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Victoria BC’s Beautiful Inner Harbour

Victoria Harbor
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Victoria BC's Beautiful Inner Harbour

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A Look At Victoria BC’s Beautiful Inner Harbour

I thought you would enjoy a quick glimpse of Victoria BC’s Beautiful Inner Harbour. Located right downtown in the heart of the city, it’s a place not to be missed!

On our last visit to the {Capital City} in the Province of British Columbia 🍁 Canada, I was able to capture a few 📸 images and a short video of the scenic harbor. I took these photos while we were out enjoying the lovely summer day, 🚶 walking along the never ending beautiful pedestrian waterfront promenade.

First, have a look at my quick 30 second 📹 video, giving you just a glimpse of the entrance way to the Inner Harbour in Victoria. 🙂

Victoria British Columbia’s Inner Harbour – YouTube Video


Seaplanes To Cruise Ships In Victoria’s Inner Harbour

Victoria Harbour comes alive in the 🌷 Spring and Summer months!

A buzz of activity, with 🛥 pleasure boats, 🛩 sea planes, 🛳 cruise ships, coming and going in and out of the inner harbor throughout the day. This area is every 📸 photographers dream come true, with endless opportunities to capture some amazing scenic photos.

From the months of {May thru September}, tourists arrive from all over the world to enjoy the City and what it has to offer!

As well and because Vancouver Island enjoys the mildest climate in all of 🍁 Canada, you can enjoy visiting year round. If fact, it’s not unusual to enjoy a game of 🏌 golf at 🎄 Christmas!

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There’s 🐳 whale watching tours, pirate ship tours that the kids will love, kayaking tours and so much more for the outdoor enthusiast.

All of these activities can be enjoyed, in and around the inner harbor. For a closer look at some of the more popular activities to experience while in the city, be sure to check out my previous post and photos on …
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A Summer Day In Downtown Victoria Harbour

Inner Harbour in Victoria BC

You can walk along the beautiful promenade in the inner harbour for hours. Summertime brings out superb street performers and vendors, offering handmade local crafts and much more.

Stroll along the many pedestrian walkways along the oceanside while taking in the fresh sea air!

Victoria on Vancouver Island, is a City definitelly not to be missed when traveling to this part of Canada.

The Historic Empress Hotel

Empress Hotel Victoria BC

The historic 🏨 Fairmont Empress Hotel is one of Victoria’s Treasured landmarks situated right downtown adjacent to the Inner Harbour.

Opened in 1908, this beautiful hotel is definitely worth walking through the halls as you take a step back in time, or perhaps to enjoy their famous afternoon tea in the great lobby!

Truly one of Victoria’s greatest landmarks situated downtown adjacent to the inner harbour. Opened in 1908, this historic hotel continues to operate as the Fairmont Empress Hotel.

Take a stroll through the halls and step back in time, or enjoy the famous afternoon tea in the great lobby!

The Parliament Building

Parliament Building Victoria BC

As well, walk the front lawn of the historic Government Parliament Building and view the Gold Statue on top.   This building is also set alongside the inner harbour and at night the building is brilliantly displayed with a stream of lights.

The grounds and grass lawn in front, are for you to enjoy with the many 💐 floral displays and statues that make this another visitor favorite!

Don’t forget to check out the top of the Government Parliament Building and its Gold Statue.

This building is also set alongside the inner harbor, and at night is brilliantly displayed for the public to enjoy. 

Victoria Harbour

The Undersea Gardens

Undersea Gardens Victoria BC

Situated directly in the inner harbour and another landmark that was in operation for nearly 50 years, was the 🐟 Undersea Gardens display.

This was an incredible underwater display of local 🐟 sea life for the whole family to enjoy, complete with live scuba diving shows. Unfortunately, this major attraction that was in the city for years, sadly is no longer! 🙁

I remember this attraction from when I was just a boy growing up in the city and over the years, always loved the beautiful display of flowers and flags shown in the photos above.

Scenic Inner Harbour

Victoria Canada Inner Harbour

Cruise Ship Terminal In Victoria Harbour

Celebrity Cruise Ship Solstice at Port in Victoria Harbour

Celebrity Solstice Victoria BC

From May to September, hundreds of ⚓ cruise ships arrive in the City, when coming and going from Alaska.  As many as 3 or more ships can be in Port, at any given time.

There are lovely walkways along the shoreline and for cruise ship passengers, it’s an easy walk to the main tourist center and harbour promenade.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Docked at Ogden Point

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Victoria BC

One of my most favorite walks is at Ogden Point, located right beside the cruise ship terminal.

You can walk along the breakwater walkway, enjoying spectacular views of the harbour. As well and directly across to Washington State, with views of the beautiful 🏔 Olympic Mountains.

I never get tired of walking in this part of town and on scenic; Dallas Road.

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Ferries Operate Directly From The Inner Harbour

Black Ball Ferry Sailing From Port Angeles, Washington

Black Ball Ferry Victoria BC

There are a number of ⛴ ferry options available to make your way to and from Vancouver Island. 

There’s the {⛴ Black Ball Ferry} that comes and goes from Port Angeles, Washington which is just across the water. Also, the Victoria Clipper {Passenger Only} Fast Ferry that travels to and from Seattle, Washington.

We also have our very own and world renowned ⛴ BC Ferries, that cover the mainland from Vancouver to Vancouver Island and surrounding Gulf Islands. This is a passenger and vehicle ferry operated by the Government of British Columbia.

Be sure to check out my post and photos on …

🛳 British Columbia Ferry Travel 🛳

as well.

Victoria Clipper Ferry Arriving From Seattle, Washington

Victoria Clipper Ferry

Final Thoughts Banner

Victoria is really a city not to be missed when traveling to the west coast of Canada. There’s so much to see and do for the entire family all year long.

Victoria Inner Harbour has it all, from major tourist attractions, dining, shopping, city parks and so much more, it simply cannot be missed!

Local Art Display in Victoria Harbour Walkway

Beach Artwork Victoria BC Harbour

Below, I have included a link to the Official Tourism website of Victoria for your convenience, where you can access much more detailed information on this beautiful city. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for Victoria’s exact location. 🗺

Victoria BC Tourism Logo

🌷 Tourism Victoria 🌷

A Pirate Ship Tour Boat in Victoria Harbour

Pirate Tour Boat Victoria BC Harbour

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“The S.S. Minnow From Gilligan’s Island Hit Television Series From Years Ago, Is Now Located In British Columbia On Vancouver Island.”

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