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Best Gap Year Travel Destinations {Global}

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Best Gap Year Travel Destinations
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5 Great Global Gap Year Travel Destinations

A gap year is meant to be a time of ✈ travel and relaxation. It’s usually a year between 🏫 university and actively entering the workforce. It allows a time for personal growth and a good time to reflect, on whether or not you’re happy with the direction you are heading in life.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the …

🌄 Best Gap Year Travel Destinations 🌄

While some take their gap year to just chill and relax at home, others choose to take a more exciting and adventurous route. A gap year should be a time to stretch one’s wings for a period of time, have some fun, and grow as a person.

If you are contemplating whether or not you want to take a gap year break, then check out these five very popular gap year destinations to consider.

First, check out this excellent 12 minute 📹 video offering inspiration from; Backpacking to Internships, from an experienced {Gap Year} traveler!

35 Ideas To Do In Your Gap Year {UnJaded Jade} – YouTube Video

5 Very Popular Gap Year Destinations To Consider


Best Gap Year Travel Destinations #1

Sydney Harbor Australia
🦘 Australia is really a no-brainer for a gap year destination.

With everything from the; Great Barrier Reef and Sydney harbor, to the amazingly diverse desert countryside and pristine beaches, Australia offers an amazing outdoor experience!

There are numerous camping adventure offered in Australia, together with outdoor safaris and surfing opportunities.

Jaw-dropping cuisine and an amazing party scene, offer options for those interested in local culture.  While trips through the Outback and the southern lands are a good choice for those more into an adventure holiday.

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Consider Volunteering On Your Gap Year Time Off

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer work can get you up close and personal with Australia’s wildlife, to delving deeper into the history and nature that Australia is so very well known for. Everything from the awe inspiring scenery to the unbeatable remoteness that this vast country has to offer.

This is an experience you can only get in Australia!

You will never forget such a stunning sabbatical.

Experience Travel To Thailand

Best Gap Year Travel Destinations #2

Khao San Rd Bangkok Thailand

Thailand offers numerous experiences for not only for an affordable vacation,  but for professional opportunities as well. It is the perfect place to take your gap year whether you’re a first timer or an experienced traveler.  There is something for absolutely everyone of all ages in Thailand.

One opportunity that is growing in popularity is the opportunity to teach Buddhist Monks English.

This can be an incredibly rewarding experience as well as a way to immerse yourself in Thailand’s rich history and religious culture.

Bangkok Grand Palace Statue

There is also plenty of fun and excitement to be had no matter what your interests are. You can visit the bright and beautiful City of Bangkok, which has extraordinary shopping opportunities!

Bangkok is also an excellent opportunity to experience the local cuisine in the many restaurants and markets in the city.

From visiting the many temples, to trying food from street vendors, the streets of Bangkok are an exciting place to start your gap year. Along with teaching English opportunities, there are also child care positions available and numerous volunteer opportunities for assisting communities in rebuilding .

Help is always appreciated in Thailand and there are endless ways to really use your individual skills in bettering those around you! 🙂

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Escape To Brazil

Best Gap Year Travel Destinations #3
Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. Aside from the wonderful tourist attractions, there are numerous volunteering opportunities as well. For example, you can help provide care to the poor communities in and around the city.

Using your gap year as an opportunity to help others is a great way to really integrate yourself into not only the community, but also a unique way to truly immerse yourself into and understand the local culture.

Brazil is well known for having a deep and complex culture full of interesting people, fascinating sites, and a rich history. 

One other thing that draws thousands of visitors to Brazil for their gap year is the Amazon River.

This complex and fascinating rain forest is a destination dream for many, and experiencing it through the eyes of a local is truly a unique experience.

Using your gap year to see such a once in a lifetime destination is really something everyone should consider.

Discover South Africa

Best Gap Year Travel Destinations #4

south africa sunset

South Africa offers an extraordinary number of activities for your gap year escape. One of the most popular activities available in South Africa is the wide selection of African Safaris to embark on.

How about a thrill of a lifetime and dive with great white shark on Africa’s Coast? ❓

A rich culture, beautiful scenery, and lots of activities makes this gap year destination a great option for those feeling particularly adventurous.

Lots of work opportunities also abound in the country. There’s wildlife conservation work available, to working with disadvantaged children.  Giving those of you with a work and play mentality, a wonderful opportunity for personal growth.

Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is a must see for those choosing travel to South Africa.  It’s varied culture and its people give new meaning to the phrase culture shock. From heart pounding activities throughout the city, to its rich and deep history, Cape Town is always filled with things to do.

So whether it’s helping out in a local community to give back or doing something a little more exhilarating, South Africa is an ideal gap year destination!

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Explore New Zealand

Best Gap Year Travel Destinations #5

Aukland New Zealand

Everything from rock climbing to kayaking can be experienced in full, if you choose New Zealand as your gap year destination.

Filled to the brim with rich culture, friendly people, and an overall healthy atmosphere, this really is a great option for spending some time away from home.

Many want their gap year to be a chance to experience things they would never be able to closer to home.  New Zealand definitely offers a wide variety of activities and work opportunities for most everyone.
I’ve also listed the Official New Zealand Tourism link below to their website for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this beautiful Country has to offer.

new zealand tourism logo

🌴 New Zealand Tourism 🌴

If you’re heading to the country for a vacation, New Zealand offers the outstanding scenic and adventure opportunities. From visiting the; Lord of The Rings film locations, hiking, biking, volcano tours, there are endless things to do in this beautiful country!

Final Thoughts Banner

Taking your gap year with the chance to get away from it all to travel, most certainly guaranteed to be a memorable lifetime experience. 

It may be the only chance you get for a very long time!

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