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Mexidivers In Tulum – PADI Certification {Review}

Mexidivers Dive Shop
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Mexidivers Dive Shop
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Mexidiver In Tulum Mexico – PADI Scuba Certification Course

A few seasons ago while on our vacation in beautiful Tulum, Mexico, I had the pleasure of 🤿 scuba diving with …

🌺 Mexidivers In Tulum. 🌺

I enjoyed an outstanding 2 tank reef dive, just out from the historic {Mayan Ruins} site on shore. The Tulum reef is part of the {Mesoamerican Reef System}. This beautiful reef travels over {600 miles /1000 km} through the waters of; Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras

Our daughter and her boyfriend just completed their; 💳 PADI Scuba Certification Course, 💳 with Mexidivers. They had an outstanding experience!

Below, is a brief look of their experience for those who may be thinking of including a; scuba diving certification vacation, much as they did.

About Mexidivers PADI Certification

Mexidivers In Tulum

Professional Association of Diving Instructors {PADI} is a recreational diving membership and diver training organization, which was founded back in 1966.

Over the years, it is now the; “world’s most recognized scuba certification.”

About the Course

PADI LogoPADI Open Water Diver is the first scuba certification level. Professional PADI Instructors will teach you how to scuba dive in a relaxed, supportive learning environment.

Upon completing your certification course, you will receive the necessary skills and knowledge to dive confidently and safely.

“Mexidivers is an innovative dive center, always focused on a personal, safe and professional service.”

They are a well established and long standing dive center, having received all major recognitions required from most of the important diving associations worldwide, including;

PADI {Professional Association of Diving Instructors};
✔ ACUC {American Canadian Underwater Certifications};
✔ SDI/TDI {Scuba Diving International/Technical Diving International};
✔ Cave & Cavern Diving Association;

Mexidivers In Tulum – 3 Day Full PADI Certification Course

Mexidivers In Tulum Mexico

Day 1

Our first day consisted of orientation, introducing ourselves, meeting our instructor {Alf}. He was awesome!

Mexidivers In Tulum PADI Dive Instructor

We went over all the fundamentals of diving and the gear.

This included;
How to put the pieces of the gear together, identify which piece is what and where it connects;
How to properly take them on and off;
How to check that all equipment is functioning properly;
Getting sized for our wetsuits, masks and fins. Making sure everything fits comfortably before leaving on our first dive.
Mexidivers PADI Course Equipment

We also reviewed important safety measures covered in our manual such as;

Breathing correctly, how the {BCD} works and use your lungs to keep yourself buoyant;
The buddy system and hand signals;
Equalizing during descent and much more.

It was then off to a cenote for our first dive! 🙂

Mexidivers In Tulum PADI Open Water Dive

After being briefed on the cenotes, securing our gear and covering all safety measures, we made our first descent.

A cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater. The regional term is specifically associated with the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, where cenotes were commonly used for water supplies by the ancient Maya, and occasionally for sacrificial offerings. Wikipedia

Getting adjusted to being underwater for the first time, we practiced with buoyancy, breathing and using hand signals.

Scuba Diving In Tulum Mexico

We swam between a very cool cavern in the cenote, while practicing our neutral buoyancy trying to not touch the bottom but simply float. We dove around the cenote, checking out all the fish and even an alligator!

It was then time to slowly begin our ascent, checking we weren’t going up too fast, following our instructor and also making sure our buddies were; OK. After our dive, we drove back to the dive shop and fully reviewed our first day. We started our day at 8:30 am and were done by around 12:30 pm.

An awesome experience had by all! 🙂

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Day 2

Mexidivers In Tulum Tours

Our second & third day started at the same time at 8:30 am. This would be a two tank, very busy day!

Arriving at the dive shop, our gear was already laid out for us. We practiced setting it up ourselves, as {Alf} our instructor watched and answered any questions we had for him.

Scuba Diving Tanks

This will be our first open water dive that will get officially registered. Day 2 was mostly about practicing exercises underwater.

Mexidivers In Tulum Dive Boat
On the boat ride out to the dive site, we discussed how to properly disembark the boat. This is done by falling backwards into the water, swimming up and away from the boat.

Once in the water, staying clear of the boat and letting our captain know we are OK. Making sure we were all good to go before our descent.

Mexidivers PADI Check Out Dive

Once underwater, we went over and practiced a number of things including …

Clearing our masks;
Check air supply and reviewing with fellow divers;
Hand signals for air supply;
Equalizing and confirming with others;
Weight distribution and neutral buoyancy;
We practiced buddy breathing, taking turns being the victim and the hero;
Taking out our regulators and breathing out of our buddies’ emergency regulator;
Taking our tanks and gear completely off under water and how to put them back on properly.

We then had fun diving around the coral and checking out the fish and even a lobster.

Scuba Diving With Mexidivers

It was then time to begin our ascent, slowly. On the surface, taking our belts and gear off properly while in the water and passing them up to our captain.

Time to change tanks, review all safety measures and begin our second dive. This was more of a fun dive, while continuing to practice what we had previously learned underwater. After returning to the dive shop, we continued practicing with our gear and how to rinse and clean all our equipment properly.

A wonderful full day of learning and fun!

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Day 3 – Test Day

Diving In Tulum

Our last day would be the longest of the three. Our day began practicing once again, putting all our gear together.

Today, we went over dive computers and how to use them properly. We each got our own and practiced with those in the water.

Dive Computer

We also practiced compass navigation and how to show where our boat and/or where land was.
What the proper signal is and how to hold it properly in the water, so it’s accurate.

Our dives today were at a deeper depth of 18 meters/ 35 feet. We covered everything we had learned while diving on previous days while underwater.

PADI Certification Dive In Tulum

The only difference on {Day 3}, was working and practicing with computers and a compass. We were given much more time today with both of our dives. We were able to explore and practice our breathing and buoyancy.

Mexidivers In Tulum PADI Open Water Diving

We saw a; Moray Eel, Queen Crab, Pufferfish, Angel Fish, Barracuda and more.

Mexidivers In Tulum PADI Open Water Dives

Our instructor {Alf} also showed us a; safety floating device.

Mexidivers In Tulum Diving

Was a super fun day!

Mexidivers In Tulum Diving

Back at the dive shop, we covered all the proper cleaning procedures and then it was time for a written test.
The written test consisted of about 45 questions, all multiple choice.

Mexidivers In Tulum PADI Dive Course

Afterwards, we reviewed the answers to what we were unsure of, making sure everyone was clear and confident with everything we had learned.

We properly documented our dives and went over the dive computer, to see exactly how the dive looked.

Official PADI Dive Stamp

We received our official recorded dive stamps and our photos were taken. We then received our 📜 Official PADI Dive Certification.

Mexidivers In Tulum PADI Certification Class

It was an awesome, informative, learning and fun experience!

“Mexidivers provided an outstanding learning experience for any beginner looking to get Padi Certified.

Our instructor made learning the importance of diving, fun and easy to understand. After all, we scout out diving experiences to have fun and see more aquatic life, it shouldn’t be stressful!

I would give Mexidivers a {10/10} and would recommend to anyone to come see the friendly staff for any information on tours and dives.”

Final Thoughts Banner

Our daughter and her boyfriend couldn’t have been more pleased with the level of professionalism and instruction received. My wife and I are returned to Tulum once again in 2023 and I had a excellent 2 tank dive with Mexidivers once again!

For more detailed information on this course and the many other tours you can enjoy with; Mexidivers, I’ve included a link below to their official website for your convenience. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for their exact location. 🗺

Mexidivers Logo

🐢 Mexidivers 🐢

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✨  Did You Know …

“Scuba Stands For “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Appartus”.

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