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Travel First Aid Kit {What To Pack Inside}

Packing A First Aid Kit
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Packing Your Travel First Aid Kit

Travel first aid kits are without a doubt, the most often overlooked item when packing for a journey. You never know when you may need to administer some sort of first aid, while you are away. 

Below, I’ve listed a few suggestions on What To Pack Inside …

⚕ A Travel First Aid Kit ⚕

that many seasoned travelers take with them, including ourselves.

Putting together a simple travel first aid kit is easy, and takes very little room in your 🧳 luggage.

First, check out this short 📹 video on another blogger and seasoned travelers recommendations, on what they pack in their travel first aid kit.

What To Include In A First Aid Kit – YouTube Video


Preparing A Travel First Aid Kit

Packing A First Aid Kit

First aid kits are very important and should be included in everyone’s travel 🧳 luggage. You certainly don’t need a lot of space and can pack a nice and simple kit, quickly and easily. 👍

One that can easily handle small first aid applications, or enough to get you by until more professional 👩 medical assistance may be required.

Have you ever been on vacation and needed a simple 🩹 band aid, and there was not one to be found for a hundred miles? 😥 

Well we certainly have, looking back on some of the vacations we’ve had with our kids when they were young.

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What Should Be In Your First Aid Kit

minor injury

It goes without saying, the type of kit you pack will depend on what type of travel you are doing. A short 🏖 vacation, 🚴 adventure travel, ✈ international travel and so on.

Let’s have a brief look at what is recommended to be included in your travel first aid kit and what we normally carry in ours, for a typical 2 to 3 week holiday. We have always carried a very compact and convenient professionally stocked first aid kit, purchased from a reputable store.

These kits usually include standard items necessary to treat minor injuries.🤕

Standard First Aid Items For Minor Injuries

Compact Travel First Aid Kit

Of the many travel products available, there are hundreds of first aid kits to choose from, so be sure to choose the right one for you. If you don’t want to purchase an assembled kit, it’s very easy to put one together on your own.

A few items you definitely should include in your kit, but not limited to are;

Bandaids – Select Bandages – Gauze Dressings – Bandage Tape – Antibiotic Ointment – Hand Sanitizer – Latex Gloves -Scissors


🛫 Air Travel

747 Jumbo Jetliner

More and more people are traveling with 💼 carry on luggage, so be sure to know what is and what is not acceptable to pack. Things are constantly changing with individual airlines, so be aware of your …

🧳 Carry On Baggage Restrictions 🧳

before you travel.
TSA Logo

TSA Update 2020 – Scissors 

After checking the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Official website, Scissors are allowed with restrictions. See below:

✂ Scissors

Carry On Bags: Yes (Special Instructions)
Checked Bags: Yes
If packed in carry-on, they must be less than 4 inches from the pivot point.

Any sharp objects in checked bags should be sheathed or securely wrapped, to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.

I’ve included the 👮 TSA Official website link below to their Travel page for your convenience. Here, you can find all carry on items that are and are not allowed. Do keep in mind, this is for United States security alone, not International.

TSA Logo

🍁 TSA Website 🍁

Along with the basic items above, we always pack some additional things into our kit. When our children were just toddlers, we made sure to pack additional band aids and children’s aspirin.

Some very simple but handy to have items, especially if you are traveling to foreign countries. Take 🏝 Cuba for example, trying to purchase aspirin or even band aids can be a trying experience! 😐

It is better to be prepared then be without, especially when visiting areas with limited resources.

You should always be prepared for the worst and travel safely at all times, when away from home!

Best Travel First Aid Kit Suggestions

minor injury during travel

A few other items we always pack include;

➡  Tums – antacid tablets also containing calcium.

nausea clipart

It never fails that at least one person in a typical family of four, will experience 🤢 upset stomach or indigestion while away on vacation.

This is normal and with the change in water and food, quite often one will experience diarrhea symptoms as well, during the course of their vacation.

Motion Sickness

We find Tums quite often is an easy remedy and does give you a source of Calcium, that you may be missing as well while on vacation.

➡  Bismol ( in tablet form )

➡  Imodium ( in tablet form )

Depending on the where we are traveling to, we normally pack both of these travel products. They are convenient to have along and take very little space in your kit. They can be very effective for symptoms of;  upset stomach, indigestion, heartburn and yes … diarrhea! 🙁

travelers diarrhea symptoms

As mentioned above, it is inevitable that one of you will experience some form of traveler’s diarrhea at some point in time. This is quite common for those traveling to a new foreign country, with your system adjusting to different foods and drink.

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What To Pack In Your First Aid Kit – Non Prescription Products

swimming injuries

The last thing we include in our travel first aid kit and recommend is; 💊 ibuprofen. For example, Advil or a similar non prescription medicine usually does the trick. It’s a good all purpose non-prescription medication.

A good anti–inflammatory and also helps reduce pain and fever, is a good option to pack. Also a pain reliever medication may be helpful if needed.

Helpful Tips Banner

If you are packing prescription medication with you, be sure to leave it in the original bottle. This is important, should you have your luggage inspected at Customs/Immigration.

A Traveler’s First Aid Kit

Travel First Aid Kit

We always pack this into our carry on luggage, in case one of us should need it while on route to our destination.  Wikipedia. 

The page also offers some good information on first aid kits, that’s definitely worth checking out.

First Aid Check List

Final Thoughts Banner

I recommend to always put together a first aid kit 📝 checklist every time you travel. Go through your kit and make sure you have everything you need for your trip.

A small first aid guide can also be very handy, depending on the type of travel you are doing. Access to 📶 the internet may not always be readily available.



Always be prepared for the unexpected when traveling.

Just having a simple band-aid for minor cuts or irritations, has been a godsend over the years during our travels.

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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