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About Robert and Gr8 Travel Tips

About Robert And Gr8 Travel Tips

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About Robert And Family

🌴 Thanks For Dropping By – Gr8 Travel Tips. 🌴


A travel blog I began back in 2012, sharing our family travel memories and experiences throughout the years.


Having been fortunate enough to experience travel at a very young age with my parents, I was bitten by the 🐞 Wanderlust bug early in life, and which still itches constantly to this day.

I have a deep uncontrollable desire to hit the 🛣 road and travel as often as I can!

I was lucky enough to be raised in beautiful 🌷 Victoria, British Columbia Canada. 🌷  
I am married and my wife and I have two grown children.

My kids certainly have been spoiled over the years with my desire to travel. We’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed some wonderful family vacations, with cherished memories that will last a lifetime!


I encourage everyone to travel with their family as much as they can and for as long
as they can!


It’s All About Family!
Joshua Tree National Park


Growing up and living by the sea, I enjoyed 🤿 Scuba Diving for many years in our frigid waters of the north.

Today, I still enjoy diving but in much warmer 🏝 tropical waters and destinations.

I also have a passion for 🏁 NASCAR Stock car racing, and my wife and I travel regularly to the United States to these events.

Fittingly enough, my love for travel and the need to be constantly moving, I began working in the travel industry as a …

🚌 Charter Bus Driver, 🚌

a few years after high school.
I loved my job at that time, taking me and driving others to exciting tourist destinations throughout North America.
I then started a career as a👮 Police Officer in Canada, where I worked for 31 years.

Throughout my career, I also attended a 🏫 Prestigious Travel College, becoming a licensed travel agent.



After retiring from the police department and having traveled extensively throughout the years, I then became a travel and 🛳 Cruise Consultant with a premier cruise sales company.

It was during this time, that I became inspired to launch my own travel blog in 2012, now appropriately named …

🎱 Gr8 Travel Tips. 🎱
Along with blogging, I also enrolled in numerous travel industry related courses, during my time working as a cruise consultant.

I took part in all the in-house training courses offered by; 🛳 Princess Cruise Lines & Norwegian Cruise Lines, learning a great deal about {Cruise Vacations} and the cruise industry as a whole.

Princess Cruise Ship


Today, I now enjoy sharing our travel experiences, as well as offering tips and inspiration focusing on the millions of active and adventurous Baby Boomers and Retirees Around the World.

Those individuals like me, born between the years 1946 and 1964.

I enjoy writing and sharing articles related to travel, health and wellness!

With the desire to inspire everyone to be as healthy and active as they possibly can!


We have traveled to over 37 countries and hopefully with many more yet to come!

Odgen Point Victoria BC


Traveling to different parts of the world is exciting, and a great educational experience. We have enjoyed some wonderful and very memorable family holidays over the years and hope there’s more to come in the years ahead.

The Cherished Memories of Family Travel Will Last a Lifetime!

Taking vacations together is an excellent way to strengthen the bonds between all family members. Our travel adventures over the years have taken us to some exciting destinations around the 🌎 globe.

Mountain Climbing in Chile

Some of the more memorable places visited have been to include;


✔ South Asia – India;
✔ Africa
✔ China;
✔ North America – Canada/United States/Mexico;
✔ Hawaiian Islands;
✔ Islands in the Caribbean;
✔ Australia;
✔ South East Asia;
✔ Europe;
✔ South Pacific Islands;
✔ South America


** Thanks For Visiting Gr8 Travel Tips **


about robert and gr8 travel tips


😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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✨   Did You Know …

“It Is Estimated That There Are Over 73 Million Baby Boomers Around The World.”


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