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Middle Of The World Monument {Quito}

Middle Of The World Monument Grounds
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Middle Of The World Monument
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Middle Of The World Monument In Quito – Ecuador

🌺 Latitude 0ΒΊ 0′ 0″ 🌺

On our recent visit to the City of Quito in Ecuador, we had the distinct pleasure of working with Quito Turismo, putting together a complete; Quito Ecuador In 3 Days Itinerary. One of stops on our busy itinerary was a visit to the …

🗼 Middle Of The World Monument 🗼

Together with our {Licensed Private Tour Guide}, we were able to see a vast number of Ecuador Tourist Attractions, visit Authentic Ecuadorian Restaurants and visit Unique Neighborhoods throughout the city.

Middle of the World Monument (La Mitad del Mundo) – Location

The {Ciudad Mitad del Mundo}, is located about 26 kilometers to the north from the center of the; City of Quito.

Middle Of The World Monument Quito Ecuador

The monument along with the many other attractions on this site, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Quito, Ecuador.

Middle of the World Monument – About

Middle Of The World Monument Entrance

Back in 1736, French scientist and explorer {Charles Marie de la Condamine} calculated the earth’s equatorial line.

Although not the exact location of the Equator, it is now marked by a large monument La Mitad del Mundo, {The Center of the World}.

Middle Of The World Monument Grounds

With major developments in technology and precise GPS coordinates, 0 latitude is actually a very short distance from the {Middle of the World} monument, on a privately-owned site called – Inti-Γ±an.

Middle Of The World Monument Property

In 1979, construction began to build the current monument as it stands today. It is 30 meters tall, without counting the globe at the top.

Middle of the World Monument – Interactive Floors

Middle Of The World Monument Displays

You can actually go right inside the monument and as you climb each floor, there are interesting and educational displays of a variety of indigenous items.

Ecuadorian Children

These historical displays outline the Ecuadorian culture, clothing and tools used in years past. The site is a wonderful opportunity for young generations to learn of their past cultural heritage.

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Middle of the World Monument – Attractions

Middle Of The World Monument Colorful Sign

The Middle of the Earth Monument is not the only attraction you will find on site. There are a number of buildings housing a; planetarium, a miniature model of Quito, restaurants and gift shops, where you will find local handmade crafts for sale.

Middle Of The World Monument Ice Cream Shop

On the weekends, the {Central Plaza} of the property, provides; live music and cultural events for local and tourists visiting.

The equator actually passes through thirteen other countries around the world. It is well known that no other country as Ecuador, shows as much pride in its unique geographical location.

Final Thoughts Banner

The {Center of the World} should definitely be put on your list of one of things to do in Quito, Ecuador while visiting.

From; hotels, attractions, dining and more, {Quito Turismo} can put together the perfect itinerary along with an officially licensed tour guide, to show you the way. Working in conjunction with Quito Turismo, their professionals will assist in putting together a tailor made itinerary that’s just right for you.

I strongly suggest taking a {private guided tour}, with one of Quito’s experienced licensed guides. These people undertake extensive university training, are very professional and experienced in their chosen field.

Quito Turismo Licensed Guide

Quito Turismo can assist in providing you with a {licensed guide}, as they did with us. You can access more complete detailed information on all of their associated partners, contact information and much more on their website I have listed below.

I’ve included a link to their website page, where you can access much more detailed information on visiting the site.

Middle of the World Logo
🌐 La Mitad del Mundo 🌐

Below, I’ve also included the Official Quito Turismo {Tourism} website link for your convenience. It’s filled with everything you need, for planning your stay in and around the City of Quito.

Quito Turismo Logo

🌹 Quito Turismo 🌹

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“Quito’s name comes from the Quitu Tribe. Their words translate to – Center of the World.”

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