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Be My Guest {Blog Post Author Submission}

Gr8 Travel Tips Guest Posts

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Submit A Guest Blog Post At Gr8 Travel Tips

Writer Behind Desk

Are you a fellow blogger and/or 📝 writer focused on travel, health and wellness?

Do you have a unique article you would like to showcase here at Gr8 Travel Tips? ❓

If so, just click on the link below to 📭 contact me and tell me what you have to offer!

I’m always on the 🔭 lookout for those who have a passion for travel and who wish to share some of their adventures, photographs, inspiration and more!

I also love to hear from those who inspire others to live an 🏊 active and 🍍 healthy lifestyle.

Be My Guest Writer Guidelines

Guest Travel Blog Writer

Your article Must Be Unique and travel, health and/or wellness relatedMy primary focus is on articles geared for active and adventurous adults 50 years of age and older … Baby Boomers! 🙂


Examples of specific categories may include;

✔ Travel, Health and Wellness Tips Focusing On Mature Adults;

✔ Sharing Exciting Travel Destinations;

✔ Attractions & Tour Recommendations;

✔ Travel, Health and Wellness Inspiration;

✔ Camping and RV Travel;

✔ Sports Related Travel;

✔ Specific Types of Travel.

Guest Post Guidelines:

Guest Author at Gr8 Travel Tips

Thank you for your interest in submitting a Guest Post at Gr8 Travel Tips.

Below are the {Strict Guidelines} that must be followed for acceptance. Google has released a recent version of the – Google quality rater guidelines – that Must Be adhered to.

✈   I do require a minimum of {📝 1000 word unique content} article only. I am only looking for high quality written posts to support your link.

I can verify uniqueness, so please do not waste your valuable time sending copied articles.

✈   In return, I will allow; {one contextual link in your bio}, to be located at the bottom of the article.

This link can be to either to your personal; Social Media Account, Personal Blog or a Non Business Promotional link associated to the article only.

Of Special Note

Please Note:

Your included link Must Not Be A Business Promotion of any kind. As well, I Do Not
accept Paid Guest Posts of any nature.
✈   I encourage you to; show off your skills, certificates, education, awards and so on. This will help correspond with and show your expertise in your guest post that you are submitting for approval.

* I Do Not accept links within the body of the article. *

I am looking primarily at receiving guest posts from fellow bloggers and/or authors who wish to promote their personal blogs, or a personal social media account only.
Your guest post will gain the most exposure when I share it throughout – Most Major Social Media Platforms.
✈   Please provide at least 5 high resolution 📸 photos (600 pxl wide minimum), to be sent separately with your submission. If possible, these 📸 photographs should be your own, or for which you have been given permission to publish elsewhere. 
Try to provide a ⛓ link to an authority website, that offers readers additional information that is also related to your guest post.
Please keep in mind, my blog focuses on travel and inspiration for healthy and active individuals over the age of 50 years who enjoy all forms of travel, health and wellness.
Final Thoughts Banner

If you feel you meet these strict guidelines, please do forward your article suggestions you may have, for pre-submission approval at your convenience. 

I will also need to see your intended ⛓ link you wish to use in your bio, for consideration.

📖 Showcase your best work and gain great exposure at the same time, here and on my Social Media platforms. 📭 Contact Me and let me know what you have to offer!

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

✨   Did You Know …

“It Is Estimated That There Are Over 500 Million Blogs In Existence Around The World.”

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