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Yunguilla Community Tourism – Ecuador {Review}

Yunguilla Community Display
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Yunguilla Community Display
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Yunguilla Community Tourism – Community Based Project

On our visit to the City of Quito in Ecuador, we had the pleasure of working with Quito Turismo {Tourism} and visiting some absolutely wonderful places. One of which included a visit to the …

🌺 Yunguilla Community Tourism Reserve. 🌺

A mestizo community with over fifty participating families in the region of Calacali.

“Authentic and sustainable travel experiences through community-based tourism.”

Yunguilla Community Tourism – Location

Yunguilla Community Tourism
Yunguilla lies one hour north of the City of Quito in the Choco Andino Cloud Forest, at an altitude of 2,650 meters above sea level.

In 2018, the Chocó Andino de Pichincha territory was declared a {Biosphere Reserve} by UNESCO.

Yunguilla Community Tourism Welcome Sign

Back in 1995, the Yunguilla Community residents of about 200 at that time, began a nature conservation project.

Yunguilla Community Region

With supportive aid, projects included: organic vegetable growing, arts and crafts, tree nurseries, a cheese factory and jam production. were developed.

Yunguilla Community

As part of the “Turismo Comunitario” project in Ecuador, the community was awarded the TourCert seal at the end of 2018.

Choco Andino Cloud Forest

In 2000 an official community society was founded.

“We are a group of people who strive to bring economic alternatives forward, for some years we have been working with the objective of improving the quality of life of the inhabitants through the proper management of natural resources, developing activities that aim at sustainable development, Among these, community tourism, which has allowed us to know and share with many people what we are doing in the community.”

Yunguilla Community Tourism – Nature & Cultural Experiences

Yunguilla Community Grounds

Today, this community is the leader in educating other communities in creating sustainable development through its natural resources and including tourism.

All for which create a better way of life, utilizing self sustained resources and creating a source of income for the community as a whole. Yunguilla has successfully accomplished this way of life over the years, with a variety of resources added creating income for the local population.

Their main focus at the same time, is the preservation of nature and their culture for years to come.

Environmental education programs and community tourism carry the philosophy, customs and traditions beyond the community to visitors and travelers.

Yunguilla Community Tourism Pamphlet

Local gastronomy, accommodation and tours with the locals provide deep insights into the life of a rural community in Ecuador.

Today, visitors can visit and stay as part of their vacation and/or actively participate as a working volunteer.

There are rental accommodations available, complete with a new restaurant operated by the community and using locally grown ingredients in their recipes.

Yunguilla Community Tourism Site

For working volunteers, full room and board is supplied for a minimal cost. A wonderful experience and education in learning this self-sustainable community living lifestyle.

Our Visit To The Yunguilla Community

Yunguilla Community Tourism Residence

We enjoyed an absolutely lovely afternoon with our Tourism Quito Guide at this community and in this beautiful and peaceful part of Ecuador.

We met by a wonderful community member, where we began our tour with her, who first prepared and served a superb lunch in one of the main residences.

Yunguilla Community Tourism CuisineYunguilla Community Tourism MealYunguilla Community Tourism Dessert Entree


An outstanding typical Ecuadorian meal was served!

After lunch, we were given a full tour of the grounds and were invited into some of their workshops and buildings.

Yunguilla Community Tourism Guide

They create a variety of artisan projects and actively produce homemade cheese and jams, for sale within the community and elsewhere.

Yunguilla Community Tourism Restaurant

The restaurant building is a great addition, complete with an outdoor deck overlooking the beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Yunguilla Community Tourism Heritage Site

On the property, they still have one of the original residences and where visitors are invited to camp out and truly enjoy nature and the community itself.

Final Thoughts Banner

It was so wonderful to escape to this beautiful part of Ecuador and far away from the busy city.

We found it so peaceful to be outdoors and experience this community way of life in such a wonderful country setting. If you love the outdoors and nature, I do encourage you to visit and/or stay at the Yunguilla Community Tourism Reserve.

You won’t be disappointed!

I have included the community’s official website for your convenience. It’s filled with much more detailed information in preparing a visit to their community.

yunguilla logo

🍃 Yunguilla 🍃

Below, I’ve also included the Official Quito Turismo {Tourism} website link for your convenience. It’s filled with everything you need, for planning your stay in and around the City of Quito.

Quito Turismo Logo

🌹 Quito Turismo 🌹

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although our visit was in collaboration with Quito Tourismo & Yunguilla Community Tourism, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal views only.

All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 🚫

✨  Did You Know …

” Ecuador Was Part Of The Inca Empire.”

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