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Onesole Interchangeable Shoes {For Travel}

onesole interchangeable shoes
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Onesole Interchangeable Shoes Are Great For Travel

Onesole Interchangeable Shoes for ladies, look like a perfect choice for your travel. I am always on the lookout for unique and useful 🧳 Travel Products, that I can share with you here on my blog.

While watching one of my favorite business related 📺 television programs from the United States called;
🦈 Sharks Tank 🦈 , where they featured an enterprising entrepreneur who actually invented these remarkable shoes!

I was intrigued by this Amazing Invention, that this enterprising lady thought of for women’s shoes and thought it worthwhile sharing with you here. First, check out the company’s short 📹 video, for glimpse of these one of a kind and very 👡 stylish shoes.

Onesole Commerial – YouTube Video


What she has come up with is a unique {Interchangeable Shoe}, just for women. What a great idea, especially for women who travel.

Imagine the extra space in your 🧳 travel luggage, not having to carry multiple pairs of shoes!

Pack Less Shoes On Your Vacation With Onesole

One Sole Shoes Founder

Her name is Dominique Barteet, shown left at the …

🏁 NASCAR Races 🏁

A pharmacist by trade who came up with a; simple, easy to use, stylish and comfortable interchangeable shoe to fit all occasions.


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With simple snaps at the sides of the shoe, you can easily change the design of your shoe instantly. Transform it from a casual slip on, to a fashionable evening wear shoe in a snap.

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Onesole Is A Great Success Story

Shark Tank Series Logo

She launched her idea and business back in 2002, and each year it continues to grow in leaps and bounds. 

Her business presentation went over so well, the panel of experts on 🦈 Sharks Tank, instantly came on board, 💰 investing in her brilliant business. With their assistance, it has definitely taken her to the next level of success over the years.

Her line of shoes has expanded, with new designs that can be personalized and designed to suit you. They have also introduced a signature series collection that includes the work and designs from renowned artists.

So if you’re like my wife and daughter whose …

📰 Travel List 📰 
includes enough shoes to fill a 🧳 suitcase, then this is just the ticket for you!

These shoes are absolutely ideal for travel.They reduce suitcase space, added weight and at the same time, offer a nice interchangeable variety of shoe for all occasions while away.

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New Designs Arriving Frequently

Their shoe line is constantly expanding, introducing an attractive new line of accessories, to match your shoes.

At the same time, keeping in fashion and up to date with the ever changing trends in the marketplace.

onesole interchangeable shoes

Check out these great shoes and see for yourself what they have to offer. See what an incredibly brilliant idea this woman envisioned for shoes and especially for travel.

What I also like about this business, is that they are a; Socially Committed company. They contribute to society by making donations to charitable organizations in the country.

This is why I’ve taken the time to promote their business without receiving anything in return. Such foundations as the …

  • ✔ Make A Wish Foundation
  • ✔ The Humane Society
  • ✔ Breast Cancer Fund

and more.

onesole interchangeable shoes


“Onesole Shoes Joins Booming Collegiate Apparel Industry With New Clog Tops In Fall Lineup.”

Today, University and College authorized merchandise produces over four billion dollars in the marketplace, with the female customer ever increasing in this niche.

Onesole has added an exciting Collegiate Shoe Top Line for their interchangeable shoe. Now fans can visibly support their favorite team on 🏈 game day right down to their shoes!

Final Thoughts Banner

So there you have it ladies. A convenient, fashionable, easy to use and great for travel interchangeable women’s shoe. Be sure to check out their website for online shopping.

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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