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Matt’s Flights Review {Finding You Discount Flights}

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Matt’s Flights Review

Post Last Modified – May 13, 2024 ¦

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Matt’s Flights Discount Air Travel Service – Review

Let’s face it, we’re all looking for those deals for ✈ flights, vacation packages and more. If there’s someone out there that can help find and save you money for travel, I’m always 🔥 hot on their trail!

I was invited by {Matt}, a seasoned world traveler and now entrepreneur, to check out his subscription based Air Travel business appropriately named …

🛫 Matt’s Flights 🛫

An Absolutely free 📧 email subscription service, with option to upgrade to a {Premium Service} at anytime.

Matt’s Flights – Emailing You Hot Deals On Air Travel Anywhere

laptop on desk

I’ve been following a similar Vancouver based 📧 email {air travel deal website}, for a number of years now. It hasn’t cost me a cent and I periodically receive emails in my inbox, on the latest air travel specials out of Vancouver, BC 🍁 Canada. (YVR)

This service has been excellent on finding; hot off the 📰 press deals. As a result, we’ve been able to take advantage of {3 highly discounted flights} so far, to various parts of the 🌎 globe.

So, after receiving my invite to review Matt’s service, I was eager to give it a try and give my personal opinion for you! 🙂

Matt’s Flights – How It Can Work For You

email written on tiles

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

Matt and his team will provide a; free limited direct email subscription service to you on a regular basis.

You will receive the best flight deals found by his team of travel associates, sent directly into your email inbox every week.

Sounds pretty good, just like having a …

👩 Professional Travel Agent 👩
working for you, finding the hottest air travel prices around.


travel agent office

According to many travel experts, prices can fluctuate dramatically, even within minutes!

Great Travel Deals

Matt’s Flights main focus is finding 🔥 hot deals for both; domestic and international flights,

primarily from the United States and Canada.

Customize Your Specific Flight Alerts

Hot Travel Deals


When you sign up for Matt’s 📧 email alerts, you select your departing airports that will suit you best.

The service makes sure you only get the air travel deals that you want to see, and not any other emails you’re not interested in.

A Closer Look At Matt’s Flights Free Service

Matt's Flights Departure Page

I really like that {Matt} is offering subscribers a; free service.

This way, you can give it a try and see what it’s all about. If you want to sign up right away for the free version, it can be found on ✈ Matt’s Flights homepage.

All you do is enter your email address and you should start receiving email alerts within a day or so.

It’s that easy, no spam and you can unsubscribe from the 📰 newsletter with flight deals any time you like.

Sample Email For Free Service Subscribers

Matt's Flights Sample Flight Deals


I’ve included a couple of snippets showing what you can expect to see in one of Matt’s emails that will be sent out to you.

He will list an air travel deal for your selected region, along with a Google Flights search confirmation.


Matt's Flights Free Plan Example


The snippet above shows an example of a deal to; Miami, Florida, leaving from a number of destinations. It’s that simple, but you have to act quick to grab these hot deals!

Matt is confident he can save you from {50-80% off select flights}, in many cases. I know hot deals surface at times and I’ve saved a lot of money, with airlines offering introductory new; flight schedules, time of year deals and more.

Now, you can have a team of {travel enthusiasts}, find them and email them directly to you!

As a {Free Member}, you can expect to receive 4 emails per month. So you won’t be bombarded with constant emails every day, like so many other programs out there.

Matt’s Flights Premium Service

Matt's Flights Canada Premium Logo

Let’s not forget, Matt is trying to run a business here. What he offers takes a lot of work and man hours. Like anything free, you’re not going to get the {full version}, that makes his business successful.

You simply won’t receive the personalized service and you will not get as many deals that you can expect with his – Premium subscription.

Sample Email For Premium Service Subscribers

Matt's Flights West Coast Premium Logo

Matt will also let you try his Premium Service for 14 days absolutely free. No strings attached, just enter your details via the {Free Trial} ⛓ link found at the bottom of his homepage, anytime you’re ready.

You do enter your 💳 credit card details safely and securely for the; Premium service.

However, if you cancel before the 14 days are over, there are no strings attached and your credit card will not be charged.


Matt's Flights West Coast Premium Sample Fares

You will receive similar emails outlining air travel deals that you have specified, but there’s much more that as a Premium member, you will receive for your paid subscription.

To begin, as a Premium member you can expect to receive around 12-15 email deals per month.

A lot more than you get with the – Free version!

Premium Members Receive 24/7 Direct Access

24 7 Support Logo

Premium Members will also receive their 24/7 direct access to Matt and his team, via email. They will work directly with you and run an unlimited number of {custom searches}, just for you.

If you have a specific travel destination in mind, the team will find you the best flight deal out there.

Each email you receive shows a {round trip fare}, as well as how long the deal may last for and other helpful travel information. Your email may also include a {Google Flights}, search screenshot.

This way you can actually see the fare they have found for you is – Real!

Helpful Tips Banner

Matt and his team do the flight searches for you, but it’s up to you to book your flight. Like any great deal that surfaces out there, you have to act fast before it’s – gone!

Matt’s Flights Review – My Recommendations

Robert Tellier in India

This subscription service that Matt’s Flights is offering is certainly worth a closer look. If you travel by air once or twice a year, even his Premium service can be worth the small annual fee. We all know how expensive flights can be, especially if traveling abroad.


Final Thoughts Banner

For U.S. and Canadian Residents, I recommend starting with the {Free Service} and if you like what you’re receiving, step up to the; Premium Free Trial.

If you travel more extensively throughout the year, this service could save you tons!

Below, I’ve included the official website link to {Matt’s homepage}, for your convenience.

His website is filled with tons of travel tips, helpful information and much more.

Matt's Flights Logo

✈ Matt’s Flights ✈

👣 Footnote 👣

✈ Get Gr8 Deals On Flights Worldwide ✈

Once Matt has found your flight, a very reputable online flight booking website I’ve used many years over the years is called; CheapOair.

💰 Roundtrip Flight Deals! 💰

🛡 I Only Endorse Products/Services That Can Be Trusted & Verified &/Or That I’ve Personally Used! 🛡

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

signature of author and owner at

Although my subscription is provided in collaboration with Matt’s Flights, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected.

🚫 Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 🚫

✨   Did You Know …

“Air Travel Can Remove Up To 1 1/2 Litres Of Body Water On 3 to 4 Hour Flights.”

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