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Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations

Bungee Jumping
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Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations
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I am not quite the young energetic person I used to be, but I still get a thrill out of amusement park rides, go karts and my latest thrill of a lifetime, driving a real 🏁 NASCAR race car. I reached speeds up to 140 mph around the incredible 🏁 Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Below, in collaboration with my guest author, we’ve put together a list of some exciting things to do and why you should …

🚀 Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations, 🚀

if you love heart pumping, exciting things to do on your holidays.

Many people both young and old, are looking for more eco- friendly adventure type vacations. These types of holidays are getting more and more popular each year.

❓ What’s your dream extreme adventure ❓

Travel The Extreme Adventure Way

Extreme Adventures Banner
Ever thought about doing something extreme this season?

Are you a sports enthusiast that is looking for some adrenaline rush activities, or just want to step out of the box and try something a little daring?

For adventure junkies, there are countless ways to spend your holiday, with a little exciting extreme adventure thrown in. For example;

Aerial Adventures

Bungee Jumping .. Para Gliding .. Ziplining .. Hang Gliding

Mountain Adventures

Mountain Climbing .. Rock Climbing .. Cliff Jumping .. Mountain Rappelling

Land Adventures

Trekking .. Zorbing .. Rappling .. Rock Wall Climbing .. Extreme Camping .. Moto Sports .. Commando Training .. Back Packing .. Paintball Events .. Mountain Biking

Water Adventures

Kayaking .. Whitewater Rafting .. Para Sailing .. Wind Surfing

These are just a few options to consider, especially  for first timers looking to experience that adrenaline rush!

The list is endless when looking for fun, exciting and sometimes extremely extreme adventures.

Choosing the right extreme sport travel adventure can truly be a  memorable lifetime experience. There are many very professional travel companies around the world that specialize in extreme sports travel holidays only.

Discover Extreme Travel Activities

Astronaut In Space

Lets check out just a handful of the more popular activities that many extreme sports enthusiasts typically like to get involved in.

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Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations #1


Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

🪂 Parasailing is another type of extreme sport where individuals glide through the air with the use of a parachute and / or  being towed by a motor boat over water.

Parasailing over the water is very popular in most holiday beach destinations around the world. It’s great fun and an excellent way to dive into an extreme adventure for newbies!


Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations #2


Photo Downloaded from Pexels

In 🪂 paragliding, the person has to be ready both mentally and physically. Ever fancy gliding up in the sky like Icarus?  

This extreme sport will leave the sport enthusiast feeling free like a bird and on top of the world!

This is most certain to get your adrenaline pumping!

Bungee Jumping

Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations #3

Bungee Jumping

This is very popular among adrenaline junkies and those seeking a heart pounding thrill of a lifetime! 

This is where individuals 🧍 fall from a stationary or moving location high up, breaking your free fall abruptly with the use of a large bungee cord attached to your ankles.

Bungee Bridge Whistler BC

The thrill from this definitely comes from the death defying free-fall! The person’s ankles are attached to a rope that is elastic or otherwise known as the bungee cord.

The photo above is the bungee jump platform at world famous Whistler, British Columbia – Canada.

This is extremely popular in the summer months in this mountain resort region.

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Zip Lining

Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations #4

Ziplining Adventure

The zip line or sometimes also referred to as the “suislide” consists of a pulley that is suspended on a long cable. This cable is normally heavy gauge stainless steel mounted between to towers on an incline.

With the use of gravity, it then glides you down from the top to the bottom of the cable (zip line), by holding on or being strapped in securely to the cable line.

Other terms are zip wire, troylean traverse, flying fox, aerial runway, death slide, aerial rope slide, canopy tour or foefie slide. All depending on which country you are in, but the concept is the same.

Ziplining has taken off and become very popular over the years. Most are located in popular tourist destinations for the thrill and adventure seeker!

Hang Gliding

Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations #5

Hang Gliding

Photo Downloaded from Pexels

This is an air sport where the pilot flies an aircraft that is a light and non-motorized foot-launch , or otherwise known as the hang glider. The pilot is attached in a harness that is suspended from an air frame.

Want to feel like a 🦅 bird? Then this extreme sport is right up your alley! 🙂

This takes years of practice and professional instruction to master. There are dual hang gliders for the novice to join in and experience the thrill with a experienced professional.

Wind Surfing

Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations #6

Wind Surfing

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

This is a combination of 🏄 surfing and sailing. The board used is typically 2-3 meters long and is powered by the wind on a sail.

The more 🌬 breeze there may be blowing, the more intense and extreme this very popular sport becomes.

Another very popular sport for the novice to take part in most anywhere in the world.

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Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations #7

Surfing In Tofino British Columbia

This water sport has been around for decades and still is as popular as ever!

It doesn’t matter if you new to the sport or a seasoned 🏄 surfer, the thrill and excitement of riding the waves is something everyone can enjoy.


Photo Downloaded from Pexels

“Surfing is one of the oldest practiced sports on the planet. Surfing is also one of the few sports that creates its own culture and lifestyle.”

History notes that the act of riding waves on a board constructed of wood, originated in Western Polynesia over 3 thousand years ago.  The Hawaiians who surfed the ali’i or higher class of surfing, claimed their reputation for having the most skill for board surfing on waves.

The rest they say – is history. Surfing is extremely popular the world over! 🌎

Mountain Climbing

Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations #8

Mountain Climbing in Chile

Another type of extreme sport or an exhilarating hobby is 🧗 mountain climbing and/or rock climbing. Many enjoy the thrill of accomplishing a climb.

Whether a small mountain face or more extreme mountain climbing like Everest, there are levels of climbing to suit most everyone.

It can be an amazing extreme adventure, even for the novice. As we all know very well, it can also be a very dangerous extreme sport as well.

Cliff Jumping

Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations #9

Cliff Jumping

Photo by Jacub Gomez from Pexels

Depending on the location and the height of the jump, 🏃 cliff jumping can be great fun. To some sports buffs or adrenaline junkies, this is a very appealing and exciting sport to take part in.

Caution must be used whenever and wherever you plan to jump. The impact of jumping from a tall cliff into the water is not something that one can take lightly and can be very unsafe in many places.

Mountain Rappelling

Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations #10

Mountain Rappelling

This sport is based on skills and is a type of activity where one descends down from mountains and cliffs using  tight ropes and other rappel devices. Going down the slopes, cliffs or mountains is controlled with the use of climbing ropes and be very exciting.

This can be a very dangerous extreme sport, but extremely exhilarating and fulfilling at the same time! 

If you’re new to this and want to try, there are many outdoor adventure companies offering accompanied professional 🧗 rappelling adventures.


Discover Extreme Travel Adventure Vacations #11


Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius from Pexels

Another very popular extreme sport is 🏍 moto sports. These are both competitive and non competitive events involving motor vehicles either for racing or non-racing contests.

There’s all kinds of 🏎 motor sport activities for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy on holiday.

Motocross Racing

Photo Downloaded from Pexels

The word actually refers to motorcycle racing or motocross racing.  For the racing enthusiast, this is a great extreme sport to get involved in your summer activities.

Final Thoughts Banner

For all you extreme sports fans out there, there’s a host of activities and sports to take part in any time of the year!

Extreme sport vacations are becoming very popular, where you can enjoy a great holiday and take part in your chosen or dream extreme adventure at the same time.

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Our family members having a great time skydiving!

Check out this article from {Reader’s Digest 🍁 Canada}, on;10 Of The Most Extreme Travel Adventures in the World! 🌎

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Guest Author at Gr8 Travel Tips

I am happy to present this collaborative guest post in the hopes of offering travel inspiration and helpful information to you as well.

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