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Best Travel Tips From Experts {Volume 4}

Best Travel Tips From Experts Volume 4

Post Last Modified – August 27, 2022

My Collection Of Best Travel Tips From Experts – Volume 4

I’ve put together a detailed collection of some of the best travel tips from experts and things we’ve learned in our years of travel. This is 📖 Volume 4, of a compilation of tips and advice from myself and other seasoned travelers gathered over the years.

I thought it was time to share some of the more helpful tips I’ve learned from years of travel and recommendations from others, to pass on to you.

I hope these tips will help to make your travel experience safe, secure and as enjoyable as possible! 🙂

A List Of Some Of The Best Travel Tips From Experts

😎 {Collection 1}

Best Travel Tips

➡   Forget where you parked your car? ❓ Take a picture with your 📱 cell phone where it is parked;

➡   World Renowned Travel Expert Peter Greenberg suggests to;

“Never take a {No} from someone who is not empowered to give you a {Yes} in the first place.”

➡   Remove those hotel room 🛌 bedspreads – They are swimming in bacteria and germs;

➡   Men, Be Sure to Keep Your Wallet Out of Your Back Pocket;

➡   Double check taxi fares costs with your hotel staff, or with any other reliable sources when in unfamiliar places. 🚕 Taxi Scams are enormous in many parts of the world.


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best travel tips

➡   Do Not Trust Your Hotels Wake Up Service – Carry a travel alarm clock or use your ⏰ cell phone alarm;

➡   Taking a 🚂 Train Journey with open seating?  Then make your way to the end car, they are usually much quieter;

➡   With everyone taking 🧳 carry-on bags these days on flights, board that plane quickly as space is limited;

➡   Always pack a warm sweater or light coat in your carry-on. You can never predict the weather;

➡   Didn’t get that preferred ✈ flight reservation?  Wait a few minutes and call the airline back, talking to a different agent can make a world of difference. It has for me in the past!

😎 {Collection 3}

best travel tips

➡   It’s OK to Say No Politely if the 🛳 cruise ships photographer tries to take your photograph;

➡   Beware of equipment rentals in foreign countries! Many will charge you after the fact for damage not caused by you! Jet Skis, Boats & Motorbikes in particular. Take 📸 photos prior to renting the equipment.  Check out my latest post on 🛥 Scams in Thailand for more information;

➡   Taking a 🛳 cruise and on a budget? Inside cabins are a great way to save! Trust me, you won’t be spending much time in that cabin except for sleeping;

➡   Traveling with a group? 🏡 House rentals are now a great option and in most cases, much cheaper than multiple hotel rooms;

➡   Heading to a foreign country?  Keep the Number of Your Embassy for the country visited in case of emergency.


😎 {Collection 4}

Local Farmer in Cuba

➡   Stay Healthy and Eat Yogurt especially when traveling. Yogurt helps fight bacteria from the new foods we consume to help prevent illness. It is also a terrific source of protein and makes for a perfect snack any time of day;

➡   Backpackers! Working on farms is an excellent way to travel inexpensively or even free and experience the local culture and people of the country you are visiting;

➡   Pack a Set of Soft Earplugs!  They can do wonders on noisy planes, trains and automobiles;

➡   At a place with a limited time allowed for 📶 Wi-Fi access?  Try clearing your cookies and sign up again! It works in many cases;

➡   Packing Extra 👞 Shoes?  Be sure to Place Them in a Plastic Bag of some sort to keep your other clothes clean.



😎 {Collection 5}

Rooftop Hotel Swimming Pool

➡   Before exiting the airplane, check seat back pocket in front of your seat, especially on those long haul flights in case you placed something inside during the flight;

➡   If swimming in the ocean and wearing your sunglasses, be sure to buy an inexpensive frames strap to prevent losing them in the water;

➡   Heading somewhere tropical? Pack that swimsuit in your carry-on just in case your luggage gets lost? I always pack a swimsuit/shorts combination when traveling;

➡   Stay healthy and Use the Stairs instead of the elevator, especially on cruise vacations. Walking up and down the stairs can burn a lot of calories and keep you healthy at the same time;

➡   Arrived at your hotel before your room is ready after a long flight? Ask staff if you can Use the 🏊 Pool or Exercise Room Restrooms to relax, freshen up and take a 🚿 shower.

Final Thoughts Banner

I hope you enjoyed viewing my latest compilation of best travel tips from experts and just a few things we’ve picked up and learned over the years.

Be sure to check out my previous posts offering many more helpful travel tips, to help make your travel experience much more enjoyable and stress free!

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“The Indian Train System Transports Over 23 Million People On An Average Given Day In India.”


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