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Bakeries In Jasper Alberta {Bear’s Paw Bakery}

The Other Paw Bakery Jasper Alberta
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The Other Paw Bakery Jasper Alberta
Post Last Modified – May 19, 2023 ¦

The Bear’s Paw Bakery Cafes In Jasper Alberta

Looking for places to dine when visiting the world renowned Town of Jasper, located in the beautiful 🏔 Canadian Rockies? Then you definitely must make a point of stopping at the best 🐾 Bakeries in Jasper Alberta – Bear’s Paw Bakery Cafes.

Two great locations downtown, and both will want you returning over and over!

The Bear’s Paw Bakery Cafes Locations In Jasper

Bears Paw Bakery Staff

This successful 🥧 Bakery has two locations to serve you in downtown Jasper. My wife and I stopped in their main street location for lunch on our recent visit to the city, and were we glad we did!

The selections of freshly made homemade gourmet 🥪 sandwiches, numerous 🍰 bakery items and fresh ☕ coffee are fabulous!

“Sample our spectacular Granny Smith apple pie or our heavenly carrot cake. Pick a pocketful of our famous trail cookies or pack your rucksack with hearty, nourishing muffins. Hug a soothing mug of steaming mountain-roasted coffee and let our home-style baking warm your heart and fulfill your soul.”

From their classic European-style specialty pastries and tortes, to signature homemade muffins, there’s sure to be something to make everyone happy. 🙂

The Bear’s Paw – Original Location

Bears Paw Bakery Jasper Alberta

Enjoy pre-made sandwiches that are made in the wee hours of the morning, made on their in house baked multi-grain bread. Specialty items at this location include;

✔ Raspberry white chocolate scones;

✔ Sticky buns;

✔ Morning glory muffins,

✔ Sausage rolls (regular or spicy);

✔ Cheese buns;

✔ Wide variety of homemade squares.


The Other Paw Bakery Cafe

Bakeries Jasper Alberta

This Bakery Cafe is located just across from the 🚂 train station at 610 Connaught Drive. At this location they have more gourmet style sandwiches that are made when ordered.

They are made on in house baked sub 🍞 buns (gluten aware available). At this locations, they also offer house made 🥗 salads and much more.

Their attractive interior has a more of a sit down casual cafe look inside the bakery. This store also includes a wide variety of 🍪 cookies and squares, but of a different variety from their original location.

Same with the muffins made in each locations. At 🐾 The Other Paw, you won’t find the morning glory, but you can sample their unique Aloha muffin.

We did, and it was delicious!

They also have fresh samosas (veggie and chicken), and a large variety of other yummy baked goods. The concept between the two locations is that they are the same, but each has their own spin both in food and decor.

Here’s a look at we enjoyed for lunch on our recent visit.

Old Macdonald’s Farm Gourmet Sandwich

Bears Paw Bakery Gourmet Sandwich

I enjoyed this delicious freshly prepared sub sandwich which included ham, turkey, bacon with aged cheddar, lettuce, tomato, hot peppers and mayo, served on a fresh French Vienna baguette.

Simply delicious!

Chicken Little

Bears Paw Sandwiches Jasper Alberta

My wife tried this roast chicken sandwich with goat’s cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pesto spread, served also on a fresh French Vienna baguette.

A great choice for a healthy sandwich!

Homemade Muffins

Bears Paw Bakery Muffins

For dessert, we both had to try their homemade muffins including their signature – Aloha muffin.

Final Thoughts Banner

My wife and I had an excellent and healthy meal, that was both quick and convenient with their two convenient locations right in the heart of town.

If you’re looking for great food with excellent prices in a comfortable casual atmosphere, look no further than the Bears Paw Bakeries.

Other Paw Bakery Interior

A perfect spot to come in, relax and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with a freshly baked muffin for something tasty and light. Or have a nice sit down lunch, as my wife and I did.

Below, I have included a link to their official website for more detailed and updated information including; locations, menus, contact information and much more!

Bears Paw Bakery

☕ Bears Paw Bakery ☕

I’ve also added the official link to the 🍁 Jasper Canada Tourism website for you convenience. Start planning a trip to Alberta Canada and the City of Jasper today! 🙂

Jasper Canada Tourism Logo

🏔 Jasper Canada Tourism 🏔

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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Although our visit was in collaboration with Bears Paw Bakery, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.
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✨   Did You Know …

“There Is A Town In Alberta Named Vulcan & It Has A Central Theme Based On The Star Trek Series.”

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