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Photos Of Old Town Hoi An {Vietnam}

Old Town Hoi An Vietnam

Photos Of Old Town Hoi An Vietnam
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A Few Of Our Photos Of Old Town Hoi An In Vietnam

One of our destinations while on our wonderful vacation in Vietnam a few seasons ago, was to the Ancient City of Hoi An. Below, are just a few …

🏮 Photos Of Old Town Hoi An 🏮

I captured while visiting this amazing part of Hoi An.

Brief History Of The Ancient Town Of Hoi An Vietnam

Old Town Hoi An is located down the {Thu Bon River}, about 30 kilometers to the south of the City of DaNang. Ancient Hoi An (Old Town,) dates back over 2000 years of cultural history.

Having been a major port for the {Cham Kingdom}, controlling the spice trade from the; 10th to the 17th Century. The, later, becoming a major international shipping ⚓ port.

For hundreds of years, Hoi An was home to a number of different nationalities. Each bringing their own customs and cultures, that were evident at that time and still can be seen in the architecture today.

Ancient Town Hoi An Vietnam

In 1999, the old town was declared a {🏛 World Heritage Site by UNESCO}, with its many historic old buildings still standing. Displaying how it once was a Southeast Asian trading port, of the 15th to 19th centuries.

Many of the structures show a special mixture of both local and foreign inspirations.

Ancient Hoi An Street

Today, the town is now greatly commercialized for tourists. The majority of the buildings now are home to gift shops and restaurants.

Yet, it’s still an exciting experience to walk the old streets, cross a bridge thousands of year’s old, shop and enjoy the many dining options. There are also many street vendors surrounding Old Town, offering food and gift items for sale.

Thu Bon River Ancient Hoi An

The evening hours are a particularly exciting time and not to be missed!

For more complete information on this 🏛 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Heritage Site, I have listed two informative website ⛓ links below to check out, for your convenience.

🛕 UNESCO Hoi An 🛕

📖 Wikipedia Hoi An 📖

Old Structures Ancient Hoi An

With many of the buildings receiving extensive renovations in the 19th century, you still feel that sense of old, taking you a step back in time.

The old streets of {Historic Hoi An}, are lined with ancient 🏚 houses including; temples, assembly buildings, ancient wells and even tombs.

Admiring the buildings architecture, you will discover a blend of; Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese inspiration.

Ancient Hoi An Architecture

Old Town covers approximately two square kilometers, with most of the buildings occupied with tourist gift shops, restaurants and more.  Even though the Old Town is highly commercialized, it’s still worth visiting, particularly in the evening hours!

There are still locals making their home in Old Town in and around these amazing buildings.

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Things To See And Do On Your Visit To Old Town Hoi An

Chua Cau Japanese Covered Bridge

Chua Cau Japanese Covered Bridge

This is without a doubt the most popular attraction in Old Town, with the bridge dating back to the – 1590’s.  This bridge was constructed by the Japanese inhabitants at that time and is truly an amazing piece of architecture.

This is the main symbol of {Hoi An Old Town} and inside the bridge, is a temple for the {Northern God}, who many believe controls the 🌧 weather.

Temple Old Hoi An

From its historic old houses and buildings, to ancient wells, assembly halls and museums, there’s much to see and do in this 2 kilometer {UNESCO Heritage Site}.

As well, there are plenty of great places to eat and drink, including street food vendors serving an abundant array of local favorites!

Enjoy The Traditional Vietnamese Cuisine Of Hoi An

Hoi An Cao Lau Noodle

Vinh Hung Hotel Old Hoi An

I can’t recommend enough for those of you who enjoy noodles. This amazing noodle dish can only be found in this region of Vietnam and let me tell you, it is outstanding! 

The noodles are made in town by special noodle makers. My favorite was located at; #27 in Old Town at the time of our visit a few seasons ago.

Crisp Pancake

One of our favorites from the town’s street vendors was the traditional crispy pancake.  A great sizzling snack that will have you wanting more!


Of course, the most common dish found most everywhere is Vietnamese Pho Soup. It varies from place to place but is a delicious noodle soup and traditionally eaten for breakfast by the locals.

Hoi An Lanterns

Hoi An was our furthest north stop on our incredible travels throughout Southern Vietnam. This is a lovely destination to visit and spend some time, when traveling either from the north or south on the coast.

If you are looking for a wonderful boutique hotel located just minutes from Hoi An Old Town, then I highly recommend the …

🏨 Kiman Hoi An Hotel & Spa 🏨

The hotel staff were always very friendly and helpful, rooms were very clean with all the amenities that you need, including free 📶 wi-fi internet in room and throughout the hotel.

Ancient Hoi An Architecture

If you are planning a visit to Hoi An and have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. I would be happy to recommend; tours, airport transfers and much more that we took on our recent visit.


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I’ve also listed the 🌾 Official Vietnam Tourism link below to their website. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this amazing country has to offer.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for Hoi Ans exact location. 🗺

vietnam tourism

✈ Vietnam Tourism ✈

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“A Vietnamese Specialty Is Ruou Ran – A Rice Wine With A Pickled Snake In It That Is Said To Cure All Illnesses.”

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