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Varanasi Day Tours {Private Sunrise Boat Tour}

Varanasi Day Tours
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Varanasi Day Tours
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Choose Streetwise Varanasi Day Tours

Visiting the Oldest City in Civilization, was certainly at the top of our list when planning our travels throughout India. 

When searching for Varanasi Day Tours, it didn’t take us long to decide on …

🌺 Streetwise Varanasi Tours 🌺

for our early morning 🌅 Private Sunrise Boat Tour.

We were looking for a private, non–motorized, peaceful boat tour and we got just what we were looking for with 🍂 Streetwise Tours.

Streetwise Varanasi Day Tours Amazing Sunrise Boat Tour

Sun Rising on the River Ganga

Sunrise on the Ganga

After reading about this historic city in 📚 travel books, it seemed like everyone recommended the early morning sunrise boat tour. 

So upon arriving, we did our search on the internet for a reputable and highly recommended business to choose from. It didn’t take long to make our decision.

Once you visit their website, you know that you are dealing with professionalism and have a variety of group and private tours to choose from, that will suit you best.

tripadvisor certificate of excellence

They have achieved TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence award, for their outstanding customer service and business achievements.

Our Beautiful Sunrise Ganga Tour Experience

Streetwise Varanasi Tours business owner and guide Rahul 

Streetwise Varanasi Tours Founder

This tour is for 🕊 early birds and that is exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to be out on the Ganges in our boat, in time to watch the ☀ sunrise.

This tour company did not disappoint!

Streetwise Varanasi Tours business owner and guide (Rahul), arrived at our hotel as scheduled for pickup.

From there, we made our way to the River Ganges and where the Ghats are located along the river banks. First, we enjoyed a hot cup of Chai Tea with Rahul, to start the day.

The Manikarnika Ghat

Manikarnika Ghat Varanasi

Our tour began with a look at the cremation site at the river’s edge, allowing time to view the rituals of cremation for the people of India. 

If you choose to do so, a gentleman will lead you up to a higher viewing area and explain the process involved. A small donation is requested for the purchase of firewood for those who cannot afford such.

Rowing on the Ganges River

Rowing on the Ganges River

From this site, we slowly made our way along the river’s edge to our awaiting 🚣 row boat, in plenty of time to be on the water for sunrise. 

As we drifted and paddled gently down the river, you get a amazing bird’s eye view of the shoreline and Ghats.

Ghats – Definition

“The meaning of GHAT is a broad flight of steps that is situated on an Indian riverbank and that provides access to the water especially for bathing.”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Being on the water, is an incredible opportunity to witness hundreds of people along the Ghats, taking their holy bath and prayers as the new day begins.

Streetwise Varanasi Day Tours – Designed Exclusively For You

A Beautiful Sunrise on the River Ganga

Varanasi Sunrise

Slowly and peacefully, you experience the 🌅 sun rising above the horizon on the water, as a new day begins.

“The sunrise of Varanasi is known for its magic! From the holy river Ganga you are witnessing local life, morning rituals & ceremonies while you are passing along the Ghats!”

What To Expect On Your Sunrise Ganga Tour

Early Morning Varanasi Ghats

Early Morning Varanasi Ghats

Witness local Pilgrims taking their early morning holy bath;

Enjoy the morning sunrise on the river;

Experience local culture & traditions;

View the Manikarnika ghat (a place of Hindu cremation);

View the site of Cremation on the Ganges;

Historic Buildings in Varanasi India

Historic Buildings in Varanasi India

The Manikarnika Ghat

This very Spiritual City of Varanasi for the Hindu people especially, is the most sacred place on earth. They truly believe that if a person’s ashes are scattered here, their soul will finally achieve nirvana (moksha).

In order to achieve this, the person’s body must first be burned to purify and free the soul from within.
There is freedom of the soul from the body at the cycle of birth and rebirth and thus becoming one with the – Supreme Soul.

Hindus believe that when a person dies, its soul enters a new body.

This is a very spiritual place and to witness this {Special Ghat} along the river bank, is an incredible experience to witness.
One that you will not soon forget!

Early Morning in Varanasi India

Early Morning in Varanasi India

Although it was very busy on the water with other boats and tourists, this tour was still very special and definitely worth experiencing.

The fact that we were alone with our guide and boat operator and not on a motorized boat with many other people, made it that more unique, with a more private feeling.



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Final Thoughts Banner

I would definitely recommend this sunrise tour for anyone visiting Varanasi for the first time, as we did.

For more detailed information on the many tours offered by Streetwise, I have listed a link to their official website for your convenience.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for Varanasi’s exact location. 🗺

Streetwise Varanasi Tours

✨ Streetwise Varanasi Tours ✨



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