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Go-Be Sleeves {Tray Table Covers}

Go-Be Sleeves

Go-Be Sleeves
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Go-Be Sleeves Tray Table Covers – Great For Travel

I recently came across a wonderful new product that’s great for travel and to assist in keeping you healthy as well. This innovative new product is appropriately named …

🌺 Go-Be Sleeves 🌺

Did you know that those fold down tray tables on; ✈ airplanes, 🚍 buses and 🚂 trains are among the most filthy of all?

Well, it’s been well documented and proven over the years that they are absolutely covered with 🕷 germs and bacteria that can make you ill.

First, take a quick look at their very brief Promotional 📹 YouTube Video to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Go-Be Sleeves – YouTube Video


About The Founders Of Go-Be Sleeves

Go Be Sleeves Founders

Barbara and Cornelia have been the closest of friends for many years. Barbara has been a CNBC reporter with years of investigative interview experience.

The two voiced concerns over sanitization on; airplanes, trains and buses, and particularly with those fold down tray tables.

After extensive research, they did discover that these tray tables were rarely 🧽 sanitized and filled with germs that could make you sick.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, this global crisis has definitely shed new light regarding contracting infectious illnesses. It has definitely become a major topic of concern, especially for travelers these days.

Introducing Go-Be Tray Table Sleeves

Barbara and Cornelia have introduced an attractive antimicrobial tray sleeve that provides travelers with an extra layer of reassuring comfort.

For those of you who tirelessly wipe down those tables with sanitized wipes and other products, well with Go-Be Tray Table Sleeves, you no longer have to do so.

Now you can carry these handy compact, lightweight and washable antimicrobial tray sleeves in your 🧳 carry on bag with you when traveling.

“Made from an Earth-friendly fiber, so we can do good while
feeling good.”

Go-Be Sleeves – 18 Colorful Unique Patterns

Go-Be Sleeves Tray Table Covers

These stylish sleeves come in 18 Colorful Unique Patterns, packed in a light weight patent pending honeycomb case. The handy case can be easily hooked onto your carry on bag if so desired, complete with a magnetic tether.

Each Go-Be Sleeves order comes with 2 sleeves inside for your convenience. Great if traveling with a companion!

Every Go-Be Sleeve is treated with; HeiQ HyProTecht. This is an advanced Swiss Technology that obstructs the growth of microorganisms on the fabric surface. Their product has been tested in a third party lab to ensure quality and performance.

As well, they also use an eco-friendly fiber made from previously used plastic bottles.

Go-Be Sleeves – Review

Go-Be Sleeves

I had the pleasure of trying out our newly acquired tray table sleeves on a short flight recently taken. Although I was seated in a 💺 premium economy seat that had one of those tray tables that folded out of the arm rest, I was still able to use the cover during flight.

I had the option of using half of the table or fully extending it as shown in the picture. It still offered protection from harmful germs when eating my 🥪 sandwich.

The couple seated next to me were pleasantly surprised to see a product like this offered, and were eager to learn more. As frequent travelers, they are always concerned with their overall travel health.

Final Thoughts Banner

My wife and I will be taking 2 long haul international 🛫 flights early in the new year, and looking forward to using our Go-Be Sleeves on these flights.

For more detailed information on this great travel product, I have listed their official website below for your convenience. They offer convenient and safe online purchasing, first order discounts and much more.


🎁 Go-Be Travel Collections 🎁

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