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Explore Canada {Travel Adventure Holidays}

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Explore Canada Travel Adventure Holidays
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Discover Great Adventure Holidays In Canada This Season

Start planning your next vacation getaway and get ready to …

🍁 Explore Canada Travel Adventure Holidays 🍁

Canada is a {4 Season Playground}, with so much to see and do in its many Provinces and Territories. Take your pick, they are all amazing!

First, check out this very short 🎥 Canada Tourism Video, to get you inspired to- Travel to Canada.

Canada For Glowing Hearts – YouTube Video

From the rugged west coast alongside the Pacific Ocean, why not 🏞 Discover British Columbia. This is a Province so diverse, it’s hard choosing just where to start.

Canada Travel Adventure

There’s; salmon fishing, whale watching, kayaking, camping and so much more for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a perfect Province for those who love adventures in the great outdoors.

Spend some time on {Vancouver Island} and the 🌷 Capital City of Victoria. Be sure to take in the beautiful and world renowned … 

💐 Butchart Gardens. 💐

The Butchart Gardens Floral Gardens

The Butchart Gardens Floral Gardens

Head up island and enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery in 🍁 Canada. Stroll along world famous {Long Beach} on the rugged west coast in popular; Tofino, BC.

👣 Footnote 👣

🌷 Get Gr8 Deals On Attractions & More In Tofino BC 🌷

🐳 Discover Attractions In & Around Tofino – British Columbia! 🐳

This region is well known for excellent; 🏄 surfing and 🌊 storm watching!

British Columbia is also home to world renowned 🏔 Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. A world famous ⛷ ski resort in the winter, also filled with all kinds of 🚵 summertime activities for people in the spring and summer months.

A perfect location for those seeking ⛳ Canada Travel Adventure holidays!

Enjoy; hiking, biking, canoeing or just relax and take a walk through Whistler’s beautiful town square. Whistler Village is filled with unique shops and superb dining establishments, to suit most everyone’s taste and budget.

Peak 2 Peak Gondola Whistler BC

Peak 2 Peak Gondola Whistler BC

Don’t forget to take a ride on the …

🚡 Peak 2 Peak Gondola 🚡

when visiting in Whistler. 

Open all year, it’s the world’s longest unsupported 🚋 tram, and the views are absolutely stunning!

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🏝 Exciting Attractions In Whistler, British Columbia 🏝

Ten Beautiful Provinces & Three Territories To Explore


There are; 10 Provinces and 3 Territories making up this vast and wonderful country called Canada. So take your pick and get started planning a fantastic 🍁 Holiday in Canada 🍁 this season.

From the Pacific Ocean on its western border to the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast, there are Provinces in between, that all offer; beautiful scenery, numerous attractions and activities, distinct cultures and so much more. 

Each unique in their own special way and welcome you with open arms!

Explore Canada’s major cities and small towns along the way. If you enjoy 🏕 camping vacations, you can’t beat 🏞 Canada’s {National and Provincial Parks}, located in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. 

Stop over and extend your stay on either coast, for those who may be taking a wonderful 🛳 Cruise Vacation. It’s your choice and all here for you to experience and explore, on both ends of the country.

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Online Exclusives – Find the Perfect Cruise

Explore Canada Travel Adventure Holidays By Rail

Via Rail Canada in the Canadian Rockies

via- rail holidays

One other favorite and very popular way to enjoy the entire country is by 🚂 train.  

Discover some of the world’s finest passenger rail services. Sit back, relax and see the sites of this vast country by train.  Rail travel offers a whole new and entirely different experience.

It’s an adventure in itself any time of the year!

Select from Canada’s premier passenger rail service, to more luxurious train vacations that suit you best.  From coast to coast, choose your stops and come and go at your leisure with 🚆 Via Rail Canada.

There’s no better way to enjoy stress free travel and view Canada’s breathtaking scenery than by 🛤 train.

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🍁 Experience A Train Vacation In Canada! 🍁

Canada Rail Vacations have been providing unforgettable Canadian Rail Tours for clients since 1995.

🍁 100% Canadian owned and operated, their team of experts have compiled a host of amazing 🚂 train vacations
to best suit you and your budget.

 Canada Rail Vacations

🛤 Discover & Explore Canada By Train 🛤

There are also premier luxury trains, offering spectacular short and long term journeys, taking you along some of Canada’s most choice locations.

Rocky Mountaineer in Lake Louise Alberta

Rocky Mountaineer in Lake Louise Alberta

One of the most famous rail vacations known around the globe, is the …

🏔 Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours. 🏔

This fabulous luxury train, will take you through some of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery to be found most anywhere in the world.

🛤 Explore Canada Train Vacations Today! 🛤

Such wonderful sites such as; the {Mighty Fraser River} in the Fraser Canyon, and alongside the Majestic Rocky Mountains in the western Provinces. These trains will travel to many of Canada’s most picturesque cities and towns.

There’s a variety of special rail adventures that are sure to please most everyone, and waiting just for you!

The Calgary Stampede in Calgary Alberta

Calgary Stampede

Take in the world famous annual 🐎 Calgary Stampede in Alberta.

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🌷 Explore Gr8 Attractions In Calgary 🌷

🏝 Discover Some Outstanding Attractions In & Around Calgary, Alberta! 🏝

At the same time, you can visit the Canadian Rockies just a couple of hours away from the City of Calgary. Spend some time in the Rockies in the beautiful resort towns of Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff Alberta.

Check out the amazing …

🏔 Columbia Icefield Adventure, 🏔

before it melts away for ever, do to global warming. 🙁 

For motor sports travel adventure enthusiasts, there’s the 🏎 Toronto Indy Car Race in the Province of Ontario. This spectacular race event is usually held in July each season.

Of course, there’s the incredible {Great Lakes} to explore, along with the Spectacular 🌊 Niagara Falls!

Columbia Icefield Glacier

Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure Canada

As you head east, experience the history of Quebec City. Make your way further to the east coast and enjoy some fresh 🦞 lobster in Nova Scotia. 

Canada has the distinction of being the; Second Largest Country in the World, by total area. Combined with a population of only 40 million, there’s plenty of room to escape and enjoy an amazing 🍁 Canada adventure travel vacation!

Final Thoughts Banner

Why not Explore 🍁 Canada Travel Adventure Holidays this season, for a vacation like no other!

I’ve only just given you a tiny glimpse of the many wonderful destinations, attractions and things to see and do when planning your visit to Canada. Below, I’ve included a ⛓link to the Official Canada Tourism website known as🧭 Destination Canada

It offers detailed information for trip planning – Province by Province. You can access information on; passport requirements, customs, duty requirements and so much more.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for the complete map of Canada. 🗺

Canada Keep Exploring Logo

🍁 Keep Exploring Canada 

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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✨   Did You Know …

“Back In 1970, Polar Bear Shaped Automobile License Plates Started In The Northwest Territories Of Canada – Celebrating Their 100 Year Anniversary.”

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