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Images Of Glen Canyon Arizona {River Rafting}

Images of Glen Canyon
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Images of Glen Canyon
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River Rafting Images In Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

I was browsing through some 📸 photos on my computer and discovered our …

🌺 Images of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area 🌺

that were taken a number of years ago while on our vacation.

While on one of our family 🏕 camping road trips into the United States, we ventured down to this beautiful 🌲 National Recreation Area.

Embracing the States of {Utah and Arizona}, it is simply beautiful!

With over one million acres of absolutely stunning scenic recreation area for you to enjoy, this part of the country is a must see destination, especially if you love the beauty and serenity of the 🍃 great outdoors.

These 📸 images were taken during our wonderful afternoon rafting down the calm and peaceful waters of; Glen Canyon.

Glen Canyon Dam and Page Arizona

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

A great place to spend time and begin your adventures, is in and around the City of Page, in the State of Arizona.

The city is situated on the very northern part of Arizona, bordering the State of Utah. It started as a home base and camp for the many workers constructing the {Glen Canyon Dam} in the region years ago.

Today, it’s a popular tourist destination for those like us, who come to enjoy all that the 🏞 National Park and region has to offer.

One of the many attractions and certainly worth visiting, is the 🌊 Glen Canyon Dam. We enjoyed taking the guided tour and our raft adventure, which started from the base of the dam.

Glen Canyon Rafting Down The Colorado River

River Rafting Tour Glen Canyon Arizona

Our guided river trip down the beautiful {Colorado River,} started at the foot of the Glen Canyon Dam. From the base, you really get the feel of just how large the dam is. In fact, the dam rises to a height of 700 feet from the river’s edge!

Here, we began our peaceful journey down the gentle waters and towering canyons on either side. As we made our way down the river, you really began to get a feel of the peace and serenity this part of the country offers visitors.

Rafting Down the Colorado River

Our guide kept us well informed on the history of the area and of the original native people, who first inhabited this region. He offered information on the; surrounding sandstone cliffs, the wildlife and past exploration completed by; Major John Wesley Powell, many years ago.

We were also informed of the vital importance of the Colorado River, for its water supply and power source for millions of people in surrounding States.

Ancient Petroglyphs Are Still Visible

Ancient Petroglyphs Glen Canyon

During our raft journey, we were able to make a brief stop to view {Ancient Petroglyphs}. left by the; Ancestral Puebloan people.

It gave you a real sense of what life must have been like for these people living in this region years ago, relying on the river and wildlife for survival.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Rvier Rafting

As we continued further down the river, things began to get even more peaceful and quiet, without a sound to be heard. This, together with the amazing scenery surrounding you, made the trip definitely worthwhile.

It’s so nice to get away from the everyday noise and activity of our daily lives. To get a chance to feel and experience nature in its {natural state}.

The Spectacular Red Cliffs Of Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon Red Cliffs

As we slowly and peacefully made our way down the river, you simply become awe struck by the beautiful towering red cliffs surrounding you.

The scenery is simply spectacular and there’s no better way to enjoy it, than on a {calm water} rafting adventure like this!

The Frigid Waters Of The Colorado River

Swimming Colorado River Arizona

In the summer months, the 🌡 temperatures do get 🥵 extreme in this part of the United States. One thing we did get to do and for those so inclined, is take a quick dip in the Colorado River while on our raft tour.

I’m always game for something new, so my kids and I took that quick plunge in the river just to say we did. Refreshing and fun, but very very cold! 🥶

Glen Canyon Arizona

Final Thoughts Banner

If you love the outdoors and camping, then planning a stay in 🏞 Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in either the States of Utah or Arizona, is a must.

We planned our stop while enjoying our …

🏕 Family Camping Holidays. 🏕

We also enjoyed visiting spectacular 🏞 Grand Canyon National Park 🏞 and a visit to 🎰 Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are so many beautiful places to discover in the United States. Getting off the beaten path and finding such places as this, make it all the more worthwhile!

Below, I have included a website link to the 🎰 National Park Service. The page offers more detailed information on visiting; Glen Canyon.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for the exact location. 🗺

National Park Service Logo

🏞 National Park Service – Glen Canyon 🏞

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“Yellowstone National Park In The State Of Wyoming USA, Now Has A Bison Herd Over 5,000.”

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