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Entrepreneur Makeover {Book Review}

Entrepreneur Makeover

Entrepreneur Makeover
Post Last Modified – March 16, 2023 ¦

Entrepreneur Makeover – Author Andreas Ioannou

As I love to read and have included a 📚 Book Review Segment to my blog here, I was recently approached by this book’s author.

He thought I might enjoy reading his new book titled – 📘 Entrepreneur Makeover.

I was delighted to receive a copy to review, as I thought it would be great for fellow bloggers and new entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Makeover – Digital Presence

Entrepreneur Makeover

This is a very simple booklet, that is perfect for those just starting out and/or, wanting to improve their – digital presence on Social Media.

It covers the simple A,B,C’s of …

Growth Hacking – Social Media – Branding – SEO

Along with helpful website links included to get you started.

About The Author – Andreas Ioannou

Author Andreas Ioannou

A technology enthusiast from an early age, Andreas has always had a special interest in digital marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce platforms and all kinds of startups as well.

His digital marketing specialties are to use creative growth hacking strategies in order to succeed in any given goal.

He is the founder of the online community ‘The Entrepreneur Makeover’ which is an online community for entrepreneurs and digital nomads, who want to learn more about digital marketing, affiliate marketing and online businesses.

Final Thoughts Banner

This is a simple {89 page booklet} that is an excellent starter for beginners wishing to learn more about improving their online presence.

His e-booklet can be purchased for just a couple of dollars, safely and securely via – Amazon.

I have listed his Amazon link below for your convenience.

📖 The Entrepreneur Makeover – Amazon

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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✨  Did You Know …

“In 2020 alone, e-book revenue in the U.S. reached 1.1 billion.”

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