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Victoria British Columbia, Canada {Visitors Guide}

Victoria British Columbia
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victoria british columbia canada visitors guide
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Discover Beautiful Victoria British Columbia

I’ve put together this brief introduction and first time visitors guide to …

🌷 Victoria British Columbia. 🌷

Victoria BC has been labeled many times over, as perhaps being one of the most 🗺 Beautiful Places in the World, and I could not agree more.

I was fortunate enough to be raised in this lovely city and even though I moved away many years ago, I still enjoy visiting as often as I can.  I still reside on Vancouver Island, living just a couple of hours away.

If you’re planning to visit the Province of British Columbia in 🍁 Canada, you simply must travel to Victoria!

First, check out this short but excellent 📹 video from 🌸 Tourism Victoria, on some of the highlights on the  city. It’s definitely worth taking a few moments to watch. 👀

Tourism Victoria, BC – YouTube Video

I have very fond memories of growing up and living in Victoria. My wife and I have moved back to Vancouver Island, since my retirement from my profession of 30 years.

From riding my 🚴 bicycle to school in pea soup fog, enjoying fish and chips at 🎣 Fisherman’s Wharf, to the sounds of the fog horns off the island putting me to sleep at night, it truly was a wonderful place to grow up in! 🙂

Victoria Is The Capital City Of British Columbia

BC Flag

My parents escaped the cold winters in the 🌹 Province of Alberta, moving to Victoria when I was very young. Thinking about it today, I’m so glad they did!

Victoria is situated on the most southern tip of 🌳 Vancouver Island, in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. The city is the … Capital City of the Province.

Vancouver Island Map

Vancouver Island is located off the Pacific West Coast of Canada, approximately 100 kilometers from the Mainland and the City of Vancouver. Greater Victoria has an area population of about 330,000 and its surrounding region continues to grow rapidly.

The reason being, it is perhaps one of the most desirable places in Canada to live. Why you ask? ❓

Well for starters, its natural beauty and climate are probably the two biggest reasons.  The west coast and in particular the southern the tip of Vancouver Island, offer the warmest year round climate of all of 🍁 Canada.

The breathtaking scenery you will experience to go along with it, isn’t so bad either! 🙂

Take a BC Ferry to Victoria BC

BC Ferries to Victoria BC

Toted as one of the most scenic ferry crossings in the world, a ride on a ⛴ BC Ferry from the mainland; {Vancouver} to Vancouver Island {Victoria}, offers some of the most beautiful 🏞 coastal scenery you will ever experience!

This is a great way to start your vacation, by traveling across to the island with ⛴ BC Ferries.

Be sure to check my post and photos here on …

🛳 British Columbia Ferry Travel. 🛳

I’ve added a short video and link to their official website in my post, to assist in planning your visit.

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Victoria Is Distinguished As The City of Gardens

Hanging Flower Baskets in Downtown Victoria BC 
Victoria BC Hanging Flower Baskets

Famous for this city for many years now, are the hundreds of beautiful hanging 💐 flower baskets displayed. These amazing 💐 floral baskets can be found most everywhere in the downtown core.

Absolutely lovely colorful floral baskets found on display in the spring and summer months!

Golfing Year Round In Victoria

Golfing in Victoria BC

If you love ⛳ golfing, well you’ve come to the right place. Because of the regions warm climate, golf courses here are open year round.  Want to play a round on 🎄 Christmas Day?

Unless there’s unusual 🌨 weather in the area, this hasn’t been a problem in this city for years!

Of course summertime is always the most preferred time to take a vacation in Canada. Unless of course you wish to partake in the endless amount of 🥾 winter activities. 

Even on Vancouver Island and just a few hours drive away, you can enjoy numerous outdoor ⛷ winter activities.

For the absolute best times to visit Victoria for weather, any time from {May thru the end of September} is ideal. There’s just so many unique summer activities and planned events taking place at this time of year, for everyone to enjoy!

The city simply comes alive like most, in the peak summer months.

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Discover Some Outstanding Attractions In & Around Victoria – BC!


Summer Activities Galore In Victoria BC

” Fisherman’s Wharf  in Downtown Victoria BC

Fishermans Wharf Victoria BC

There are just too many attractions and activities to list here in this post. Below, I’ve listed just a few of the many wonderful things to see and do on your visit.

✔ Travel to Victoria with BC Ferries;

✔ Explore the Inner Harbor Promenade Walkway;

✔ Take an Exciting …

🐳 Whale Watching Tour 🐳;

The Butchart Gardens

✔ Visit the World Renowned 💐 Butchart Gardens in Victoria British Columbia;

✔ View the Beautiful Parliament Buildings at Night;

The Historical Empress Hotel in Downtown Victoria
Empress Hotel Victoria BC

✔ Visit The BC Provincial Museum;

✔ Go Shopping on Historic Government Street;

✔ Dine in Chinatown;

✔ Have Fish & Chips at Fisherman’s Wharf;

✔ Walk the Breakwater at Ogden Point.

✔ Take a Romantic Horse Carriage Ride.

I could go on and on here, but for a more detailed look at many of the most popular sites and attractions in the city, be sure to check out my other post here on …

🌅 Best Things To Do In Victoria British Columbia. 🌅
I offer a closer look at the many {sites and attractions}, to see and do during your visit. It’s what we always love to do when visiting the city.

Cruise Ships Docked in Beautiful Victoria BC

Victoria British Columbia Sunset

Final Thoughts Banner

As you can see, there is so much to see and do in this great city any time of the year. Getting to Victoria is very easy, with numerous ways available to you. Whether you ✈ fly or 🚘 drive, it’s the perfect holiday destination. 

So start planning your special vacation to Vancouver Island and Victoria today!

Below, I have listed the 🍂 Official Victoria Tourism website below for your convenience. Their site is filled with everything you’ll need to get you started planning your visit to the city. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for Victoria’s exact location. 🗺

Victoria BC Tourism Logo

🌷 Tourism Victoria 🌷

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“The World Renowned Butchart Gardens In Victoria British Columbia – Canada Receives Over 1 Million Visitors Each Year.”

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