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Common Travel Scams In Thailand {Beware}

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Common Travel Scams In Thailand To Be Aware Of

We’ve enjoyed two wonderful vacations to Thailand in last years and like most anywhere in the world you travel to, you should make yourself aware of popular tourist travel scams. There are a few very …

🕵 Common Travel Scams In Thailand 🕵

that are good to know if/when you should be visiting this country.

Below, I’ve included a short list of things to be on guard for, when traveling throughout this amazing Thailand.

Like we did and normally your first stop if arriving by ✈ air, is to the City of Bangkok. This is the the Capital and largest city in Thailand. Most major airlines fly in and out of Bangkok’s {Suvarnabhumi Airport}, from around the world. 🌎

So let’s start with a few things that scammers will try to trick new arrivals into.

Typical Common Travel Scams In Thailand

Taxis Scams In Bangkok

Common Travel Scams In Thailand

Arriving at the airport, do be aware of the typical 🚕 taxi scams. Always ignore anyone who approaches you, asking if you require a taxi. Bangkok’s metered 🚕 taxis are very easy to locate at the airport. They are well organized with line up queues and are located just outside of arrivals.

I’ve actually put together a post here on …

🚗 Airport Transfers in Bangkok. 🚗

I’ve explained exactly what to do and the variety of transfers that are available to you.

Bangkok Grand Palace Scams

Common Travel Scams In Thailand

Of course, most visitors to the city should take a few hours to enjoy the amazing …

🛕 Bangkok Grand Palace 🛕

and most do just that.

A couple of things that we were even warned about, is the; Palace Is Closed Scam. Many 🚖 taxi drivers, 🛺 tuk-tuk drivers and other locals, will tell you that the {Palace} is; “Not Open Today” for various reasons.

They will try to take you on a wild 🦆 goose chase in their taxi or tuk-tuk to another temple, or even to a tailor or gem shop. By taking you to these other locations, they are receiving commissions from the shops, as well as the taxi fare to that location.

It’s always advisable to check with your 🏨 hotel, a tour guide or any other reputable person first.


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The Grand Palace Rarely Closes during most days of the week. As well, vendors across the street from the {Palace}, do sell light pants for men and covers for women at a minimal cost, which is fine. 

If you don’t mind waiting for a short while in line inside, the {Palace} provides covers free of charge, as part of the admission. We took advantage of this, with no problems and went very quick. There is a deposit, but returned to you when you complete your tour.

Precious Gems Scams

Common Travel Scams In Thailand

Oh the lure of those priceless 💎 gems at a fraction of the cost!

Again, if it’s too good to be true – then it usually isn’t. If you do wish to purchase 💎 gems, Do Not buy them off the street or from typical street vendor locations. Go to a professional jewelry store, just as you would at home.

Dangerous Bar and Nightclub Scams

Common Travel Scams In Thailand

This scam can be very costly and sometimes dangerous for those tricked into this. Especially for younger travelers heading out for the night for a good time! 

Always use caution and common sense when traveling to a foreign country, particularly in the evening hours.
Many of the nightclubs, strip bars, sex shows and other such clubs are run by; 🕵 Thailand’s gangs. They will lure you into their bars by offering cheap drinks. 🍹 

Once they have you 🎣 baited into their establishment, they will hook you with incredibly inflated prices, just for entering their premises.

Beware Of Scammers Banner

These people can be 🕵 dangerous and will not let you leave, until they get what they want!

There is nothing wrong with having a good time, but be extra cautious where you go and the places you enter. Again, it is always advisable to check with someone trustworthy, that can recommend a reputable establishment for you.

This, so you can enjoy a safe night out while visiting the city.

Common Travel Scams In Thailand Include – The Jet Ski Scam

Common Travel Scams In Thailand

This is one particular and very common travel scam in Thailand, that I was aware of prior to our visit. This tourist scam is quite well known at most recreational destinations around the globe.

People are losing huge amounts of money, when renting things like these. This is because they did not take a moment and document any; damage, dents or even minor scratches before renting.

Just as you would a rental car, motorcycle or any other rental item, it is important to document any damage, even of the most minor nature beforehand. Today, we have the luxury of 📱 cellphones with 📸 picture capabilities.

So use your 📸 camera or 📱 phone, take pictures and be sure to document any damage first!


I know people that have had a simple one hour rental, turn into an outrageous costly affair. All because of a simple scratch. Most require a sizable deposit before rental and yes, these individuals will take your money over a {simple scratch} showing up on their equipment.

Final Thoughts Banner

These are just a few of the more popular scams to be cautious of when traveling to Thailand. On our 2 visits and personal experience, we simply could not get over how polite and friendly the Thai people were to tourists.

Remember, it’s only a select view in most any place around the world, that ruin it for others. These 🕵 people prey on tourists for their money. 

Most people are genuinely honest and very eager to assist travelers who are visiting their country.

Update Banner

Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation and 👮 Police, formed a division to enforce and protect tourists from {scam criminals}, particularly in Phuket.

The most popular among common offenders against tourists are the; jet-ski scam artists. They accuse tourists of damaging their jet-skis after renting them, and demand huge amounts of money for the damage. All, for something they did not do in the first place.

Common Travel Scams In Thailand

COVID-19 TRAVEL update

Even though international travel has resumed once again, if you do intend to travel abroad during this time, I do advise strongly, checking with your local government travel advisories. As well, you should review the leading tourism websites for your chosen destination for posted travel updates.

Below, I have included a link to the 🌺 Official Tourism Thailand website. On their site, you can access everything you need to know when planning a trip to this beautiful country.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for Thailand’s exact location. 🗺

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