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Cabo Adventures Camel Tour {Cabo San Lucas}

Camel Tour Los Cabos Mexico
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Cabo Adventures Camel Tour
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Friends of mine returned from a vacation to beautiful 🌅 Cabo San Lucas, located on the southern most tip of the Baja Peninsula in 🌵 Mexico. During their stay, they embarked on an superb …

🐫 Cabo Adventures Camel Tour. 🐫
After seeing their 📸 photos of the tour, I just had to share them with you as well. Below, is their experience and fun day in the Mexican outback on their {Camel Adventure}, along the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Cabo San Lucas Travel

Cabo Adventures Camel Tour In Cabo San Lucas Mexico

On our trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico a few seasons ago, we decided on Cabo Adventures Camel Tour (Inspired by Nature).

We chose this business because they had well prepared booklets and pamphlets, with easy reading descriptions of their tours and pictures. We went on two tours with this company during our stay, felt very satisfied and glad we did take them.

Our Outback And Camel Safari Was An Unforgettable Eco-Adventure Experience!

Our Cabo Adventures Camel Tour Itinerary

Cabo San Lucas Resorts
Photo by Zachary DeBottis from Pexels

Hotel Pick Up And Drop Off

We were picked up by the Cabo Adventures Tour Bus, a nice new big comfortable 🚌 bus arriving at the set time at our resort lobby at 8:20 am. We drove to the Pacific side of Cabo, off the main highway and on to a sandy narrow road for quite a few miles.

Both sides of the road had tall 🏜 cactus mixed with small trees and canyon’s with dry river beds along the way.

We arrived at our staging area consisting of a large 500 acre ranch, where we met our guide for the tour. Our 🙋 Mexican guide was {Chicas}, who met us with a big smile!

He spoke very good {English and Spanish} to our group of 20 people, of all ages.

This group seemed to be almost half Spanish and English, so he very often would repeat his instructions. He took us slowly down a hill path of dirt and sand, that was easily walked by all. Along the way we walked among various small 🏜 cactus plants and trees.

Chicas stopped many times for the group, as this was not a hurried walking tour and people could ask questions or take 📸 pictures along the way. He was very knowledgeable, easy to understand and humorous at the same time!

rattle snake cartoon

No 🐍 rattle snakes he explained, as they were likely in hibernation in the winter months?

We learned a great deal along the way from {Chicas}, on how the Mexican’s used these 🏜 cactus trees for furniture, and many other house and other commercial items. Most are now protected as they were becoming extinct because of over and indiscriminate use and export.

This area in the Baja peninsula we were in is on the Pacific side, with an ocean front ranch which is privately owned. We did not see any cattle or horses or other animals during our visit, just camels.

During this tour you will learn of Mexico’s history and its people and the unique history and culture of this region.

The flora and fauna are very interesting in this area, as well we caught a glimpse of the 🦅 Mexican Eagle (no white head feathers) or also referred to as large desert hawks.

If lucky you may see other birds such as {Cara-Caras} and others.

Camel Tour Los Cabos

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Be Prepared for the Hot Sun

It is hot and dry away from the water at any season, so bring along bottled water if you can. Water is also provided which we did greatly appreciate! 

Don’t forget the 🧴 sunscreen lotion and your 🕶 sun glasses as well. A light jacket depending on the weather may also come in handy.

 Walking Nature Tour And 4×4 Journey

If going on this 🚶 walking nature tour, be sure to wear running shoes or other gripping sole shoes, as dirt is loose on a downhill incline.

This walk took us down to a deep canyon dry riverbed where at the bottom, our 🚚 Mercedes Benz Unimog 4X4 open box truck was waiting for us. These trucks have very large high tires and good grip for; mud, wet sand, climbing and for this sandy type of terrain.

You should have strong enough knees and legs to be able to step up the high ladder, but it is not difficult and they will assist you. Should you have a neck and back issue’s, the truck ride back and forth swaying and some minor bumpy road areas, may not be good for you.

I did feel the driver could have driven slightly slower in some bumpy area’s, as some of us had to hold on to canopy upper loop straps, so as not to be jostled too much.

Camels in Cabo

Camel Ride Restrictions

The minimum age is 5 years old (you have to squeeze in front of an adult if riding camels). The maximum weight is 265lbs (120Kgs). Not suitable for expectant mothers or people who have limited mobility.

You must be strong enough to ride approximately 20 minutes on the 🐫 camels, and strong enough to hang on to a pipe harness on the camels to stay on!

All people will have to sign a disclosure or disclaimer form explaining this to them and the company will not be responsible for certain claims for those having difficulties and sustaining injuries.

A small back pack for clothes, camera’s and small water bottle would also be suitable for the ride.

Mexico Camel Tour

 The Camel Ranch

The 🐫 Camel Ranch is located near a virgin beach with no one else nearby, crashing waves and a very wide sandy area along the Pacific Ocean edge.

There are washrooms, the photo office and a seating area for a very full and complete authentic Mexican meal.

Authentic Mexican Lunch

There were two ladies dressed in beautiful long white Mexican dresses greeting you.

Bottled water, soft drinks and liquor are available. The delicious Mexican lunch is a secret recipe of chicken “Mole” full of the regional flavors and species.

Fresh ground beef stew with organic vegetables along with a typical cactus salad.  Homemade salsas, tasty refried beans, handmade tortillas and much more!

The food is plentiful and guaranteed you will be leave full and satisfied!

Chicas was a great entertainer and made this event very worthwhile. He showed us how the Mexican’s make tortilla’s and let a girl also try to make one from an old stone and bowl.

Those who wished could have different tastes of certain Tequila’s. Of course you must tell {Chicas} which one you think is the best and he just might give you another taste!

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Time to Ride the Camels 

Cabo Adventures Camel and Safari Tour

The 🐫 camels are brought out of their pen to a step up landing platform. You are told to put cameras in a secure box, as for safety reasons they do not wish them dropped or a rider leaving his hands off the front saddle bar.

But first you must don a helmet covered in Arabic blue shoulder length cloth. The camel rope leaders are also fully dressed in this desert blue gown making this a great “tourist look” and wonderful for pictures.

The 🐫 camels are very strong, stand high, have only one large hump and are well trained. The camel’s back and stomach are wider than horses and the back rider seems to have the widest area. One of my inside leg muscles was a little sore from rubbing on the stomach saddle bar.

If you have a back spine vertebrae issue then this camel ride may not be for you. It is a wide leg spread for sure!

Camel Tour Los Cabos Mexico

I had thought 15-20 minutes ride would not be long enough and not worth it. The ride is along a beautiful sandy beach, big crashing waves and refreshing ocean breeze.

The camels have a very long stride so go on a slant down and you get sort of a twisting motion, then back up to twist the other side again. The seats are well padded and cover most of the stiff hairy side but you might wish to wear long leg pants.

These are very well behaved and docile camel’s, so do not worry!

They call them the; “ships of the desert” and they are well cared for, with adequate water to drink and food to eat.

We did see a 🐳 Humpback Whale jumping and blowing way off shore, as they are abundant here during January and February months. Riding alongside the 🌊 crashing waves and with the sun shining, is simply beautiful along this shoreline!

Camel and Safari Tour Cabo

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 A Complete Tour Package Experience 

This unique desert experience and nature walk, along with the camel ride and Mexican lunch, does take approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. Adding the bus transfers, you are looking at a full 5 hours for the tour, but definitely worth the memories and pictures!

Camel and Safari Tour Los Cabos


You can take your own 📸 pictures of the camels, but they prefer you not to. They have their own photographer and photo studio, where you can purchase their professionally done pictures at your discretion.

This tour would be great for children to learn about these amazing animals. How they survive long periods of draught and just keep walking and surviving.

A truly amazing animal and savior to many people around the world!

Guest Author at Gr8 Travel Tips

Our friends would definitely recommend this {Cabo Adventures Camel Tour} for those visiting Cabo San Lucas Mexico. We look forward to taking this exciting camel adventure when our travels have us visiting Cabo.

I am happy to present this collaborative guest post in the hopes of offering travel inspiration and helpful information to you as well.

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Update 2023

A recent news release recently listed {Cabo San Lucas} as one of the safest tourist destinations in Mexico to visit. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for the exact location. 🗺

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“The Chechen Itza Pyramid In Mexico Is One Of The Newest Seven Wonders Of The World.”

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