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Just Dreams Travel Club Alerts & Reviews

In updating this article, it has now been a few years since my family and I returned from a lovely vacation in 🏝 Honolulu, Hawaii and which prompted this post upon our return home. It’s regarding …

🕵 Just Dreams Travel Club Alerts 🕵

I’ve decided to keep this post active, as I hope it may prevent others from becoming involved in shady enterprises and to prevent becoming a victim of impulse buying. Like most people visiting, we were approached by one of the many tour desk operators, situated on almost every street corner in Waikiki.

We were looking for the best deals for area tours and attractions, that we wanted to experience while on our vacation. We walked up to one of these tour booths, because of the tour pamphlets displayed and were greeted by the operator. This booth was convenient and located just outside from our 🏨 hotel.  

We spoke with a very friendly and helpful gentleman and as a result, we selected a number of attractions that we were interested in.

He said he could work out a great package deal for us!

Travel Membership Club

Waikiki Hawaii tour desk

After what seemed to be an acceptable deal for some multiple tours, he then casually said that we would have to attend a one hour talk, in order to get the deals offered. This talk would be about a new 🧳 Travel Membership Club. 🧳

The presentation would be quick and we would be on our way in no time.

In past years, my wife and I had attended a few these types of presentations while on all inclusive resort vacations. These were {Time Share Club} opportunities and at that time, it was mainly to view a new resort located in the area in which we happened to be staying.

The two main reasons why we didn’t mind taking an hour out to attend presentations back then were;

✔ Interested in receiving the attractive gifts offered after the presentation.

✔ Actually interested in viewing the property out of curiosity.

For the most part, we have always enjoyed the informal talks and short presentations. We could view the property and amenities, knowing that we can leave at any time without any pressure.

This gentleman in Hawaii quietly mentioned that this was definitely .. NOT A Time Share Presentation!

Just Dreams Travel Club Alerts – Red Flag

Red Flag Warning

As mentioned above and having attended a few relatively quick {Time Share} presentations over the years, I thought nothing of going to this one and in fact, thought it may be interesting!

This very casual and friendly individual did raise one .. Red Flag. He said when attending for the talk, there is a small form to fill out at the front desk. He mentioned to be sure to mark my annual income at over $45,000.

Sure I said, and we paid him a 💰 $40 deposit at that time. He explained the deposit was to ensure our attendance at a specific time and date, and that it would be credited to our total owing for the selected tours and attractions we selected.  

A formal 🧾 receipt was given to us by him, and we were on our way.

I could not help but notice at the bottom of the receipt the words in Big Black Bold Letters ..

** This Is Not a Time Share Presentation **

just dreams logo

Caution in the Wind 

Now this is where the story gets really interesting, disappointing and very sad for a lot of people.

Over the years, all but for one time share presentation we have attended, those individuals giving the talk and sales pitch have been very polite and cordial. They put very little to no pressure whatsoever, to purchase immediately.  

We’ve enjoyed a nice breakfast during the presentation, drinks served at others and none taking more than ⏰ 90 minutes of your time.

This was definitely not the case here at this presentation!

Vacation Breeze Travel Club Review

Vacation Clubs

Here is a brief outline of our experience with this and how would you say … A Very Shady Enterprise!

From what I have learned since, this company also may go by the name of; Vacation Breeze, or using both. Maybe someone can help me out here with an update if they can? ❓

Upon our arrival into their office, located on the 6th floor of the 🏦 Bank of Hawaii building in …

🏝 Waikiki Beach Oahu Hawaii, 🏝

we were greeted by the receptionist, and what looked to be the .. Man in Charge.

We were seated in the office and told to complete a basic 📝 form with our; names, address, household income, vacation preference and so forth.

Nothing out of the ordinary, but my wife and I immediately looked at one another and knew that we definitely were in for another time share presentation. We were then escorted into a waiting room with approximately 5 other couples.

One by one we were greeted by our host, or hostess in our case.

Red Flag # 2

Red Flag Warning

Our hostess was very insistent before entering the main presentation room, that our 📱 cell phones be; Turned Off. She wanted to check each persons phone, to make sure that they were in fact turned off.


I explained to her that we did not have any phones with us, which in turn I received a very curious and surprised look from her. Just another red flag, that raised my suspicions as to what we were actually getting into here.

After 30 years as a police officer, my instincts immediately told me that it appears that what ever we were about to hear, they definitely did not want it 📹 recorded in any way!


Questionaire Form

Once seated at our table with our representative and just prior to the main presentation, she started asking my wife and I very personal questions about; travel, employment, household income and so on.

Here’s the kicker. The main question asked of us was;

Is There A Possibility Of Making A Sale With You Today?

This caught me by complete surprise and I made the fatal mistake of saying …

No, I am Not an Impulse Buyer!

Red Flag # 3

Red Flag Warning

She immediately called the Big Kahuna, who apparently is the guy who greeted us at the front desk, over to our table. This came as another surprise and at this point I was beginning to think … What have we got ourselves into here? ❓

He immediately said to me …

I understand that there is no possibility of selling you anything today and I am not about to be paying for; Gifts, unless you are open minded, willing to listen and think about what we have to offer.

This was not relayed in a friendly manner, but more of a … You will be open to a purchase or get out! 😈

Of course, we had just wasted our precious holiday time coming to this presentation, so I was not about to leave empty handed. Admittedly, I can be stubborn at times. 🙂

I responded that I was in fact open to what they had to offer, and would be happy to stay and listen.

Not Really!!

My eyebrows lifted when he referred to our discount attractions as that of; Gifts. 😕 Now, I don’t know about you, but I would certainly classify that as a; High Pressure statement directed towards us!

Pushy Salesman

So, we listened to your typical time share type slide presentation, given by a man that could talk the ear off an adult 🐘 elephant.

Throughout the presentation, he always tried to make the offering more and more enticing, if you purchased today and right away. This was in order to receive all those extra great incentives they were offering.

It was almost comical to watch each sales representative who were assigned to each group during the talk. They were all seated behind or beside their prospective clients, laughing, encouraging and nudging their targets at what a great deal this was!

That they could not believe what fantastic additional incentives they were offering just for us. 🙄

Give me a break please!!

Travel Clubs Prey On Impulse Buyers

impulse buyer

In trying to make a long story short, when they concluded this amazing sales pitch, our representative again asked if we would be interested in taking advantage of this outstanding offer today?  

I simply replied ..No and that we were not interested at this time, but thank you for the presentation and we would like to be on our way.

Oh but wait, there is more, they were not finished with me yet!!

She then called over for the 🤑 Sales Manager to our desk. This is the third representative we now had to deal with and believe me, this was a guy who simply; could or would not be interrupted!

He definitely would not take … NO for an answer!

This man was;

👀 Rude;

👀 Aggressive;

👀 Unprofessional;

👀 Intimidating;

👀 Pressuring;

👀 Alarming.

This irritating man was indeed their 🏏 heavy hitter!

This was an individual, who would and could apply so much pressure to people, that they would almost be forced to purchase, just to be able to leave.

If not for my many years experience as a police officer in dealing with people like this man, it most certainly would have been difficult for us to get up and leave.

Vacation Breeze Scam

Beware sign

As a matter of fact, he was even willing to offer me a membership absolutely Free.  That’s right, he was about to offer a $9,995 membership absolutely free!

But of course, only if I went into the back office with him and deal with him one on one. Not in your wildest dreams would I ever get locked into a room alone with this man, not knowing what was waiting for me back there!

It was clear he had met his match and we were going to go at it like two gladiators and 🥊 fight to the death, until one of us backed down!!


Trust me, if it is too good to be true, it is certainly not!

Just Dreams Travel Club – Reviews

Poor Reviews Picture

Do not take this from me alone, I searched the internet for just a couple of minutes, and this is just a sample of some of the feedback people have experienced with; Just Dreams Travel Club.

Wow what an experience we had at their presentation. Imagine going to your worst timeshare presentation with a cast of characters from a used car lot and you pretty much have what to expect from them. Don’t waste your time

Please be aware that Just Dreams is operating under another company name called Vacation Breezes.Same scam different name. They are located in Waikiki Business Plaza. Destination Paradise-Paradise Blue-Just Dreams and now Vacation Breezes.

I’m embarrassed to admit that my husband and I fell for the Just Dreams scam, too. I don’t need to go into all the gory details as the many comments posted here sum up their “business practices” very well.

These people are scam artists. They should be shut down immediately! Hawaii is such a beautiful vacation destination and to have their own kama’aina’s scam tourists who bring in LOTS of money into their island is super BAD and should be STOPPED!!

I have tried to call and book a trip this summer and have very little help or response. After frustration and anger, my daughter discovered the unhappy people online complaining and calling it a scam. I will not stop until I get them out of business for how they operate and how they do absolutely nothing they promised.

Just Dreams Travel Club – Poor Reviews

Poor Reviews

I was really disappointed to read about such a poor business practice, allowed to continue on in the beautiful 🏝 State of Hawaii. A destination where millions of tourists visit each year from around the world.

What was really sad to see, was that 3 of the 5 couples in our group presentation, signed up immediately. They didn’t take the time to; evaluate, research and find out what they were really getting themselves into.

The representatives made a 📢 loud announcement each time, standing up, clapping and cheering for all the others to hear!

This article is from our personal experience only and to make my readers aware of such practice going on in Waikiki, Hawaii. A note of caution is to choose your tour and attraction booths carefully!

If you have a tendency to Impulse Buy, then my advice is to stay clear of these presentations at all costs.

Me – The So Called Pro 🙂

Cool Professional

After this humiliating and harrowing experience and while waiting for the elevator to take us down to the main floor, I asked our representative why she sent these two men to our table.

She replied that in their world of sales, I was categorized as a;


Because of this label placed on me, she sent the heavy hitters my way to make a sale, that I would be too difficult for her to sell me anything on her own.

I told her that it was completely unnecessary, a high pressure sales tactic and that the sales manager was way out of line in the way he was acting and treating me in front of my family.

She did not respond either way.

Next Comes The Real Insult

Polar Bear Smiling

After returning to the main floor, we entered the main office to retrieve our discounted paid attraction 🎫 tickets. This of course, was the main reason for attending this scam presentation in the first place.

It was also what these presenters referred to as … Gifts. I was kept waiting an additional 60 minutes at the tour desk. I told my wife and family not to wait and head to the beach. This, after having been told before attending the presentation, that our purchased attractions tickets would be waiting and ready for us downstairs.

Some people just can’t take No for an answer, and will make you pay for it dearly!

Attraction Tickets Logo

While waiting, I couldn’t help but notice that the individuals that did sign up, came down with their representatives and were given first class treatment.  

The Gifts (attraction tickets) that they had purchased prior to the presentation, were all ready for them as soon as they walked in. Well how about that! 🙂

Just Dreams Travel Club Alerts – Summary

Summary Logo

I decided to do a google search for this business once again, a short while ago. Unfortunately, it seems this shady enterprise is still around, with people still signing up with this club.  

The unfortunate thing is that I have yet to read anything positive from those that have signed up. If I can offer any recommendation to those attending the presentation, it would be to … exercise caution. Please, Do Not make your purchase based on .. Impulse Buying.

Take the time to review exactly what you are entering into, and what it’s going to cost you over time.

Impulse Definition:

sudden, involuntary inclination prompting to action;

to be swayed by impulse;

– marked by or acting on impulse;

an impulse buyer.

Never allow yourself do be pressured into buying immediately.  Take the time to discuss your options on your own prior, to purchase.  Any business that pressures sales should raise suspicions and red flags.

Trust your instincts!

Update 2015:

It appears once again that Just Dreams has changed their name to; Vacation Breeze. The Honolulu Better Business Bureau has received 31 complaints regarding this so called travel club in the last 12 months alone.

Please be diligent, do not let these people talk you into impulse buying!

Update 2016:

BBB Business Review Update

! There is an alert on Vacation Breeze LLC !

Complaints allege that the company used high pressure sales tactics to sell software licensing for a program that promises discounted prices for vacation accommodations. The licensing costs between $3,750 and $7,000.

71 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years!

Last information I have received is that they may have changed their name once again! 🙂

Update 2018:

BBB Business Review Update

26 complaints closed in last 3 years with 1 complaint closed in last 12 months.

Last Complaint on 07/20/2018:

I have tried to book several trips with Vacation Breeze and they have not been able to provide any service to me. I have paid them over $5,108.68 for a travel package. I recently owed them $700.00 which I stop paying. They now sent me to collection which has now brought the total amount owed to $982.90 due to interest. I don’t think I should pay the remainder of the fee since they were not able to provide any services to me.

Last Complaint on 04/09/2020:

Just Dreams BBB Complaint 2020

This complaint to the Better Business Bureau about Just Dreams, was regarding an individual attempting to cancel her membership since 2012. She is still receiving annoying calls from them.

An additional complaint was made from another party after this.

Update Banner

Update August 2022

When I last did a search on Google for; Just Dreams Travel Club, there is still a website in existence for them, which I am not about to post here. There appears to be another similar travel club operating called; Global Discovery Vacations in the United States.

The Better Business Bureau website indicates that Just Dreams is; Not A BBB Accredited Business.

👣 Footnote 👣

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One very reputable world leading digital travel company I have used for many years is …
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🏝 Discover Honolulu – Hawaii! 🏝

It’s much better to deal with reputable companies as Tripadvisor, then to get hooked into shady enterprises as this.

🛡 I Only Endorse Products/Services That Can Be Trusted & Verified & That I’ve Personally Used! 🛡

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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