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Vancouver Railway Historic Street Cars {Photos}

Vancouver Historic Railway Car 1207

What to Do in Vancouver

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A Look At The Old Vancouver Historic Railway

Thanks to the City of Vancouver and the many volunteers, 🍁 Vancouver, British Columbia’s …

🚃 Historic Street Cars 🚃

have been beautifully restored. 

The countless hours volunteers devoted to restoring and bringing back to life one of
🍂 Vancouver, British Columbia’s important pieces of history, is a dream come true!

The 🚍 Transit Museum Society successfully restored two of
the city’s 🚃 Historic Streetcars. What an amazing accomplishment and these streetcars
were able to operate successfully once again!

Vancouver Downtown Historic Railway – Transit Museum Society

Historic Vancouver Railway Car
The Transit Museum Society of 🍂 Vancouver, British Columbia was established back in 1986.

Their goal was to; restore, preserve and operate historical vehicles, that were significant to the history of public transit in British Columbia. As a former 🚍 Vancouver City Transit
Bus Operator, I was so thrilled to hear of this wonderful achievement.
My hats off to the many volunteers who made this possible.

If I was still living in Vancouver, I most certainly would have volunteered, to assist in
this great endeavor!

Historic Vancouver Railway Cars Restored

Vancouver Historic Railway Car 1207

Once restored, these exciting cars began operating on existing 🛤 railway tracks during
the weekends and holidays. The tracks ran between – Olympic Village Station in the City to the
Granville Island Station.

Granville Island is a very popular tourist attraction and local marketplace. The area is known as; South False Creek, located in the heart of the City of Vancouver.

It’s a very picturesque part of this beautiful city, running along the inlet of False Creek
which is fed by the Pacific Ocean.

The railway began running an exclusive express service with no stops in between, making for an
exciting ride for tourists, locals and especially children.

When service began once again, it instantly became a huge hit!

As the 🚃 train ran down the track, the conductor would blow the old whistle. Children
would see and here this and run to their parents, in hoping to take a ride on this foreign looking
train running down the 🛤 tracks!

Taking A Step Back In Time

 Vancouver Downtown Historic Railway

The two beautifully restored 🚃 rail cars are from days gone by. The oldest was built in
1905 and ran along what was known as the – 🛤 Steveston lines many years ago, in the South
part of Vancouver. 

The second street car was constructed in 1912 and it used to run in the eastern part of Vancouver,
to the Municipality of New Westminster, BC. It was exciting to see the 🚃 rail cars running
once again and was great for the city to bring back some of its history. 

Vancouver Street Cars

I have always been impressed with 🌉 San Francisco, California and their historic
street cars, that are still operating today. Of course, along with the many other historic
attractions they have for tourists and locals alike to enjoy.


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Update Banner

Unfortunately, the rail service has been suspended by the city due to budget restraints. It is
presently in search of corporate sponsorship in hope of running once again.

I am hoping the 🚏 Transit Museum Society, will make this happen one day soon
and the service will be proudly serve one day soon. I’ve included a few website links below,
where you can check out some old transit 📸 photos taken in Vancouver years ago.

As well, be sure to visit and explore the very popular Granville Island Marketplace while in
the city.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for the exact location in Vancouver. 🗺

Informative Vancouver Railway Links

Transit Museum Logo

🚌 Transit Museum Society 🚌

🚂 Wikipedia Historic Railway History 🚂



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“In 1891 The First Public Tram System Started In Vancouver, British Columbia.”

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