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Traveling Safely Abroad {Travel Advice & Tips}

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Traveling Safely Abroad
Post Last Modified – February 27, 2024 ¦

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Traveling Safely Abroad With These Safety Traveling Tips

It’s very important these days when traveling, to take a few moments to review some simple and basic procedures for …

🧳 Traveling Safely Abroad. 🧳

Below, I’ve listed just a few tips and suggestions of things we’ve learned over the years, to help ensure healthy and safe travel. Exercising some simple precautions will greatly reduce your chances of becoming ill, or from becoming an unfortunate victim of 🕵 foul play, one way or another.

Here’s a very short 📹 video clip, I thought was worth sharing with you. This seasoned traveler reviews a couple of important safe travel tips, that are good to know. Definitely worth taking a few moments to watch. 😎

Business Insider Safe Traveling – YouTube Video

Gunnar Garfors traveled to every country in the world before turning 40, and he’s still traveling. He offered excellent advice in his quick 📹 1 1/2 minute video. Here are a couple of additional tips to consider, when selecting a specific travel destination;

✔ Be informed of your chosen destination.

✔ Are there any travel advisory’s posted for the country you are traveling to?

✔ Can you travel safely to your country of choice at the time you wish to go?

I have also added two very useful North American travel information websites that list updated travel alerts around the globe to help Traveling Safely Abroad for you and your family.

Government of Canada logo

✈ – Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada … (travel alerts) ✈
U.S. Department of State Logo
✈ – U.S. Dept. of State … (travel alerts) ✈
You can subscribe online to these websites and receive updated email travel alerts as well, for your chosen destination(s) prior to 🛫 departure. Very worthwhile, especially if you are traveling to a 🗺 foreign country.

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Be Sure To Purchase Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance

This is probably The Most Important Tip I can pass on to you. 

Do not travel without ⚕ Travel Medical Insurance, unless you can afford thousands of dollars for 🏥 medical treatment and other related expenses. Why so many people choose to take a chance and not purchase travel medical insurance for the sake of saving a few dollars, still puzzles me.

I have always said …

“If you can afford to travel, you can afford travel medical insurance!”

Travel Immunizations & Your Documents

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❓ Do You Need Any Vaccinations ❓

Protect yourself from disease or any other precautions, that may be necessary when traveling to your destination. 

Be sure to check out my post here on…

📖 Vaccinations Before Traveling Abroad – Guide. 📖

My post gives more information in greater detail, on specific travel related diseases. 💉 It lists immunizations recommended or that may even be necessary, to enter certain countries. Be sure to check 💉 Covid-19 Immunizations for International Travel, that may still be required for certain countries to enter.

❓ Are All Your Necessary Travel Documents In Order ❓

travel documents

Make sure all of your 🛂 travel documents are; valid, safe and secure with you at all times. Do Not pack; 💵 money, wallets, passports and other valuables in your checked 🧳 luggage!

Helpful Tips Banner

I always scan my important documents and 📧 email them to me. I also copy them on to a memory stick, in case they become lost or stolen. This will help you greatly, especially if traveling to a foreign country and go missing! 🤞

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Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings


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Take a moment and look around your surroundings and always; Trust Your Instincts. If you feel unsafe in a particular area, then you probably are. 

Leave as quickly and safely as you can, especially when traveling solo!

Travel Safely

Many people simply forget to look around them, and see what’s going on. Always take a minute and look around you, to be sure your surroundings are safe and you feel secure.

This especially the case, when you’re traveling in a new and unfamiliar foreign destination.

Traveling Safely Abroad Includes – Good Judgement

Travel in Groups

Traveling in a Group

Try not to be caught alone in unfamiliar areas where you really shouldn’t be, especially at night. If you’re on vacation, this is when you’re usually most vulnerable.

Having a good time while on vacation, is normally when we tend to let loose and let our guard down at certain times. This is usually when we least think of our own personal safety, because we’re on vacation! 🙁

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Travel Safety Includes Watching Your Liquor Consumption

Tropical Drinks

We also may tend to over indulge in 🍹 alcoholic beverages while enjoying our vacation and unfortunately, this is when many tourists are at most risk with 🕵 criminals. 

Criminals especially prey on visitors at bars and nightclubs. Of course, it’s all part of enjoying ones holiday, but try never to let your guard down or make decisions you may regret later.

Be Aware Of Your Wallet & Handbag Always

Pickpocket Theives

Men should never carry their wallets in their back pockets. It still amazes me to this day, to see men with their wallets carried in this manner when traveling.

They’re just asking to be a victim of pick pocketing!

Women should keep 👜 purses tight against them at all times. This is especially true in crowds such as at busy; ✈ airports, 🚉 train stations and other high traffic areas.

It’s always good to make sure you travel with a purse that zips tightly, and has no open pockets. 🕵 Criminals always prey on the unprepared!

Try To Leave That Expensive Jewelry At Home

Expensive Jewellery

Expensive 💍 jewelry definitely draws attention to undesirables out there. It definitely makes tourists a target. In fact, in one country we were traveling to recently, a local guide told us about thieves actually pulling gold earrings right off of women’s ears!

Yikes!! 🙁

It’s also a good idea to go through your wallets, before leaving home. Empty out extra 💳 credit cards, identification and other unnecessary items, that you really don’t need when away from home.

No sense in taking the chance of losing items that you really didn’t need anyway.

Watch What You Eat & What You Drink

Food Truck
To avoid 🤢 sickness and health related ailments while away, it’s important to be aware of what you’re eating and drinking at all times.

Never drink 🚱 tap water when visiting a new foreign destination! You’re just asking for trouble and unnecessary illness.

Also, be careful of 🍤 food stands and street vendors. As tempting as they may be, many travelers become ill from eating at – questionable food stands. You certainly don’t want your holiday ruined from eating or drinking something, you probably knew you should have avoided in the first place.

The last thing we all don’t want when traveling, is to find ourselves constantly running to the …

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Always Carry An Extra Pair Of Prescription Eye Wear

anthony bourdain wearing sunglasses

For those who wear 👓 prescription eyeglasses like myself, always take an extra pair in case your original is lost or broken.

I was caught many years ago without an extra pair of glasses, while traveling abroad. I somehow misplaced them and being near sighted, I was left struggling to see in the distance, for the remainder of the trip. 

A hard lesson learned, but never to be forgotten again! 😎

Healthy Travel Banner

Final Thoughts Banner

These are just a few travel and health safety tips to think about, the next time you hit the road. It doesn’t take much effort to help prevent; illness and unsafe travel.

I have also added a couple of excellent downloadable documents, that deal with safe travels. Some very useful  advice for most everyone and can be downloaded safely, directly from my post here.

This 📖 booklet is very informative and has tips suitable for travelers from all over.

📖 Travel Preparations – Bon Voyage Consular Services 📖

Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone.

📖 Her Own Way – Bon Voyage Consular Services 📖
COVID-19 TRAVEL update

Now that International Borders have reopened to visitors once again. Let’s all do our part and be sure to continue to adhere to safe travel protocols, that may still be in place.

Be sure to check that you have proper travel insurance in place that will protect you and your loved ones at all times.

On our recent vacation to 🏝 Cuba a couple of seasons ago, we added extra {Covid Protection Insurance}, for a small extra surcharge. This extra policy would cover us for additional living expenses, should one of us test positive before returning home.

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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