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Artsy Themed Hotels Worldwide & Select Cruises {Infographic}

The James Royal Palm Hotel

Artsy Themed Hotels

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7 Artsy Themed Hotels & Cruises – Infographic

If you’ve been following my travel blog for a while, then you know I always enjoy posting
unique and colorful infographics. I was really surprised to learn about this interesting
🏨 hotel theme concept on …

🌺 World Artsy Hotels 🌺

For those of you who enjoy 🎨 art and 🛳 travel, you can now combine the two by
staying at some lovely;
Art Specific Hotels Around the World! 🗺

Artsy Themed Hotels Around The Globe

The James Royal Palm Hotel
Yes, it appears with the ever changing trends and to keep up with these changes in the marketplace,
many hotels are now beginning to focus their designs and furnishings with specific themes. 

A number of 🏨 hotels and resorts, are now investing in beautiful artwork to display
inside and around their properties. All, with the hopes of attracting more travelers to come
stay with them.

In addition to displaying a variety of art in their hotels, it’s also a great way and opportunity
for local artists to display their works of art, at the same time.

This is very unique and creative way to furnish hotels and display a variety of art to the public.
All, without even having to walk out the hotel door!

A Look At Seven Artsy Hotels Around The World

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Check out the infographic below displaying 7 beautiful hotels located in various parts of the world.
Definitely worth a mention when choosing outstanding Artsy Themed Hotels.

✔ The James Royal Palm in Miami, Florida U.S.A.

✔ Andas Amsterdam Prinsengracht in the Netherlands

✔ Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon in Portugal

✔ Le Royal Monceau Raffles in Paris, France

✔ Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong, China

✔ Faena Hotel Buenos Aires in Argentina

✔ Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City U.S.A.

7 Artsy Themed Hotels – Infographic

artsy themed hotels infographic
This colorful infographic was created and provided by: Accent Frame and Art Blog.

Update Banner

MS Koningsdam

Another example of art displayed in the service industry, reminds me of an 📧 email from
a major cruise line, in a newsletter I subscribe to a while back. It was talking about;
🖼 Art Displays on 🛳 cruise ships.

The email went on to say that ⚓ Holland America Cruise Line ⚓, who are well known for displaying various works of art on their cruise ships, was going to be displaying;
4.1 million dollars of art work. This totaled 1920 various displays of art on their largest ship;
the MS Konigsdam.

Just another example how businesses are now working in conjunction with artists, to showcase
beautiful displays of artwork to travelers from around the world.



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So now, even the cruise lines are keeping up with the ever changing trends and styles.
All to give consumers one more reason to start …
⚓ Planning Your Cruise Vacation ⚓
with them, and enjoy beautiful works of art at the same time!

If you love art displays, then why not search for an artsy hotel or an art themed cruise vacation
the next time you travel. 🙂

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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