Palawan and Coron.

Beach 91 Palawan

Beach 91 Palawan

We had a fabulous 4 week vacation in the Philippines. The people were so friendly, and the islands we visited were absolutely beautiful!

Check out a few of my posts below for a look at what we experienced on our holiday. 🙂

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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This post was initially in collaboration with a guest post writer a few years ago. Hotel recommendations listed, were added by the guest author at that time.
I was happy to present this collaborative guest post offering travel inspiration and additional helpful information to you as well.
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