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Canadian Rockies Hot Springs {Travel Guide}

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Canadian Rockies Hot Springs
Post Last Modified – March 30, 2024 ¦

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A Travel Guide To Parks Canada’s Canadian Rockies Hot Springs

If your travel plans include a visit to the Province of Alberta 🍁 Canada, then you simply must visit one of the …

🏔 Canadian Rockies Hot Springs Mineral Pools. 🏔

We have always loved stopping at 🏞 Parks Canada’s famous hot spring pools, when traveling through the 🏔 Canadian Rockies over the years. These two natural ♨ hot mineral springs, are among the favorite attractions to take in during your visit to this region.

A Look at Miette Hot Springs

Miette Hot Springs Jasper National Park

Located in 🌹 Alberta’s 🏞 Jasper National Park, Miette Hot Springs dates back to the 1800’s, where the springs were first used by the Native people living in the area at that time.

In 1938, construction was completed on a new bath facility for the ever increasing influx of visitors to the now world renowned; 🏞 Jasper National Park.

Your Friendly Staff Greeting You at Miette Hot Springs

Miette Hot Springs Staff

My first visits to Miette were back in the late 1960’s as a child while traveling with my parents, and into the late 1970’s. Back then, you could actually 🏕 camp right at the hot springs.

I do recall the original structure and pool as a child many years ago. This was before construction of the newer pool and present location.

Miette Hot Springs History Photos

Miette Hot Springs History Photos

Today’s pool and building was constructed in 1986, in order to meet the demands of this very popular tourist attraction in the Park. At the pools entrance and when visiting, take a moment and view some of the history of this site and the generations of people, having enjoyed these soothing waters over the years.

Miette Hot Springs Outdoor Mineral Pools

Miette Hot Springs Outdoor Pools

This ♨ Hot Spring is the hottest natural mineral springs in the Canadian Rockies. Flowing from the mountain at; 54°C (129°F), it is then cooled to a relaxing; 40°C (104°F).  

All pools offer a difference in temperature for most everyone to enjoy. From a warm and relaxing temperature in the large main pool, to a more heated pool, for those looking to soothe those aching muscles and joints away!  

There’s also a couple of {cool off} pools, that the kids seem to prefer. 🙂

Miette Hot Springs Pools

I have always loved stopping here over the years and access is easy, just minutes east of the picturesque Town of Jasper, Alberta and just a short distance off the main 🛣 highway #5. 

Accommodations of all sorts and camping facilities are located just minutes away.

Hot Springs Banner

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A Look at Banff Upper Hot Springs

Banff Hot Springs 1886 Sign Post

One other famous and very popular destination for locals and tourists alike, is; ♨ Banff Upper Hot Springs. This hot spring facility is equally as beautiful as {Miette}, but different and unique in its own way.

Situated in 🏞 Banff National Park, it offers the same soothing qualities of other natural hot spring pools, but still has a touch of history attached to the site.

The historic bathhouse still stands, and is used today for visitors coming to enjoy the pools. The building also houses a; cafe and gift shop for people grab a bite to eat and grab a favorite souvenir, after or before your swim.

Banff Hot Springs Historic Building

Banff Hot Springs Historic Building

With equally beautiful views situated high above the town of Banff, it is another major attraction for visitors to this region. This was our first visit to these hot springs and we found this location equally as enjoyable, as that of my long time favorite; Miette Hot Springs.

You can still come and enjoy the {one hundred percent natural mineral water}, that continues to flow at this beautiful ♨ Hot Springs in Banff, Alberta.

Brief History of Upper Hot Springs

Banff Upper Hot Springs Staff

Banff Hot Springs Staff

Like that of Miette, these hot springs also date as far back as the 1800’s, when first used. Over time in the early 1930’s, the {Upper Hot Springs} bathhouse was constructed for visitors to the National Park. 

Complete with a ;sulfur water pool, baths, steam rooms and more, it was truly an amazing facility during its period. The restored bathhouse was constructed in 1996, complete with a; new pool, restaurant and gift shop.  

Not to worry if you forgot to pack a bathing suit and/or towel for your visit. All Parks Canada hot springs facilities offer clean and comfortable rentals, for your added convenience.

Beautiful Outdoor Hot Springs Pool with Stunning Mountain Views

Canadian Rockies Hot Springs

In addition, one other favorite {Parks Canada Hot Springs} is located in the 🌷 Province of British Columbia, right next door. It’s in 🏞 Kootenay National Park in the town of Radium BC.

Appropriately named ♨ Radium Hot Springs, this is another very popular tourist destination, offering a unique outdoor scenic canyon setting.

A favorite during the cold winter months, where you can relax in the soothing natural spring waters, while at the same time, enjoying the snow covered canyons that surround you!

Canadian Signature Experience Logo

All 3 of these amazing hot springs are a part of the; 🍁 Canadian Signature Experience.  

🍁 Destination Canada’s Canadian Signature Experiences Collection, showing the world the best that Canada has to offer!

Showcasing Special Travel Experiences at Parks Canada’s National Parks and National Historic Sites.

Final Thoughts Banner

Below, I have listed the official 🌲 Parks Canada website, where you can access more detailed information on all 3 of the Hot Springs I have mentioned above.

Parks Canada Logo
🏊 Parks Canada Hot Springs 🏊

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