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Gr8 Travel Tips

Best Travel Tips From Experts {Volume 1}

Throwing Anchor in the Bahamas
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Best Travel Tips From Experts Volume 1
Post Last Modified – December 22, 2023 ¦

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A Collection Of Best Travel Tips From Experts Volume 1

I’ve put together a detailed collection of posts here on my blog, of some of the …

🌺 Best Travel Tips From Experts. 🌺

Offering some very useful tips and advice from myself and other seasoned travelers, gathered over the years.

I thought it was time to share some of the more 📝 helpful tips I’ve learned from years of travel, and recommendations from others to pass on to you. After all, this is part of the reason I’ve named my blog … Gr8 Travel Tips! 🙂

I hope these travel tips will help to make your travel experience; safe, secure and as enjoyable as possible.
📖 Below is Volume 1, be sure to check out my other editions as well! 📖

Some Of The Best Travel Tips From Seasoned Travelers

😎 Best Travel Tips 1 to 5 …

Fraser Canyon British Columbia Canada

Fraser Canyon British Columbia Canada

  • ➡   Do Not Forget To Purchase Travel ⚕ Medical Insurance;

  • ➡   Take cellphone photos of 🛂 Passports and other Important Documents;

  • ➡   Try to Carry at least 2 💳 Credit Cards and/or Debit Cards with you;

  • ➡   Always Trust Your Instincts Especially When Traveling;

  • ➡   Pack a Small 🧳 Travel First Aid Kit Always.

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😎 Best Travel Tips 6 to 10 …

Petty Experience Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Petty Experience Las Vegas Motor Speedway

  • ➡   Check what 💉 Travel Vaccinations may be required for your chosen destination. Be aware of any Health Risks that may be present in the area;

  • ➡   Be sure to always Carry a 👒 Hat particularly in hot and humid climates;

  • ➡   Notify your Credit Card Company before departing home and put a Travel Alert on your card;

  • ➡   Always remain respectful and friendly with all 👮 Border Agents at all times;

  • ➡   Never ever carry your Wallet in your back pocket!

😎 Best Travel Tips 11 to 15 …

Kettle Valley Railway British Columbia

Kettle Valley Railway British Columbia


  • ➡   Learn A Few Words in the Local Language;

  • ➡   Never leave valuables in a 🚗 rented car;

  • ➡   Do Not Eat or Drink around Historic Attractions in Rome;

  • ➡   Never Be Afraid To Barter With 🛍 Shop Keepers or Vendors;

  • ➡   Always be sure to Carry 🥪 Snacks when traveling.

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😎 Best Travel Tips 16 to 20 …

Nanaimo British Columbia Canada

Nanaimo British Columbia


  • ➡   It is always a good gesture to Tip Your Housekeeping Staff for good service;

  • ➡   Certain Parts of Australia Do Not Allow Swearing and You Can Be Fined;

  • ➡   Do Not Forget To Pack Your 📸 Camera Charger;

  • ➡   Taking a 🛳 Cruise and Worried About Sea Sickness? Try a Motion Sickness Bracelet;

  • ➡   You Are Not Allowed to Feed the 🕊 Pigeons in Venice.

😎 Best Travel Tips 21 to 25 …

Commercial Fish Boats British Columbia

Commercial Fish Boats British Columbia

  • ➡   Invest in a pair of light earplugs for travel. These can be a godsend;

  • ➡   Check out the local 💰 tipping customs for the country you are visiting. Have a look at this 💰 Global Tipping Chart  for reference.

  • ➡   A small role of 🧻 toilet paper wrapped in a zip lock sandwich bag can come in very handy especially in foreign countries;

  • ➡   If you wear eyeglasses, be sure to carry a second replacement pair with you;

  • ➡   Relax and Be Patient when traveling. Do not let 😡 stress overtake your emotions.

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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