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Wells Gray Trail Rides In British Columbia

Wells Gray Trail Rides
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Wells Gray Trail Rides
Post Last Modified – April 16, 2024 ¦

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Trail Rides in Wells Gray Park With Battle Mountain Equine

If your travels plans include a visit into 🏞 Wells Gray Provincial Park and want to experience this beautiful park on horseback, then be sure to check out …

🌲 Wells Gray Trail Rides 🌲

with 🐎 Battle Mountain Equine.

Taking a 🐎 horseback trail ride is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of this wilderness park in the Province of British Columbia.

🏔 Wells Gray Provincial Park is an expansive majestic wilderness park situated in central British Columbia, 🍁 Canada. The park is surrounded by the beautiful 🏔 Cariboo Mountains and is immense in size, covering over 5,250 square kilometers.

An outdoor paradise for; campers, hikers, canoeists and of course … horse trail riding!

Battle Mountain Equine Trail Rides

Battle Mountain Equine Trail Rides

Getting to 🏔 Wells Gray Park and Battle Mountain Trail Rides is easy. Located just 35 kilometers north of the town of Clearwater, British Columbia and situated at the – Helmcken Falls Lodge.

This is the perfect location to start your western trail ride adventure!

The lodge offers; accommodation, dining and a campground for visitors, so selecting Battle Mountain is an excellent and convenient choice for all types of travelers.

A Great Selection Of Trail Rides

Wells Gray Park Western Trail Rides

Battle Mountain offers a variety of wilderness trail ride adventures to suit your desires.

From a pleasant 2 hour ride, full day, to an overnight back country camping experience, there’s sure to be a horseback journey that suits you best.

My wife and I experienced a fantastic 3 hour ride, taking us into the backwoods of Wells Gray, complete with beautiful waterfalls and scenery to enjoy along the way.

A 2 to 3 ½ hour ride is a perfect choice for those with limited time, but still wanting to experience a wonderful horse trail ride in the Park.

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Experienced And Professional Guides At Battle Mountain

Battle Mountain Equine Trail Rides Guide

Your guides and owners {Ursula and Matt Johnston}, are very friendly and always give that extra effort to make your ride as pleasant and memorable as possible. They are residents in the area and horses have been a part of their lives for years.

The two of them are both {professional horse farriers} and enjoy country living, gardening, playing music and of course, their riding business in season. Their horses are very well-trained for trail riding, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for everyone. They want you to leave with an experience you’ll be able to talk about for years to come.  

Staff do their utmost to pair you with the perfect horse for your adventure and allow time to socialize with your horse, before the ride. A brief introductory lesson in western riding, horse control and trail safety is always held before each ride.

Battle Mountain Equine Trail Rides Guides

My wife had owned horses for many years, and she continually remarked on how professional Matt and Ursula were. Conducting their business with the highest regard for safety, equipment and the outstanding health of each and every horse in the stable.

It’s easy to see that they have a passion for what they are doing and the labor of love devoted to their business!

Experience Nature On A Western Horseback Adventure With Wells Gray Trail Rides

Battle Mountain Equine Back Country Trail Rides

There’s no better way to experience the sites and peaceful surroundings of Wells Gray then on horseback. We enjoyed a very pleasant ride on back country trails while taking in the beauty of the Park and nature itself.

Don’t worry, there are stops along the way to stretch your legs and socialize with other riders. excellent for those new to horseback riding.

No need to worry about your level of experience with Battle Mountain. From beginners to the most experienced of riders, Ursula and Matt have got you covered!

“All of our rides are suitable for beginners and enjoyable for experienced riders also.”

Take An Overnight Horseback Camp Ride

Battle Mountain Equine Trail Rides Host

We can’t wait to return to take their overnight wilderness horseback adventure with the rest of our family members. How great to venture further into the backwoods of 🏞 Wells Gray Park on horseback, and to camp out in the Canadian Wilderness overnight with experienced guides!

Enjoy a cowboy genuine camp cooked meal after the ride and later to sit by the 🔥 campfire where your host will entertain you with some real campfire music.

Can’t wait!!

Wells Gray Overnight Horse Back Camp

So, in closing, I highly recommend you spending some time in this beautiful park in central British Columbia, offering some of the most spectacular scenery, including stunning waterfalls!

Final Thoughts Banner

Be sure to take the time and include a western trail riding adventure with {Matt and Ursula} of Battle Mountain Equine Enterprises. Like us, you will most certainly be glad you did!

Update Banner

Update 2024

It appears at this time, their trail rides are on hold until further notice. Be sure to stop in at the Visitor Center in the Town of Clearwater on your arrival. Staff can assist in directing you to other businesses offering exciting trail rides in the park.

Battle Mountain Equine Logo

In addition, I have included the 🌲 BC Parks Government website, where you learn much more about; Wells Gray Park in BC.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for the park’s visitor center’s exact location. 🗺


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“The Province Of British Columbia In Canada, Is Known As One Of The Top 3 Producers Of Cranberries And Blueberries In The World.”

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