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Destinations In Switzerland {Outdoor Enthusiasts}

Destinations In Switzerland

Destinations In Switzerland
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7 Must See Destinations In Switzerland For Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Visiting Switzerland is definitely our our “Must Travel To” list from our home here in 🍁 British Columbia, Canada. So when my collaborating guest author offered to write a post on planning a road trip to 7 Outstanding …

🌺 Destinations In Switzerland 🌺

for Outdoor Enthusiasts, I jumped at the opportunity. I definitely wanted to learn more places to visit when we finally get to visit this beautiful country.

Let’s check out what he has to offer below. 🙂

Switzerland – An Outdoor Enthusiasts Paradise

Swiss International Air Lines

When visiting a good friend in Switzerland, we decided to do a 🚗 road trip. As you read on further, you’ll see why I encourage you to do the same, when planning your visit.

From the world-renowned 🍫 chocolates, 🏔 majestic mountains and sweeping valleys, there is a lot to experience. Luckily, the country is small, making it extremely customizable for your road trip.

Lake Zurich

Destinations In Switzerland #1

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is located in; Zurich City, a great place to choose as your first stop.

Here you can enjoy excellent 🚶 walks and recreational activities including; waterskiing, windsurfing and stand-up paddling.

The soul-stirring sunrise and sunsets together with rejuvenating pathways, are some of the things you will not want to miss!

Not far from the city is Uetliberg Mountain with its amazing 🚵 bike trails.

Catch a 🚞 train to the ⛰ mountains and enjoy a perfect view of {Lake Zurich} and the city at large.

🚲 Bicycle through {Hockler} or {Triemi} Bike Trails. The routes are well marked and bikes for hire, are available at the site.

Glacier 3000, Montreux

Destinations In Switzerland #2


Glacier 3000 presents pure and unadulterated awesomeness, that you can explore in various ways.

But as an outdoor enthusiast, consider 🥾 hiking through the spectacular hiking route. The trail takes you over a high suspension bridge that connects two amazing mountain peaks.

Once at the top, you can take the 🚡 Ice Express Chairlift down to the glacier to enjoy various outdoor activities. During summer, you can enjoy a ride on the snow bus and take an alpine coaster roll down.

In winter, you can join free training services at the snow park at the glacier. Here you enjoy freestyle 🏂 snowboarding and ️ skiing, among other activities.

Val Trupchun, Swiss National Park

Destinations In Switzerland #3

Swiss National Park

Technically, the 🏞 Swiss National Park is the only National Park in Switzerland, while others are either nature or preserve parks.

One way to explore the park is 🥾 hiking through the 14-kilometer Val Trupchun trail. Though it is a somewhat longer route, the walk is less challenging as the total ascent is about 600 meters.

Your start point is the {Prasüras} car park. You can access by 🚗 car or by tourist and local 🚍 buses. The right-side trail takes you to the park, where you follow the route to cross the 🌉 Punt da Scrins Bridge.

Ahead is a valley where you can easily spot the wildlife. You have a high chance of spotting ibex, 🦌 red deer and the rarest Swiss bearded vulture.

So, open your 👀 eyes wide and get your 📸 cameras ready!

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Mount Titlis

Destinations In Switzerland #4

Mount Titlis

Located in the Uri Alps, 🏔 Mount Tiltis has approachable short and long 🥾 hiking trails. You can take a one-hour {Trubsee Circular Trail}, that takes you to the top of the mountains.

Here you enjoy an easy hike while getting sight of beautiful sloping green meadows and stunning Alpine flowers. You can also enjoy a picnic at 🔥 fire pits along the route and take a rest at the lakeside area.

Marmot Trail is another option to explore. It takes you about 5 hours to reach the top of the mountain. You first take a chairlift at {Trübsee mountain station}, to your start point.

Along the route, you will get a direct view over Engstlensee Lake, with its deep blue waters.


Destinations In Switzerland #5


Located in between two lakes, Interlaken is a city that offers an opportunity to spend more time outdoors. You can easily access 🌲 forests, mountains, and all kinds of skiing and hiking, making it a paradise for active people.

The city grants you an opportunity to stay physically active in a variety of ways!

If you are not river rafting, you can be; mountain biking, speed boating, paragliding, or skydiving, all depending on your physical fitness level.

Hike to {St Beatus Caves} off; Lake Thun. Once home to a 🐉 dragon, the cave system is something you will definitely not want to miss. As you walk to the cave, you will catch a great view of {Lake Thun}, one of the beautiful lakes in Switzerland.

Explore the inside of the {St Beatus Caves}, which is electrically lighted and is about 1000 meters deep. Here you pass through roaring subterranean 🌊 waterfalls and grottos, with over million-year stalactite stalagmite formations.

Lauterbrunnental Glacial Valley

Destinations In Switzerland #6

Destinations In Switzerland - Lauterbrunnental

Make Lauterbrunnental Glacial Valley one of your stop points in Switzerland, and enjoy a stunning view of 12 waterfalls. In fact, the place has about 72 🌊 waterfalls and regardless of what route you take, you’re sure to see a number of them.

You can access the valley from Interlaken, where your hike starts from a dead-end road.

Take a 🚞 train at Jungfraujoch and Schynige Platte Railways. These are two epic railways that give you a spectacular view of Jungfrau glaciers and mountains. 🚞 Schynige Platte is one of the highest railways in the country, that has been operational for 126 years!

Marzili, Bern

Destinations In Switzerland #7

Bern Switzerland

There is no complete road trip in Switzerland without a visit to its capital; Bern. The city is rich in Swiss history, dating back to the 12th century. From its botanical gardens, 1500’s fountains and thought-provoking architecture, the capital is a place to behold!

Spend your time in Marzili, and enjoy one of the best 🏊 swimming pools located at the Aare river banks. If a swimming pool is not your thing, you can also swim along the river towards Eichholz, and let the currents take you back.

For less experienced swimmers, the supervised {river pool} will let you enjoy the waters without fear.

Later, retreat to 🏞 Rosengarten Park for splendid walks, as you explore a garden with over 400 species of 💐 flowers. You’ll find various restaurants here as well, where you can enjoy healthy, delicious Swiss meals.

Destinations In Switzerland

Photo by Tanathip Rattanatum from Pexels

Final Thoughts Banner

The best way to explore Switzerland, one of the greatest and smallest countries in Europe, is by taking a 🗺 road trip. You can do as much as you want, depending on the number of days you set aside.

Be sure to make stops at the seven places highlighted above and build unforgettable memories of this amazing country!

Guest Author at Gr8 Travel Tips

About the contributing author:

Guest Post Author

Ally Mash is an avid outdoor enthusiast who has spent most of his free time backpacking through; South America, Iceland, Vietnam, and Europe. He loves sharing his experience through blogging at Adventures Pursuit.

His mission is to get more people in the mindset of protecting our planet by sharing its beauty.

I’ve also listed the Official Switzerland Tourism link below to their website page for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this country has to offer.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for its exact location. 🗺

🏔 Switzerland Tourism 🏔

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“Switzerland Is Home To 7,000 Lakes, With Lake Geneva As The Largest Of All.”

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