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Post Last Modified – May 20, 2023 ¦

Do Credit Card Protection Sleeves Combat Electronic Pickpocketing?

I thought it important to pass on some valuable information about electronic 💳 credit card fraud. Do RFID credit card protection sleeves really help prevent fraud?

I was watching the 📺 news the other day and I was just dumbfounded by how vulnerable we are to thieves in this high tech world we live in today! It seems the latest and hottest trend for thieves, is how they can easily scan your 💳 credit card information. This is done by merely standing next to you or walking slowly past you. 

This is called …

📟 Electronic Pick Pocketing 📟

Have a look at this short, descriptive 🎥 video on what electronic pick pocketing is all about. I am sure this will come as a surprise to you, as it did to me!

ABC NY Reports On Identity Stronghold – YouTube Video

Experts say this is a pretty easy and straightforward method. Thieves use an 📟 Electronic Scanner that looks like a small 💻 laptop or notebook. 

From this simple device they are able to;

✔  Retrieve account numbers;
✔  Expiration dates;
✔  Important personal information.

It’s so simple, many wonder why this type of fraud has not been used years ago!

RFID Credit Card Sleeves – Fight Radio Frequency Identification

It’s called RFID  or Radio Frequency Identification. With this technology, thieves can simply pass by you with a simple scanning device and retrieve all the information they need to use your credit card. 

This new high tech thievery is really scary! 😲

What’s worse, crooks can buy a card reader or similar device on the internet, for about 💵 $100. So it seems the development of placing protective chips in credit cards has backfired! ❓

💳 When I first posted this article seasons ago, credit card companies were in the process of replacing over 100 million cards worldwide. New cards were sent out that apparently now have chip technology with a new; Ccontactless Smartcard.

At that time, they expected the change to take about 2 to 3 years. During this period, if traveling to large cities or you regularly find yourself in large crowds, credit card sleeves may still be worth the small expense.

A way of protecting yourself from these criminals preying on others.

Credit Card Sleeves For Fraud ProtectionUse Credit Card Sleeve Protectors & Be Safe

A very effective way of combating electronic pick pocketing is with card sleeves. Experts have developed a simple yet effective sleeve or pocket for your cards. Many major banks hand them out to their customers, as added protection.

These card sleeves basically shield your cards from having your information stolen by scanners, that are being used by thieves.

You should also be aware that not only are your credit cards at risk, but also;

✔ Bank cards
✔ Drivers licenses
✔ Many passports
✔ Government id cards and more.

These cards all have these {RFID or Radio Frequency Identification Chips} embedded in them. 

This so called electronic pickpocketing has become so popular and rampant, that these credit card sleeves have been featured on numerous news broadcasts and TV networks around the globe.

Such high profile stations as … 

  • CNN
  • Discovery
  • Fox

just to name a few.

It has become vital that the public be made aware of this high tech thievery.

Credit card companies, government and other authorities are now taking action against this form of theft. I strongly recommend you check out this form of credit card protection, both for travel and for everyday use at home.

It’s unfortunate that as soon as something is developed to better protect our security and personal information, someone in the criminal world comes up with something to override that protection.

It’s important for us to do our part to assist in beating these criminals and travel safely at all times. Whether if it’s just 🚇 commuting to work on a daily basis, or traveling abroad.

Update Banner

Update 2023

Since writing this article a few seasons ago now, it appears credit card companies have done their due diligence.

Chip Technology is definitely working with the introduction of; 💳 Smart Cards. As a result, RFID card sleeves are no longer as critical to have and use, as before.

Below, is a link to an article from 📰 Loss Prevention Magazine. It’s an update on the changes made to combat credit card fraud.

Loss Prevention Magazine Logo

📖 Loss Prevention Magazine – RFID Wallets 📖

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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✨   Did You Know …

“It Is Estimated That Just In America Alone, Over Nine Million People Are Victims Of Identity Theft Every Year.”

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