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Wooden Cabin Cruiser {Photograph}

wooden cabin cruiser photograph

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An Old Wooden Cabin Cruiser Photograph

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This travel photo takes you to the 🍒 Okanagan Valley in beautiful British Columbia, 🍁 Canada. I captured this old …

📸 Wooden Cabin Cruiser Photograph, 📸

with its name on the bow; The 🚢 MV Golden Dolphin.

Wooden Cabin Cruiser Photograph – The Golden Dolphin

This once beautiful vessel was alone and resting peacefully among the 🌲 trees, on private property. It’s located off the shores of 🌊 Lake Okanagan in 🌷 British Columbia.

It made me think of what its history may have been, and where it mostly cruised during its days of glory!

MV Golden Dolphin

Wooden Cabin Cruiser Photograph

A google search revealed that this boat was built in 1926 and was last used on the water in coastal British Columbia as the charter vessel back in the 1990’s. It was then sold to a private individual and had remained at this location since.

If you plan on visiting this part of southern British Columbia, then be sure to check out this hugely popular recreational area. Lake Okanagan is a beautiful huge lake that’s 135 kilometers in total length, and 4 to 5 kilometers wide.

There are plenty of excellent 🏨 hotels and 🏕 campgrounds for you to enjoy alongside its vast shoreline. The lake stretches from the cities of {Vernon} on its north tip, all the way down to {Penticton} on the south tip.

The Okanagan is also world renowned for its beautiful 🍇 vineyards. This region produces award winning celebrated 🍷 wines, that are shipped annually around the 🌎 globe.

The Okanagan Valley in BC, consists of approximately 84% of the province’s total 🍇 vineyard acreage. This area is British Columbia’s premier grape growing region.

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With its excellent soil and climate conditions, it’s perfectly suited to grow a wide range of grape harvests. From sun-ripened reds to outstanding crisp whites, you’ll find it all here in the Okanagan!

This part of British Columbia also is home to the many varieties of orchards, producing;

🍒 Cherries .. 🍎 Apples .. 🍑 Peaches .. 🍐 Pears .. and more!

For more detailed information on British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, I have listed their official tourism website below for your convenience. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for the Okanagan Valley’s exact location. 🗺

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🍁 Super Natural BC 🍁

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“The Province of British Columbia Totals 10% Of Canada’s Total Land Surface.”

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