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Top 10 Best Things To See & Do In India

10 Best Things To Do In India
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Best Things To Do In India
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A Look At Some Of The Best Things To See & Do Traveling In India

Having returned from an amazing 7 weeks of travel throughout India a few seasons ago, I thought I would put a list of my …

🌺Top 10 Best Of India.🌺

These are just ten of the many exciting things we experienced while visiting this incredible country. A little travel inspiration to pass on, if you haven’t visited India and may be thinking of traveling to one day.

To get started, check out this older, but excellent 🐫 India tourism promotion video. Be sure to turn your 🔊 speakers on!

Incredible India Tourism – YouTube Video

My Top 10 Best Things To See & Do Throughout India

#1 Experience Homestay Accommodations At Least Once

New Delhi Homestay

We decided on this trip, that we wanted to experience what it’s truly like to live in India, within reason of course. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the Indian culture and lifestyle, is to consider at least a couple of nights 🏠 Homestay, in one of the areas you may be visiting.

We did this on a number of occasions and it was amazing!

One of the best ways and safest for you when booking a homestay, is with the very popular 🛌 Airbnb website. This is a world renowned company, where your booking is completely insured and safe. 

Check out my recent post on …
🛌 How To Book A Room With Airbnb. 🛌

We stayed with a few families in their homes and again, it was a lovely experience and a great way to meet and mix with the locals. Many will also offer to cook authentic Indian dishes for you as well, during your stay!

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#2 Don’t Miss The Taj Mahal Palace In Agra

Taj Mahal Agra India

You simply cannot travel to India without seeing the magnificent {Taj Mahal} in Agra. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, this beautiful {Mausoleum} is a wondrous site that simply must be seen in person. 

It’s easy to get to from New Delhi, with fast trains and numerous travel companies offering daily tours to visit the Taj Mahal. If you go on your own, there are special lines for visitors, making it much easier and quicker to gain entry. 

Take a look at my …

🛕 Taj Mahal Travel Tips 🛕

prior to attending, so you know what to expect.


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The crowds are huge and it can be overwhelming for some, but visiting this very spiritual place, is definitely worth it!

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#3 Take An Overnight Camping Camel Safari In Jaisalmer

Camel Safari Jaisalmer

This was without a doubt, one of the major highlights and fascinating adventures we experienced, during our entire time in India.  We booked a simple non-touristy overnight 🐫 camel safari in the desert outside of Jaisalmer, and it was outstanding.

Desert Camel Safari Jaisalmer India

After experiencing the crowds, noise and pollution in New Delhi, spending a night sleeping in the desert sand dunes under the stars in the peace and quiet, was absolutely wonderful! 🙂

Camel Safari Desert Camping Jaisalmer

If you’re looking for a real authentic, no frills camel safari adventure with a true desert man, then have a look at our experience with …

🐫 Ba’s Jaisalmer Camel Safari. 🐫
There are no fancy tents or tables to dine on, this is a; real camping adventure. Sleeping out in the open on the desert sand and supper cooked over an open fire, by your host.

An absolutely wonderful experience for those who enjoy the outdoors and non-touristy excursions.

Desert Sunset Jaisalmer

Sitting out in the quiet desert watching the sun setting in the distance, was definitely an experience that will last a lifetime!

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#4 Experience A Walking Food Tour In Old Delhi

Old Delhi Walking Food Tour

This is another outstanding tour we enjoyed while in New Delhi. I definitely recommended taking a walking food tour in {Old Delhi}, while in the city.

If you truly want to experience some excellent dishes at unique {out of the way} places on the streets and back alleys of Old Delhi, then this tour is a must do!

Old Delhi Food Tour

From sweets made at shops that have been in existence for decades, mouth watering short bread cookies from a street vendor who has been making and selling them for over 45 years, to full course delicious dishes in places that you would never know existed, it truly is a foodies delight!

Your experienced guide will take you on a food tour like no other and with the assurance that each place visited, ensures proper handling and cooking of their food at all times.

Old Delhi Streets

It was a superb tour and one that you better not have anything to eat beforehand, as the food just keeps coming and coming!

For more detailed information on our tour, be sure to have a look at my post and photos of our …

🍲 Old Delhi Food Walking Tour. 🍲

For those who enjoy excellent authentic local food from the country you are visiting, this is simply a {Must Do} Food tour!

#5 Visit An Historic Spiritual Temple

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib – Sikh Temple

There a numerous temples to visit in India, but one that really stands out and worth visiting is the; {Gurudwara Bangla Sahib – Sikh Temple}, in New Delhi. This is a magnificent temple with a lovely spiritual lake in the courtyard inside the property. 

All visitors are welcome and a free guided tour of the complex is given by – English speaking guides.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Temple Kitchen

You also get to visit the enormous kitchen, where thousands of meals are prepared daily from devoted volunteers. You can even stir one of the fire cooking pots in their enormous kitchen! 

It’s definitely worth seeing and came highly recommended to us while in the city, and we were glad it was.

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#6 Tuk Tuk Rides For That Real India Travel Experience

Tuk Tuk Taxi India

There are 🛺 tuk-tuk taxis everywhere throughout India. They are very affordable and an easy way of getting from point {A to B} and back again. 

They’re fun and cheap, and a great way to experience and get around India, especially in the back lanes and alleys, where a traditional car taxi can’t travel.

Helpful Tips Banner

Be sure to bargain with your driver before boarding your 🛺 tuk-tuk.  They will do their utmost to overcharge you, but it doesn’t take long to figure out what you should pay and what is simply too much.:)

Talk to your hotel doormen or locals you may come into contact with, they`re more than happy to assist in any way they can!

Experience 🛺 tuk-tuk travel while in India!

#7 Treat Yourself To A Full Body Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda in India

An 🪔 Ayurveda Massage performed by a professional D.Y.M.T. (Diploma in Yoga, Massage Therapy) practitioner, is in one word – “Fantastic!”

You simply must treat yourself to this traditional treatment, at least once on your visit to India.

Choose from a gentle total body 🪔 Ayurveda Massage, or a more intense deep tissue massage for those of you like myself, who have had previous injuries and/or general overall aches and pains.

This is a massage like no other you will ever experience!

Ayurveda Massage India

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic methods of healing, and was established more than 3,000 years ago in India. The main goal of Ayurveda practice is to; Promote Good Health. 

I experienced just two full one hour intense sessions, with an experienced practitioner. It is a very systematic treatment from head to toe, with deep tissue massage and reflexology combined. An Ayurveda massage is an amazing treatment that leaves your body in a total and complete relaxed state.

Schedule a treatment at least once during your stay in India, you’ll be glad you did!

#8 Take An Early Morning Eco-Friendly Guided Bicycle Tour

Delhi by Cycle Haveli Tour

If you’re into {eco-friendly tours} and like a little exercise, then treat yourself to an early morning 🚴 bike tour in – Old Delhi.

It’s something completely different and your experienced guide will lead you down remote side streets and historic alley ways in Old Delhi, where the only access is either walking or with a bike.

Like the walking food tour mentioned above, this is something completely out of the ordinary, allowing you to witness parts of the city that you would never know existed or simply, wouldn’t be able to find on your own.

It’s very early in the morning, but you get to beat the heavy crowds and witness Old Delhi waking up, to begin a new day at sunrise. It’s a wonderful experience, safe and experienced knowledgeable guides to lead you on your 🚴 bike tour.  

You can check out our …

🚲 Delhi By Cycle 🚲

morning tour, for more photos and information.

Our tour also included a wonderful authentic Indian breakfast in a Historic Havali – a traditional townhouse or mansion found in India.

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#9 Visit A Few Amazing Old Historic Forts

Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur India

India has many beautiful Historic Forts, scattered around the Country for you to discover. We visited many on our trip, but one that truly stands out is found in the {Blue City} of Jodhpur.

Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort is one of the largest Forts in India, dating back to 1460. It sits high above the city and is an impressive site to say the least. The Fort is massive in size, but what makes it even more special, is that it houses one of the finest {Historical Museums} in the country.

As you walk into each room on your 🔊 audio self-guided tour, it’s like stepping back in time, while viewing the beautiful displays and historical artifacts throughout each room in the Fort.

Historic India Painting

It was definitely my favorite of the many popular {Historic Forts} we visited in India. If your travels take you to the {Blue City}, then make a point of viewing the beautiful and historic; Mehrangarh Fort.

At night the Fort comes alive, with brilliant lights surrounding its outer walls!

#10 Enjoy The Many Beautiful Beaches Of South Goa

Colva Beach Goa India

If you’re a 🏖 beach person like me, then you just have to make a point of spending some time in Goa.

Especially the beaches of 🌴 South Goa.  After traveling to the many busy cities in Rajasthan, I was ready for the relatively peaceful and quiet beaches this region of Goa had to offer.

A much needed and welcoming break from the crowds, noise and pollution present in the urban centers of India.

Palolem Beach Goa

There are many beaches to choose from in Goa, depending on what you’re after. I spent time at 2 lovely beaches known as 🌴 Colva and 🌴 Palolem. Both beaches are completely different in size and appeal.

Colva is a beautiful 2.4 kilometer stretch of beach. Here, you can find a perfect quiet spot on your own, to just relax and enjoy some quality beach time.

Palolem is much smaller and quieter than Colva.

There are no busy resort hotels in this area, just beach huts and smaller quaint accommodations. This makes it much more relaxing and special in it’s own way. I loved my time spent in Palolem and Colva. I chose 🏠 home stay accommodations with a wonderful local couple.

Palolem Beach Hut Goa

I enjoyed a very relaxing week on the beaches in South Goa, before continuing my journey south to Kerala, which was perfect!

Final Thoughts Banner

There you have it, I’ve only brushed the surface and mentioned just 10 excellent things to do in India, hopefully offering some inspiration to visit this incredibly diverse and historic country. 

Traveling to India is an experience like no other and unlike any other, you will ever come across in the world.


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For me, it was a trip of a lifetime and I will cherish the experience forever. I definitely hope to return once again very soon!

I’ve also listed the 🐘 Official India Ministry of Tourism link below to their website for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this amazing country has to offer.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for exact location. 🗺

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